1996-05-2X – Woody McBride – Live PA @ Even Furthur, Wisconsin

1996-05-2X – Woody McBride – Live PA @ Even Furthur, Wisconsin

1996-05-2X – Woody McBride – Live PA @ Even Furthur, Wisconsin by Cassettecadet on Mixcloud

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L’événement se tiendra dans 3 lieux differents.

✮ J.14/01 – Floride Club (Nantes)
(Woody Mc Bride / Ganez The Terrible / Rakam & Acidkick)

✮ V.15/01 – Le Bliss Club (Pont L’Abbé, 29)
(Woody Mc Bride / Ganez The Terrible / Treize / Psykotik / Acidkick)

✮ S16 . PIANO BARGE (Vannes, capacité limitée)
(Woody Mc Bride live / Julien de Castilho live/ Rakam live / Ganez b2b Acidkick)

══════════ URBAN BEAT PRESENTE ═════════

✮ WOODY MCBRIDE (Live) – Tournée complète
Communique / Drop Bass Network / Ovum / Nova Mute


✮ GANEZ THE TERRIBLE . (Live) – Tournée complète.
Communique / Stay Up Forever / Audiogenic / Guild / Teknic


✮ RAKAM (Live) – Floride & Piano Barge
Junky Robot Records


✮ JULIEN DE CASTILHO (Live) – Piano Barge
Silent Kraft


✮ TREIZE (Dj Set) – Le Bliss Club
Epsylon Sound System / Minimal Rumble Records

✮ ACID KICK (Dj Set & Live) – Tournée Complète
Urban Beat / Sphere

✮ ELODELU (Dj Set) – Bliss Club
Psykotik Sound

✮ GAI SENSEI (Dj Set) – Bliss Club
Psykotik Sound


Dans le cadre de la tournée Communiqué Records.
“URBAN BEAT” aura le plaisir de vous faire découvrir un artiste et producteur américain de légende :

Les organisateurs ont décidé de se remémorer ces moments et de vous faire revivre une nouvelle soirée à inscrire dans les annales de l’acid techno, la vraie, la pure ! Pour cette nouvelle édition, ils ont invité un de ses précurseurs dans le domaine.

Woody Mc Bride est également le fondateur du célèbre label Communiqué Records ayant produit des artistes comme Josh Wink, Umek, Frankie Bones, Hyperactive …
Autre que son tube interplanétaire “Basketball Heroes”, il en compte plusieurs à son actif comme “Put A Smile On Your Face” ou encore “Rattlesnake”. Vous pouvez trouver ses productions sur des labels légendaires comme Bush, Novamute, Moist Music, Bonzaï, Full Flavor, Dave Clarke’s White Noise Records. Drop Bass Network …

══════════ 10 EUROS ═════════

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In The Beginning

Come out and enjoy a night of wonderful tunes with Andromeda Entertainment! $15 all night!

Get your $10 pre-sale at the link below. Make sure you leave your first and last name in the comments section for identification. If you don’t, you will not gain entry or be refunded. Rave safe and have fun!


~Sterling Moss~
UK Acid Techno
(Stay Up Forever)

With dynamic musical taste and timing sharper than a razor, Sterling Moss is renowned for his technically explosive DJ style that never fails to electrify crowds the world over.

Having toured extensively in over 25 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Sterling regularly rocks dancefloors around the globe in an exotic list of locations, playing at clubs and festivals to hundreds of thousands every year alongside the world’s DJ elite.

Once resident with Dancevalley & HQ in Holland and Tribal in London, Sterling now serves a residency with Harley Davidson as tour DJ on their Bike Festivals, having played for 9 years with them at destinations all round Europe, culminating every September with the 100,000 attended European Bike Week in Austria.

Music production has remained the in-demand creative mainstay of Sterling’s abilities, including UK chart success and his own label catalogue of Raceway, Racetrax and 99.9 supporting his musical output onto more than 50 other international imprints including: Stay Up Forever, RAW, Hydraulix, Cluster, Hardasfunk, Wah Wah, Subcult, Neuroshocked, Powertools, DJAX Upbeats, Yolk, Scythe Squadron, Polymeric, Apex, Hellhouse, Nukleuz, Yin Yang, One Inch, Rotters Golf Club, Sweet Peaks, Offical, VCF, No Entry, Strata, BR-909, Carbon Audio, TMM, Keep On Techno, Corrupted, Corrosive, Teknic, Braingravy, Bordelik, Flatlife, Maximum Minimum, Aktivists, Abusive 303, Acid Corp, Bodyshock, Beetroot, London Underground United, Many Birds, Project 303, Interstate One, Celtek, Skyride, AK, Hive & Torque.

Sterling has worked alongside the mighty Stay Up Forever crew for the last few years, tirelessly stoking a 303 & 909 driven rebellion in the studio alongside Chris Liberator to create a huge body of work that has ripped dancefloors apart across the world with devastating effect. They have sold out events in countries including Australia, Japan and Brazil with their live show, their remixes of Sicknote, Tribazik, The Dice, Miss Djax & Patrick DSP and Dynamo City’s ‘One Night In Hackney’ are universally acclaimed, and their genre defining hits including: ‘Scum Like Us’, ‘Croydon Girl’, ‘Punk Attitude’, ‘I’m Bored’ and ‘Massive Line’ will be making waves for years to come.

