DJ Focus: A.P.



A.P. has produced some of the best Techno of recent times, always direct,
his impact on the scene cannot be ignored as releases on Hydraulix, Cluster, Polymeric and more recently his own label “Impact UK” have shown how it should be done.
His sound of tough drums, cut up vocals and cool synth riffs has gained him recognition at an international level.

Establishing himself as a firm dj & producer on the underground scene, he shapes his sound and dj sets to get the party going. With relentless mixing techniques
and consistent production he thrives to work hard in his studio to keep pushing the boundaries.

With his new change in direction and taste of Techno music, Allan is now going to be working on new projects under his “A-Tech” guise and also doing some collaboration work with various artists around the globe.

Over the past ten years, he has played in countries such as: Brazil, Spain, Poland & Ireland aswel as playing some of the best underground events in the UK.
A.P. also records under names such as: “Serial Thriller” on his own, “Section 6” with Tassid, “The Corporate Whores” with The Badger and as “The Naked Rockstars” with Josh Inc. & The Badger.

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