DJ Focus : JTek

DJing started for Jason Pollard (JTEK) Back in 1995 when he got given a pair of beltdrive decks. Born in 82 he had a very musical upbringing with his dad
being a drummer and he learnt at a young age how to play them. With musical influences up till then being Punk,Heavy Metal,right through to Reggae and
early HipHop and early Acid House/Rave. With these decks started doing regular ‘discos’ hah,in the local pubs, with the help of his Dads car messing
about and earning a few quid. Late 95 it all changed when he discovered ‘free parties’ in London..that was it!! He became a regular at many parties
and realised his love for Techno, and the underground as a whole. Started spending every penny he had on records, out every week in the record shops
around London. Still using his beltdrives most of the time he would spin tunes with mates and enjoy the music, as you do. After a few years of partying
and making alot of new friends, and watching the great DJs Chris Liberator, Dave the drummer, Lawrie Immersion, Gizelle, to name just a few,he began
playing on the Twisted sound system (thanks to Ripley for that), taking records to parties every week playing along side DJs like Parker, Kris k,
Chris Redmond, Gordie, Aston Martin, to name just a few again on Underground Sound, Twisted, Freebass, Manik, and many more since. Fast forward many
parties and festivals later, still growing his record collection, he began a weekly Techno show in 2010 on Scream London radio
(where the nickname jtek come from) thanks to Coldharbour Ray for that, while also putting parties on most weekends with mates ‘as you do’.
Febuary 2015 he founded with Suzanne o neill and is still growing the station with djs from all over the world, January 2016 he became
a Fnoob radio resident with his ‘Tea ‘n’ Techno Therapy’ show and was a guest on the ‘Butterfly effect’ show.
His recent gigs have been Fusion at roadmender, the Fnoob Futurist party, 2 Elemental partys, and a few free parties along the way, with other gigs lined
up for the near future.
So now, still DJing at parties, and a regular on radio playing anything from all off the above genres, and more, his love has never been stronger…
Peace Love Unity Respect..
Long live the Underground.. Thanks for reading 😉 JTeK

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DJ & Producer Focus : Fil Devious

Fil Devious

Fil Devious

Fil Devious is a DJ & Producer of Acid Techno! Hailing from North Wales you can find him regularly playing free
parties with The Welsh Connektion Crew who also run a radio show ‘Tek Connektion’ on the mighty Fnoob channel.

Fil Devious loves the Acid Techno sound & has had a number of releases on Chase Yer Tail, Hypnotek 909, Total Loss
Recordings, Acid Mountains & Alliance Digital. Over the last year Fil’s productions have found their way onto
vinyl labels such as 303 Alliance & Raveyard Records. Releases available from &

If you want to keep up to date with Fil Devious’s tracks & mixes check out or to book
Fil for an event you can e mail or you can contact him through his facebook page

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DJ Focus : Squat Project aka Mark Witts

Squat Project aka Mark Witts

Squat Project aka Mark Witts

Squat Project aka Mark Witts has been Dj’ing and producing from the late 90’s and was heavily influenced by the underground scene and rave organisations such as Dreamscape and Helter Skelter. With many 1000’s of vinyl multiple styles are covered but when it comes to producing Acid is the main focus.

Squat Project has recent releases on Fnoob Digital, Xtreme Hard Traxx, Underground V.I.P and various other sub labels of SDL Recordings. The sound is inspired by labels such as Stay Up Forever and Smitten so full on Acid is always order of the day. A monthly radio residency is held with Fnoob radio in which guests such as Clarkee have featured.

If you want to keep up to date with Squat Project’s Tracks, Mixes and Radio shows or to book Squat Project then his facebook page can be found here: Facebook

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DJ/Producer Focus : 0010×0010



Early years

In his early years, being inspired by underground techno, he released a series of vinyl records under various pseudonyms (only one using his real name). He performed live acid techno sets at underground parties such as Acid Rain at Amsterdam Graansilo. During the recording sessions for one of the tracks he produced for ex Soul II Soul and The Shamen singer Victoria Wilson James’s album on Sony Music, it was suggested that he audition for the “De Bende van Venlo” a theatre piece based on a true crime story. He was cast in one of the lead roles and performed over thirty European shows.

