Release: Tassid & Eski / Vlado / Ciuciek ‎– Down Boy / Still Do The Things / It’s Like That

Dirty Sound Records

Dirty Sound Records

Label: Dirty Sound Records – DIRTY 001
Format:Vinyl, 12″
Country: Poland

Purchase can be from Discogs

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Robosapien – Sterling Moss, No Comment, Squat Dom, Tassid & Eski

Hive 009 Side A

Hive 009 Side A

Hive 009 Side B

Hive 009 Side B







Release: Hive009

A1 Sterling Moss & D.J. No Comment Robosapien
B1 Squat Dom Fuck Ya System
B2 Tassid & Eski Wake Up

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Ceri Suss Vs Tassid – Burnt Acid

You can buy this from 909 London

Visit Ceri Suss Vs Tassid’s Site At
For More Music

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Hard Force United and Alexey Kotlyar Present! ☆☆☆☆►ACID TERRITORY◄☆☆☆☆

Hard Force United and Alexey Kotlyar Present!


Only Exclusive Mixes!

Start 18:00 moscow time.

Powerfull Acid Techno broadcast on Hard Force United Station.

Line UP:

█►►ı Jack Wax
█►►ı Ben Fraser
█►►ı Tassid
█►►ı Alexey Kotlyar
█►►ı OB1
█►►ı Re-Born & Verjo
█►►ı Stormbringer
█►►ı Draft Punk
█►►ı Dj Mente
█►►ı Rolland
█►►ı Dima Interstate
█►►ı Mobile Dogwash
█►►ı Katl Katinka
█►►ı Sayith Pertuz
█►►ı Oelig


18.00 – 19.02 Miss Katinka
19.02 – 20.03 Tassid
20.03 – 21.03 Draft Punk
21.03 – 22.07 Ben Fraser
22.07 – 23.34 Sayith Pertus
23.34 – 00.39 Rolland
00.39 – 01.38 OB1
01.38 – 02.27 Alexey Kotlyar
02.27 – 03.43 Jack Wax
03.43 – 04.36 Dj Mente
04.36 – 05.45 Dima Interstate
05.45 – 06.44 Mobile Dogwash
06.44 – 07.42 Re-Born & Verjo
07.42 – 08.43 Stormringer
08.43 – 09.44 Oelig

Music Volume: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %

Listen to us here:
Online of radio Hard Force United Station

Listen in player:



Rave – a lifestyle, a way of thinking, and our
goal – to bring it to everyone who is

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Acid Techno DJ Focus: Tassid



To book Tassid Click here to get to

Tassid comes from Portsmouth UK. He got into DJing after his early experiences at free parties and squat parties, where London Underground techno and acid techno was the main sound. He fell in love with the music in those early days and has been into that sound ever since!

His main influences are the Stay Up Forever Collective including Chris, Aaron and Julian Liberator, D.A.V.E the Drummer, Guy McAffer, Rowland the Bastard, Ant, DDR and Lawrie Immersion etc, but Tassid has also taken influence from some good Schranz producers such as Boris. s and Arkus.P.

Tassid has been making techno for fun for many years, but in 2009 he upgraded his studio and is now a full on producer in his own right.

He is the co-founder of System Rejects vinyl label, alongside Austin Corrosive, OB1, and MK 303, and he is the owner of Skuxx digital label on As well as his own labels, Tassid has releases on other labels such as, Corrosive Records, Cluster, Cluster 909, Stereo Chaos, Interstate One, Impact UK, and Acid Test.

In recent years Tassid had been getting back into DJing, playing all over the UK, as well as in countries such as Brazil, Poland, and Spain and is continually pushing his own style of London Underground Techno and Acid!!

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