DJ Focus: Ceri S.U.S.S. Lear

Ceri S.U.S.S. Lear

Ceri S.U.S.S. Lear

Ceri Lear is part of the S.U.S.S collective (subversion underground sound system) based in Swansea south Wales. he was also a resident dj and manager of south Wales’s premier techno event Subversion underground Techno.

ceri got introduced to the free party and underground techno scene at a very young age.regularly attending teknivals and techno events across the uk from where he picked up his taste for acid /free party Techno and it inspired him to get on the 1210’s and start mixing acid/techno

By the age of 16 ceri was playing out in basements and free parties across Wales. in 2008 ceri suss became residents at subversion underground techno playing alongside the mighty Dave the drummer,Chris Liberator,Ant,ddr,geezer,mark eg a.p just to name a few

Soon he became popular with the local free party sound systems(FRU) (TOOTH DUST)bristol (SECTION 64) (UNISONAL SOUNDS) (F.O.O.F.O) and promoters for their hard techno /acid sets. Playing epic sets @system feedback reboot cardiff/ gener8r in Bristol smash techno london
surplus fundraver and bristek

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