Los Angeles

After the theatre experience, Universal / Island Records won the label-bidding and signed him as an artist and producer. He released one single and one video before he left the label due to creative differences and moved from London to Los Angeles to work on his art, film, photography and editing career. He took a break from that to release the track LA Mellow (as D’ray), a collaboration with Dutch Dj, producer Gregor Salto. Ultimate Miami 2, the album with LA Mellow and music by artists like Wiwek, Chocolate Puma and Sidney Samson reached #6 at Beatport’s House top 100.[10] In late 2015, he finished working as the visual supervisor of a documentary about Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky based on his diaries Time within Time, starring Tonino Guerra. In 2016, he released two EPs (as 0010×0010 and T3TSUO 303) on his Generation Acid label which both landed in the Beatport Techno Top 100 charts.


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DJ Focus: VK



Vk was inspired to mix by the huge number of pirate radio stations in the 90’s, moving through various genres until one choice night in Clapham led to an obsession with acid techno. In Brighton she represented Teknophobia Soundsystem and Brighton Alliance of Soundsystems until the mid 00’s, taking a long break and then coming back with a set in Malaga for Astral Tech in 2010. In the following years she played for KRMA in France and up and down the UK for Dead Dog Disko London, Tektronix Northampton, Bangface London, Rigormortis Nottingham, Sicknote Brighton, Tekno Value Norwich and many other fine purveyors of banging noises! Returning from another break in 2015 after playing on the Off the Rails Stage at Illusive Festival Vk’s house has been filling up with vinyl again and in 2016 she played at Techno will be Techno Bristol, Techno Value Norwich and a guest slot on the Wired Radio Show.

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DJ Focus: Sted Hellvis

Sted Hellvis – cut his teeth playing old school hip hop when it was still new school, then the rave scene swallowed him up and spat him out in the underground, where he discovered just how dirty techno could get. Throw in a heavy dose of 303 along the way and he’s stomped and spun in warehouses, forests, squats and free parties, and selected clubs when he’s on his best behaviour!

Known for causing havoc as part of Momentum, Project Zero & Filth Factory, now a major player in the Welsh Connektion crew and regularly causing chaos on the wAliens free party rig!

Vinyl’s his vice, with the third deck often spinning. Keeping it hard, his sound is the harder edged squat and acid techno.

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DJ Focus: Lee S

Lee Swain

Lee Swain

Started djing in 1994, playing Dutch hardcore techno till 1997. Went to a local event called Jibblefish and discovered the Acid Techno sound in 2000 and has been djing for fun since.

Decided in 2015 that he wanted to get more involved and got into Internet radio securing a 4 weekly show on Fnoob techno radio – LAC (Lincoln Acid City) , which he plays a monthly set and has had guest mixes from plenty of up and coming as well as established acid techno djs and producers including Al Mac, Owen Acid, Fil Devious, Jack Majic and Benji 303, Kelly 303, Mobile Dogwash, Sted Hellvis, Squatt Rock, OB1, Chris Liberator and Geezer.

Has also played for other online radio shows Hard force United radio, PBC Event Horizon, PBC Acid Assault and Pounding Tekkno Podcast #41

Has a vinyl release “Hippies and Ravers” with Benji 303 – 303 Alliance 3 – December 2016.

Digital release “the daily routine” with Benji 303 – 303 Alliance Digital 4.

Unreleased “funky ket nose” with Benji 303

Unreleased “Acid Party’s from the north” with Benji 303

Live dj dates 2017

27th January – Psyborg sounds Leicester

19th May – Psyborg Sounds Leicester

Online sets


Listen to Lee S. – Lincoln Acid City #001 by Lincoln Acid City #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to LAC#006 Lee S. by Lincoln Acid City #np on #SoundCloud

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DJ Focus: DJ Miss Fit

DJ Miss Fit

DJ Miss Fit

FaceBook page


DJ Miss Fit is a 100% VINYL DJ. DJ Miss Fit is the worlds FIRST Lady DJ to spin the wheels of steel in 2003 in Limassol Cyprus. Her 3 hour set was played in Limassol’s premier nightclub ‘Basement’.

Currently DJ Miss Fit can be seen & heard LIVE! every week online for 2 hours, with her energetic Acid Techno mixes via her live streaming via &/or (Quality audio) & the new Facebook Live! Video app for the live visual & audio via Miss Fit loves to share new exciting underground tunes along side some hard to find banging old classics. Every Thursday 6-8pm GMT. To interact with Miss Fit whilst her show is on air just login to PirateRevivals chat room or visit DJ Miss Fit’s Facebook page. To SEE & HEAR DJ Miss Fit whilst she mixes her LIVE! music every week just visit & subscribe to stay notified of all her Live! Shows.

