Acid Techno DJ Focus: Leon Immense

Leon Immense

Leon Immense

Leon Immense is a part of the 909 London Dj’s and Producers collective and Dirty Rotten Therapy.

Coming from the south coast of the UK and involved with the underground scene since 1995.

Leon jointly runs DIRTY ROTTEN THERAPY with Judda! (see above!)  D.R.T host nights (mainly in Dorset)of Filthy, Banging Techno!

Leon is now branching out to all other djs and producers so he can get some collaborations going and keep the techno vibe alive

Leon plays Clubs, Free Parties, Teknivals, Festivals and any Charity gigs.
Anywhere and any part of the world all you gota do is get in contact.

For all future digital releases follow the link

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