Dog on acid – Soul3d

Made @ home 18/07/2014

Some artist in the mix : Mike dred_Cristian Vogel_Adam X_303 Nation_Aphex Twin_Some of Underground Resistance artist too.

Enjoy listening 🙂

Dog on acid by Soul3d on Mixcloud

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Recommended Vinyl Record Dealers

At we are heavily into our vinyl. We have decided to mention in a very short blog who we recommend to get vinyl from. Let us know our recommendations by email us on, and you never know it may get onto the blog page 😉

Birinight is the first vinyl seller we would like to mention. What Biri doesn’t know about techno really isn’t worth knowing. His knowledge is second to none. His discogs page really reflects this with the wide range of music he sells, and the DJ sets he plays his discogs page is here

Stay Up Forever Records

Stay Up Forever has been at the forfront of the UK Acid techno scene since 1994. Stay Up forever have had some of the biggest UK Techno pioneers in the scene from Geezer to Chris Liberator!

SUF have a fantastic record store which covers a vast area of the techno scene. To access their store click here

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RELEASE: Steve Mills – Can You Dig This

Track list:

A1 Ling Ling Whoop That Bassline
A2 Steve Mills Can You Dig This
B1 Ling Ling I Have A Dream
B2 Biri N The Geezer Acid Hardcore


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Acid Techno Events, Releases, DJ\Producer Focus’ etc

If you are an acid techno producer or DJ or promotor we want to hear from you. is a website that covers all aspects of acid.

We want to know about new releases. If you are releasing an acid techno track, album, EP let us know. Give us tracklisting, a link to a sound sample, where your prefered seller is, preferably a link

If you are a Promotor or a DJ please let us know where your playing or promoting. Give us ethe details of the event. Give us as much information as possible so the raver knows what is happening, how much lineup, address with postcode etc.

Do you want ravers to know about your regular event? How about doing an event focus telling us about your event.

Are you a producer or a DJ? send us a biog so we can do a DJ\Producer focus on you.

Do you run a label? Let us have a overview of your label, and a discography. Send us a link to sound samples as well. Where can we buy your records? do you have your own record store? or do they have to buy through another retailer? Are you digital only? or vinyl only? If you do both do you have to buy digital from a different place to vinyl?

Have you done any acid techno podcasts? If so send us a link from soundcloud or mixcloud and we will get it up.

Do you produce tracks? let us know the equipment you use or sample packs? maybe review some sample packs or equipment?

Whatever content you want to add onto this site from the acid techno scene from events to releases please email

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Techno Release: R.A.W.9 vs Hydraulix 9

The fantastic Guy Mcaffer aka the Geezer & D.A.V.E. The drummer bring you another stormin techno release!

Track listing:

A1 Guy Mcaffer Raw 9 a
B1 D.A.V.E. The Drummer Hydraulix 9a

Listen to audio samples and buy from Stay UP Forever store by clicking here

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Release: Interstate One IO 04

A1 Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss
A2 Draft Punk – Say Hello To Chico Gonzalez
B1 Mobile Dogwash – You Know Where We Are, Man?
B2 Squat Dom – SQUAT!!!…..COME ON!!!

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