DJ Miss Fit has an insatiable love for Acid Techno & Techno music. She started mixing vinyl in the late 90’s, first playing out in Lation’s, London W1. Her key influences are the masters of the London underground acid techno music, Chris Liberator, Geezer, Sterling Moss, Gizelle (Rebel Yell) Rackitt. Acid Techno & Techno, with strong pounding, relentless bass lines is where Miss Fit found her passion for this style of London underground music- Music that makes you dance & smile before you realise it.

Dec 30th 2016, DJ Miss Fit played at Club 414 Brixton alongside Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss, Geezer & more.

2016 – DJ Miss Fit is rising up fast & making a name for herself with her energetic, powerful Acid Techno vinyl mixes. Keeping it underground starting off in Europe with Freekuency Festivals 10th Anniversary in Portugal 9th April 2016 DJ Miss Fit played on the awesome MANIK sound system in the Show Case Area on the iconic Wango’s (Rileys) traveling stage. Miss Fit rendezvous for more steel wheel spinning with MANIK for the two day London Invaders on 23rd April 2016 with our French friends . October 2016 saw Miss Fit in Bordeaux, France with MANIK for another fantastic opportunity to play on the much loved MANIK sound system. Miss fit played on the Stinky-PINK sound system at Wish Festival 1-3rd July 2016. In 2015 Miss Fit played at the Bassface Weekender on the Stinky-PINK sound system Miss Fit played at her first festival Teknival 22 Frenchtek ’15 on Hackney sound system (K.S.S) .

Miss Fit has regularly entertained the crowds playing out in the UK & abroad. More recently she has been playing at more festivals in the UK & Europe, which is what she really loves doing, along side – Chris Liberator, Geezer, D.D.R, Sterling Moss, Mark EG, Rachel Rackitt, DJ Birinighttttt, Owen Acid, Acid Steve, DJ Redmond, Lisa Pin Up, Mark Poison, Guy Edwins (Exodus) Madam Zu, DJ Scorpio, A.P, DJ Skie, Cally Gage,. Hektek & in France with Fred Frip, Tu Tur, Deiva DYNA, Zaazamissybugs, to name a few. Miss Fit plays regularly with members of the Exodus crew, the venues she plays at are many and varied, from festivals & night clubs to regular boat parties, to warehouses, squat parties, to outside bunkers, barns and fields

More info on DJ Miss Fit. All mixes are free to download

DJ Miss Fits collaboration in 2015 with SUF/Cluster producer TiK ToK saw two singles & the release of the Domestic Engineering EP in August/September 2015 – link –

TiK ToK & Miss Fit -Blaze U p- link –

TiK ToK & Miss Fit – Runnin Shoes – link –

Booking & contact info:-

Currently based in South West UK

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Producer/DJ Focus: Raskal & Bri

Raskal & Bri

Raskal & Bri

Booking Email:

Raskal & Bri play electronic music of all hues and colors, bringing it to rooms large and small across Atlanta and beyond. Always featuring the thick drums, big baselines, grooved out dirty synths, beautiful and dark landscapes, and know how to put it all together. Forget sticking to just one genre – as DJs, they are known for their diversity and knack for playing off each other. Although heavily influenced by Techno and House their sets are always a trip across a huge musical spectrum. Whether taking the crowd on a twisted late night excursion, or pushing the level during peak mayhem Raskal & Bri never fail to turn take the dance floor on a journey.

From their home base in Atlanta, Raskal & Bri are becoming preeminent players in creating a more dynamic ATL underground music scene. This is the time to start really pouring into the Atlanta Scene and Raskal & Bri are up for the challenge. Raskal & Bri began deejaying on Technic 1200s and vinyl in the late 90’s. Their love and respect for music has only grown over the years. Although they have adapted well to the new digital age, their organic and natural style of mixing has stayed the same.
Raskal & Bri are signed to the esteemed Afro Acid label headed by the legendary DJ Pierre. They can be found at their residency at EQ Nightclub and are touring as well. They are also resident DJs for Afro Acid Allstars on in Amsterdam.

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Juno Ensemble, Acid Child, DJ Hi-Shock, Master Master – Seven Inch Itch

Purchase Release here on Beatport

Acid Child presents “Seven Inch Itch”, a tribute to Roland’s TR-707 machine. Released in 1984 it went on to form the core of many Acid House productions. Join us in celebrating the iconic sound that is the 707 with tracks by Juno Ensemble, DJ Hi-Shock, Master Master and Acid Child himself, specifically written for this compilation.

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