DJ Focus: DJ Mellinfunk

One of the original godfathers of LA underground, DJ Mellinfunk has been sending crowds over the edge since 1989. Known for being R.A.W’s first partner, Mellinfunk is also recognized for a heart thumping variety of old school, techno, jungle, hard acid trance and playing hip hop acapellas over his own sick beats. In 1998 he started a jungle music label called Mainline Records. With over 23 mixes under his belt, Mellinfunk produced 2 of the biggest selling mixed tapes of all time. He’s killed crowds all across Europe and just about every state in the US including legendary shows like Grape Ape, Technostate, No-doz, What, and Love Parade. Now in 2012 Mellinfunk fires up the decks once again to blow away new and returning fans.

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