~Woody McBride~
Minneapolis, MN
Techno / House
(Communique, Drop Bass)



American Techno and Acid Icon DJ ESP aka Woody McBride is in the mix. With releases and remixes on Dave Clarke’s White Noise, Josh Wink’s Ovum, Eric Powell’s Bush, Fat Boy Slim’s Skint, Novamute, Acid Tracks, Drop Bass Network and dozens of other labels there are just a handful of stateside producer/DJs so prolific. His own label Communique is now 15 years old and continues to promote the underground sound and push it into the future.

Either LIVE PA or Vinyl DJ sets, ESP always delivers hard psychedelic tribal dance music in a way that only he does. “I get up there and play like I am playing at Mayday, Nature One or Further… In 1988 I saw Metallica in my small home town of Bismarck, ND and for the 100 of us that were there, they played like there were 50,000 screaming fans… I learned my lesson that night… give it your all every time…

ESP has flown over 5 million miles worldwide performing at some of the best and worst events the techno scene has ever known. “I love this life… I love the music I play… I love the people I get to party with!” His 1000’s of gigs include Mayday, Nature One, Dragon Ball, Elektromind, Rex Club, Orbit, Further, Acid Wars, Church, Eurobeat 2000, Big One, Underground Sound, Monox, Ultraschall, Tresor, Cubik, Terriakianarkisaki and many more…

He plays weekly on several international radio stations and works tirelessly to create new music for the galactic consciousness.

St. Louis, MO
Funk / Glitch Hop
Connector, Killinoize)


Filibusta has been producing and mixing music since 2007, sharing the stage with The Glitch Mob, EOTO, Dirtyphonics, Random Rab, Andreilien (Heyoka), Wick-it the Instigator, Crizzly, MartyParty, Minnesota, Bro Safari, Kill Paris, Freddy Todd, Michal Menert, Robotic Pirate Monkey, R/D, ChrisB, Trill Murray, jOBOT, Unlimited Gravity, K-Theory, Spankalicious, Prophet Massive, Jantsen, Break Science, ill-esha, Signal Path, and Papa Skunk in recent years. His remixes include tracks by The Glitch Mob, Skillrex, and Nit Grit just to name a few. In spring 2012, he placed a mighty 3rd in the Untz Challenge III. Filibusta’s grand scheme in life is to restore the progressive and melodic elements of glitch and dubstep. With over 750,000 plays on Souncloud, Filibusta is an artist you’ll want to keep your ears open to!

(Konkrete Jungle Detroit, Breakloose)

(Andromeda, Nightsneak)




(B4T Pro, Katch 22)

Hans Play
( EP Productions)

Live painting and vending by Motor City Art Machine

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DJ\Producer Focus: Woody McBride

Woody McBride aka DJ ESP

Woody McBride aka DJ ESP

For Bookings click this sentence. Just be aware Woody McBride rarely does Acid Techno these days

Woody McBride (1967 in Bismarck , North Dakota) is an American musician , producer and DJ from the techno – and Acid Techno area. He published under his real name and numerous pseudonyms such as 4D , Bird Man , DJ ESP , Earthworm , Pleasure or Voltage 9 .

McBride came in 1988 to study at Minneapolis , where he was first in the House scene took hold and Kevin Cole , the founder of the label House Nation , won as a mentor. McBride then worked in the opening act as a DJ and also designed its Flyer . After a short time, however, he turned to Cole and established club scene and from the nascent techno scene, which was then going on even outside the commercial clubs. He was also active as early promoter and organizer. As a DJ he called himself DJ ESP , inspired by the 1990 published track ESP of the House project Deee-Lite , soon joined but also under his real name in appearance to express his goes beyond pure DJing range of activities. [2] From the early 1990s years published their own publications. In 1993 he founded the label Communique Music , based in Lindstrom , Maine , on which he originally had first published his own music, but later also pieces of other artists. Especially his later repeatedly reissued Maxi-publication basketball Heroes of 1996 established the considerable reputation of the label, which soon split into several sub-labels.

2003 operating McBride eleven labels together with over 160 publications. [3] His own publications have appeared inter alia on the label White Noise (by Dave Clarke ), Ovum (by Josh Wink ), Bush (by Eric Powell ), Synewave (by Damon wild ) and Skint (from Fatboy Slim ). His oeuvre included stand 2013 50 maxi singles and EPs as well as his 2005 debut album published. Title of Woody McBride found a total of approximately 50 compilations, also several dozen of his remixes of tracks by other artists have been published. He has been on virtually every major techno festivals like Mayday or Nature One launched. In the years after 2008, he has largely withdrawn from public life to devote himself to his family with two sons, since 2011 he gets worse again in evidence.

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Acid Techno Event: Andromeda and Nightsneak present: Sleepy Hollow

Acid Techno Event: Andromeda and Nightsneak present: Sleepy Hollow

American Acid techno event

Woody McBride & Rachel Rackitt grace The Works
1846 Michigan Ave Detroit, MI 48216



Other DJs include Detroit based Cozmic Spore, Placebo Effect, Jesse James B2B The Machinist, Wataru, Syren, Golf Clap, Stone Owl, Dru & Gabi, Terrancek & DINK, Enjoi & Wiggle, Harbou, Vending by
Techno Snob,

Entry is:

$10 with costume
$15 without

The event is at The Works
1846 Michigan Ave Detroit, MI 48216

You can access the respective DJs soundclouds, mixclouds and homepages at their facebook page (click on this sentence to go through)

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