MAXX – Tear Your Clothes Off on (Vinyl DJ Set) 2007

Set recorded live on Stay Up Forever radio show “TEAR YOUR CLOTHES OFF”, presented by John Bromage AKA Product 19, from Kinetec old record shop in central London. June 2007.

MAXX – Tear Your Clothes Off on (Vinyl DJ Set) 2007 by Maxx on Mixcloud

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The Rebel Yelle Show with Kenny Mulligan 05 07 2013

The Rebel Yelle Show – from the Stay Up Forever Collective – kicks off every month with a 2 hour live show on the first Friday of the month, 9pm-11pm, spinning a sonic feast of electronic dance music for all you new and old skool ravers.
Celebrating 25 years of DJ-ing and the explosion of acid house onto the London underground scene, expect to hear some old skool acid house & rave classics mixed up with all things acid, house, techno, plus loads more electronic delights in between.
Over the months, Gizelle will also be inviting like-minded underground dj friends to come and play their own style of dance music to keep you entertained and inspired along the way.The Rebel Yelle Show wil be recorded live on the first Friday of each month at Optical Radio, 9pm-11pm, and streamlined every Friday thereafter at the same time.
presented by DJ GIZELLE

The Rebel Yelle Show with Kenny Mulligan 05 07 2013 by Optical Radio on Mixcloud

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Recommended Vinyl Record Dealers

At we are heavily into our vinyl. We have decided to mention in a very short blog who we recommend to get vinyl from. Let us know our recommendations by email us on, and you never know it may get onto the blog page 😉

Birinight is the first vinyl seller we would like to mention. What Biri doesn’t know about techno really isn’t worth knowing. His knowledge is second to none. His discogs page really reflects this with the wide range of music he sells, and the DJ sets he plays his discogs page is here

Stay Up Forever Records

Stay Up Forever has been at the forfront of the UK Acid techno scene since 1994. Stay Up forever have had some of the biggest UK Techno pioneers in the scene from Geezer to Chris Liberator!

SUF have a fantastic record store which covers a vast area of the techno scene. To access their store click here

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Acid Techno Release: Possessed Minds – Acid Ted

Acid Ted returns with another release. Track listing below:

A1 Pranksterz Possessed Minds
B1 Pranksterz Hoover Uprising

Buy and listen to audio samples from Stay Up Forevers Record store by clicking here

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Acid Techno Release: Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss London Underground United

London Underground United have just released LUU001. All tracks are produced by the dream team of Sterling Moss & Chris Liberator

Track Listing:

A1 Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss London Underground United
A2 Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss L.U.U.(Miss Djax Remix)
B1 Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss L.U.U.(D.A.V.E. The Drummer Remix)
B2 Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss L.U.U.(Patrick DSP Remix)

Buy & listen to samples at Stay Up Forevers Record Store here

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DJ Focus: Thermobee



To Book Go to

With almost 20 years DJ experience behind him, and the experience of playing to crowds all over the world – including gigs in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech, Finland, Holland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Spain & Venezuela – ThermoBee is guaranteed to bring his own mix of funkiness to the party.

Jethro has had tunes released on record labels as varied as Stay Up Forever, Bedrock, Nukleuz, C.O.S.H.H., Strata, Hazchem, Superconductor and Duty Free, as well as on his own labels Bang On & K-Tec, and plenty of naughty white label bootlegs!

Having spent years flogging vinyl at Kinetec Records Jethro now flogs mp3s through the website which he owns and runs along with Chris & Aaron Liberator.

You can catch ThermoBee hosting his long running TECHNO.FM show on the 3rd & 5th Friday of every month.

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Stayup Forever Vinyl Store

Stay Up Forever as you can tell from our label Focus several weeks back is one of the most innovative, forward pushing UK Acid Techno labels and has been at the forefront of the genre since early on. You can easily

If you like your Acid Techno it is very much worthwhile checking out their Vinyl store. Their releases is like a back catalogue of a whose who of the most innovative names on the UK acid scene.

Vinyl is far from dead. As the music industry is currently in decline as people are downloading more through free downloads Vinyl is actually bucking the trend. Vinyl sales are currently up year on year

Brush off your Technics 1210s and get in your vinyl and play some of the best acid around!

Stayup Forever Website
Read our label focus here

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DJ Focus: Chris Liberator

Chris Liberator

Chris Liberator

Text is quoted from where you can book the most influential and most respected UK Acid techno DJ.

It is fair to say that Chris has probably played more squat parties, underground raves, technivals, festivals, club nights, and parties worldwide in his 18 years as a D.J. than any other person alive, and is still completely dedicated to the music and the scene he got involved with when he started doing parties with the other two Liberators, Julian and Aaron back in 1991.

STYLE : plays ACID TECHNO. Also plays occasional Punk sets, and party sets of old 80’s dance, Hip-Hop and Reggae.

HAS PLAYED : all over U.K. and Ireland, Europe, Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, South Africa, Colombia and many other places. Chris was the first Acid Techno D.J. to play in Brazil, Venezuela and Poland and was instrumental in starting the movement in these countries which he still visits regularly..

PRODUCTION HIGHLIGHTS : “ONE NIGHT IN HACKNEY” (with D.A.V.E. The Drummer as Dynamo City), “LONDON ACID CITY” (as Lochi with Lawrie Immersion), “Soul Mantra”, “System Test”, “I’m Bored” (with Sterling Moss), “3 Day Illegal Rave Party From Hell” (with Punk Floyd) and many more…His album “Set Fire” was the first electronic music album to be released in Brazil.


“Set Fire”, “Punk Floyd have Landed” (with Punk Floyd), “Welcome to the fluorescent era” and “The house that Ha-Lo built” (with D.A.V.E. The Drummer as Ha-Lo).

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