Tribal Pilot – Rave Groove

This mix begins by climbing relentlessly into the night sky, the lights on the ground growing farther and farther away, until it reaches cruising velocity. Once above the clouds, it hurtles through patches of flickering moonbeams, starlight, and cosmic rays, adjusting altitude to atmospheric conditions. Clouds dissipate while it zooms out over open water, before disappearing over the horizon just as the glow of the first hint of sunrise becomes visible.

Rave Groove by Tribal Pilot on Mixcloud

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The Network AV, present the new Podcast by Dj Freak of september is loaded with different genre of Techno music such as Minimal, Mental, Groove, Acid and others

For all my followers enjoy the session and never stop to listen Techno music!!!!

Dj-Freak_TNPodcast05_Sept2014 by Freak – The Network on Mixcloud

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