Scot Project & Mark Sherry – Acid Air Raid (Scot Project Mix) [Teaser]

What started out as a bootleg/rework of the 1994 underground acid anthem Acid Air Raid by Solar Quest (a.k.a. George Saunders), it now finally and officially sees the light of day! After almost 18 months of searching for the original artist, a lot of email discussions and locking down a contract, we now have Scot Project & Mark Sherry’s first ever collab! If you don’t know what a Roland TB-303 is then you’re in for a real shock when you hear this. The vintage acid creating synth has it’s cut-off, resonance and modulation levels set to stun as it completely oozes it’s toxic acid onto the dancefloor. It has been tried and tested globally at all of Mark and Scot’s gigs over the last 18 months and with both artists providing their own different slant of the track, we feel that there is a mix here for everyone. This is a huge release for Outburst Records…
Black Hole Recordings

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