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Fabulous 23s (real name Joe Young) has been making music since 1988 using analogue synthesizers drum machines 8bit and 16bit computers and samplers. He started DJing in 1992 and in 1995 started playing out spinning at free parties and later DJing and playing live at some of his own with various other artists such as Gaz (the Gareth Wilkins Band), The Gypsies Dog (Glue Rooms), Dannyrind (Bacon) and Jonnispeedbass.

In 1999 he released several mp3s on Terbo Teds website resulting in tracks been released with Terbo Ted on his album “five” and white label vinyl releases in the USA. He currently has more speedbass tracks circulating then any other artist and has collaborated with artists such as Skeeter, Texas Noise Factory, Jonni Speedbass and Alex Porker. In 2000 Steve Smitten, from London’s famous techno label Smitten, launched his new label XS with 2 Hard Edged acid anthem tracks by the Fabulous 23s – “Over the limit / y2k” which quickly sold out and was repressed, followed by “It’s fucking dark / You’re a victim” and a favourite of Radio One’s Judge Jules, “Ghost town / It’s fucking dark”, which he like so much he used it as the final track of every set of his 2001 tour. Later he remixed for Dave the Drummer on the track “70mph” and amidst of all this he still found time to be playing out live at various raves by Havok / So It Is / Antimatter / Cabbage / NTA amongst others.

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