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Liberator DJs

Liberator DJs

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From the rich history of the global Anarchy movement came three DJs and producers who have together brought the free party vibes of techno to the world. Legend has it they are brothers, but these brothers are not blood, these brothers are united by their love of techno raving. London 1992. Chris, Julian and Aaron together became Liberator, dj’ing and organising parties with free festival sound systems such as Spiral Tribe, Conspiracy and Circus Warp who all came together for the UK’s biggest ever free rave event at Castle Morton in the summer 1992.

Soon the Liberators were flying all over Europe connecting with more free party sounds systems from Holland, France and the Cezch Republic, blazing the decks with the techno sounds coming out of Detroit (Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills), Belgium ( CJ Bolland and R&S records ) and of course the UK ( The Hypnotist, Edge records ). London 1994 Stay Up Forever the Liberator record label hit the scene and gave birth to Acid Techno, the uniquely styled sound of the 303 set to a fast and furious groove. From hits like A&E Dept’s “Rabbits Name Was..” to the still massive “One Night In Hackney” from Dynamo City.

Stay Up Forever has become a legendary dance label and now incorporates a label collective which features the Cluster, 4×4, Maximum Minimum, Hydraulix and RAW imprints among many others. The Stay Up Forever label collective is one of the few organizations that still releases 12” records due to the demand of the fans that love the Liberators and their music on vinyl. The Liberators are still playing around the globe from Venezuela to Japan with Chris Liberator appearing twice in DJ Mag’s 100 top DJs. Expect to hear Julian playing unique freak style techno, Aaron and Chris playing party techno all the way to Acid Techno.

The Liberators come to party…. after all they are true ravers.

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