DJ Focus: The Geezer aka Guy McAffer

The Geezer aka Guy McAffer

The Geezer aka Guy McAffer

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Guy “Geezer” McAffer has been writing and producing his own brand of avin’ it dance music for the past 15 years, and alongside Chris Liberator, DDR, Ant, Rackitt, D.A.V.E. The Drummer and the rest of the SUF crew, has been instrumental in the birth and development of the underground Acid Techno sound that is unique to London. Geezer’s recordings ( and his many collaborations ) have appeared on labels as diverse as Stay Up Forever, Tortured, Smitten, Eukatech, Routemaster, Intensive, Cluster, Infected, Boscaland and Bionic Orange.

He is the mastermind behind the R.A.W.(Ripe Analogue Waveforms) label, as well as running the acid label WAH WAH with Chris and Aaron Liberator . His awesome live sets have been ecstatically received across the world from Japan to Venezuela.

STYLE : plays LIVE SETS of his own TECHNO and/or ACID TECHNO. Also plays DJ sets of 70’s Funk, and late 70’s punk and reggae classics.

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