OFFICIAL (Free b4 10pm, $5 after)



OFFICIAL was created by some guys who want to rep just the music from the true underground culture of yesterday. We did a couple events in the past, took a break to help out a friend’s crew, but now we’re back up and running handling our own with our first event of the year.

All Vinyl Dj Line up

[Valhalla Records]

L.A.’s vet of all vets…. This man has been here since the beginning of the L.A. rave scene. He is one of L.A.’s true godfathers of L.A…. He has earned his stripes for all his hard work through out the years. He has just launched his new vinyl label Valhalla and has sucessfully sold a large percentage of
presales to his record release even before it got released.
That speaks a lot for him and his label…


Owner and artist of Official Records and one of the creators of the OFFICIAL brand. This man has been releasing numerous tracks on vinyl, including many collaborations with many of the UK’s legends from the legendary world renown Stay Up Forever crew. He has traveled out of state and out of the country for many gigs and is currently booked to play in a couple European countries this fall.

[AMU Recordings]

One of L.A.’s hard hitters from the 90’s. Known for banging those hard ass techno tracks on the dance floors and his old school internet radio show, Radio2000. This man has traveled all over the place. Outer state and out of the country to rock mad crowds on acid! But its not all just about acid with this guy, he has also been working on new banging Techno digital releases on his new sub label Black Skulls Recordings.


He is one of the creators of the OFFICIAL brand. One of Technostate’s original dj’s from back in the days and also one of the original co founders.. This guy has been rocking’ crowds since the very early 90’s. Look up any old school flyer and yes you will see this guy’s name on there. He has dj’ed with the biggest names in the world. Get ready to be taken back waaay back to the golden days when you listen to and dance your asses off to his old school techno set.


This guy is responsible for dropping some of the USA’s biggest baddest events to ever smash the dancefloors. Some might not know it but he is also a damn good dj too. The man can rock it with the best and back it up on the wheels of steel…
Ready!! Aim!! Fire!! Experience a taste of a TRAUMATIZING vinyl set!!


One of the early Technostate djs that has stood the test of time.
He has been on damn near almost every line up from then till now and he will continue to push and show you guys why he has survived so long in the LA scene… Get ready to hear some Alexanderism!!

1605 W Redondo Beach Blvd,
Gardena, CA 90247
Entrance fee: Free b4 10pm, $5 after
Ages: 21 and over

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Mellinfunk vs series

Mellinfunk has been doing a vs series of mixes. DJ’s that he has done this with include The P.A. Project (Russia), Filthy Fill (UK), Miss Katinka (Austria), Sted Hellvis (UK), Nesbit (UK), No Comment (Ireland), Acid Chochi (Brazil)

Mellinfunk doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon 😉

Check out below:

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DJ Focus: DJ Mellinfunk

One of the original godfathers of LA underground, DJ Mellinfunk has been sending crowds over the edge since 1989. Known for being R.A.W’s first partner, Mellinfunk is also recognized for a heart thumping variety of old school, techno, jungle, hard acid trance and playing hip hop acapellas over his own sick beats. In 1998 he started a jungle music label called Mainline Records. With over 23 mixes under his belt, Mellinfunk produced 2 of the biggest selling mixed tapes of all time. He’s killed crowds all across Europe and just about every state in the US including legendary shows like Grape Ape, Technostate, No-doz, What, and Love Parade. Now in 2012 Mellinfunk fires up the decks once again to blow away new and returning fans.

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