New Release: Wikid Bones EP 2

Wikid Bones EP 2

Wikid Bones EP 2

Wikid Bones EP 2 has now been released in 909London

Riders In The Storm (Acid Terror Mix) – Spliffy B

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Beyond The Door – Fil Devious

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Taj Mahal Party – Krismix & Koss

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Where Is My Drug – Acid Mutant

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Scot Project & Mark Sherry – Acid Air Raid (Scot Project Mix) [Teaser]

What started out as a bootleg/rework of the 1994 underground acid anthem Acid Air Raid by Solar Quest (a.k.a. George Saunders), it now finally and officially sees the light of day! After almost 18 months of searching for the original artist, a lot of email discussions and locking down a contract, we now have Scot Project & Mark Sherry’s first ever collab! If you don’t know what a Roland TB-303 is then you’re in for a real shock when you hear this. The vintage acid creating synth has it’s cut-off, resonance and modulation levels set to stun as it completely oozes it’s toxic acid onto the dancefloor. It has been tried and tested globally at all of Mark and Scot’s gigs over the last 18 months and with both artists providing their own different slant of the track, we feel that there is a mix here for everyone. This is a huge release for Outburst Records…
Black Hole Recordings

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Track Listing:

OSC- Jung Guns
WeatherPeople – Acid Intermission
WeatherPeople – Acid Intermission (Against Them Remix)
OSC- Jung Guns (Acid Tech Mix)

To Listen and buy click here

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New Release: Acid Resistance – resistance001

A1 DDR & Ant Acid Resistance
A2 Zyco & Acid Chchi & Sayith P Do You Eat All This Acid?
B1 Zyco & Ant Lluvia Acida
B2 Acid Chochi & Marcio M Acid Cortex

Buy and listen to sound clips here

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NEW RELEASE: Fabian Jakopetz – Underground Acid Minimal (Original Mix)

Acid Techno with Minimalistic sounds and arrangement.

NEW RELEASE: Fabian Jakopetz – Underground Acid Minimal (Original Mix)

Out on Bequem Digital! You can purchase it here: Beatport

Including remixes from Maximus Bellini, Nick Plum and Volt & Vintage!

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We Came For The Acid (Fabulous 23s Remix)

New remix from Fabulous23s

If the below media fails to load please click here

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RELEASE: Steve Mills – Can You Dig This

Track list:

A1 Ling Ling Whoop That Bassline
A2 Steve Mills Can You Dig This
B1 Ling Ling I Have A Dream
B2 Biri N The Geezer Acid Hardcore


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Techno Release: Fabulous 23s – What Yer Gonna Do?

Fabulous 23s has released What yer gonna do. Check it out & buy it here

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Benji303 vs Mobile Dogwash – Acid Motion (Benji303’s Motion Of The Acid Mix) (CYT 909 London)

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Acid Techno Events, Releases, DJ\Producer Focus’ etc

If you are an acid techno producer or DJ or promotor we want to hear from you. is a website that covers all aspects of acid.

We want to know about new releases. If you are releasing an acid techno track, album, EP let us know. Give us tracklisting, a link to a sound sample, where your prefered seller is, preferably a link

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Do you want ravers to know about your regular event? How about doing an event focus telling us about your event.

Are you a producer or a DJ? send us a biog so we can do a DJ\Producer focus on you.

Do you run a label? Let us have a overview of your label, and a discography. Send us a link to sound samples as well. Where can we buy your records? do you have your own record store? or do they have to buy through another retailer? Are you digital only? or vinyl only? If you do both do you have to buy digital from a different place to vinyl?

Have you done any acid techno podcasts? If so send us a link from soundcloud or mixcloud and we will get it up.

Do you produce tracks? let us know the equipment you use or sample packs? maybe review some sample packs or equipment?

Whatever content you want to add onto this site from the acid techno scene from events to releases please email

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