DJs & Producers to watch for 2014

Here at Acid909 we have decided to compile a list of who to watch in 2014 in the very active Acid Techno scene.  We have compiled this from emails from you our visitors and friends around the web 😉  If you haven’t contacted us yet please do so and we can update the list.  we are going by what people have told us, so to make it more accurate please email us who you think will be the movers and shakers in 2014 at

A lot of Stay up people have come up in your emails, 1 has got into the list.  SUF are still after being at the forefront of the industry since the early days are still doing Fantastic stuff, we have bundled them together on the list, have named 1 of them as he has recently joined SUF.

  1. Steve Mills – now on Stay Up Forever & also owner of Braingravy, brought out some of the biggest releases last year. As he’s new on SUF he is listed seperately
  2. Birinight & The Geezer
  3. The Stay Up Forever Collective (We have bundled as a whole everyone there rather than making the list over long!)
  4. Trooper
  5. Mobile Dogwash
  6. OB1
  7. Batman
  8. Benji303
  9. DJ Bacid
  10. Acid Corp
  11. Miro
  12. Spliffy B
  13. MK303
  14. Tassid
  15. Jack Wax
  16. Pzylo
  17. Austin Corrosive

As said above we have gone by what we have been told by people.  If there’s anyone who you don’t see up there but think should be let us know.  There are a few producer\DJs we are a little surprised not to see up there, but we want a reflection on what you guys think 😉

We highly encourage people who haven’t contacted us to do so 🙂


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