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Kenny Mulligan is a true champion for the original Acid sound and earlier European Techno. He loves to play the more deeper and raw side of Techno and Acid, and is currently into the new wave of Acid music coming out of the UK and Europe right now.
He then got his first set of Technics turntables and spent days in record shops buying the latest Acid, New Beat and Techno vinyl releases. Around 1989 he returned back to Glasgow with his new collection of vinyl and at the age of 16 was given his first DJ gig at the legendary Bat Cave (first acid house venue in Glasgow) playing at an under 18’s rave. The promoters could not believe it when they heard this young kid playing such quality music.
Following this, Kenny went on to play the harder and deeper sounds of acid & techno from Europe and Detroit. He started promoting parties for young adults and became the local link between Glasgow and London, exposing the latest dance tunes bought on his visits to London.
In 1993, he came back to live in London and instantly connected with the free party scene, hitting various squat parties and witnessing the birth of UK/London Acid Techno, following sound systems such as Virus, Jiba, Vox Populi, Insanity, Large Salad Discoteque , Spiral Tribe, Exodus Collective, Immersion and the Liberators DJ’s.Around this time, he also formed the ‘Acid Army’ crew with fellow DJ’s and artists who made it their mission to promote the more underground and heavier side of Techno.
At the end of the 90’s, Kenny took a few years out to concentrate on family life, but returned some years later to follow his passion for music and reconnected with the underground party scene. Since then he has been developing his own sound and played some storming sets at parties such as Deep Acid, Retro Traxx Festival, Pirate Club, Aurora Festival, Virus Sound System and many other warehouse raves in and around London and UK.
Kenny is Currently involved in promoting different artists and partys such as LUCID in London , VORTEKS Sound System Techno nights l in Wales and Bristol, and is a member of other collectives and helps promote party’s and plays on radios in London & around the UK.
He also runs the ‘Philanthropy’ party benefit nights, which aim to raise money for a London homeless project, bringing together like-minded DJ’s and electronic artists for this worthy cause. Further to this, he has built strong connections in Belgium and Holland, coordinating radio shows for Stationsonparticulier (Belgium) and his current monthly radio show ‘Elemental’ for Pure Radio (Holland), which has showcased some quality DJ’s and producers who play Acid and Techno , and also on the Sundays playing eclectic Chill out sets where Kenny delves into his rich knowledge of ambient and avant garde , eclectic taste in sounds far from the harbour walls of the usual electronic music he is usually known to play . Recently on pure radio Kenny Reached a personal achievement , by warming up for his life long idols KRAFTWERK . Further more now in 2014 Kenny is focusing on his own productions under the guise of Dark Art Masquerade. A Record label is also planned for 2014 and a new radio show beginning in march 2014 on the community based OPTICAL RADIO in London where he will interview guest DJ’s and Bands about their career’s & their past and present projects .
If you think you want any help in promotion of fancy yourself playing on one of his radio shows or need help with promotion, then send an email or inbox Kenny on his facebook page
Acid Army – The beat goes on .

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