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DJ Miss Fit is a 100% VINYL DJ. DJ Miss Fit is the worlds FIRST Lady DJ to spin the wheels of steel in 2003 in Limassol Cyprus. Her 3 hour set was played in Limassol’s premier nightclub ‘Basement’.

Currently DJ Miss Fit can be seen & heard LIVE! every week online for 2 hours, with her energetic Acid Techno mixes via her live streaming via &/or (Quality audio) & the new Facebook Live! Video app for the live visual & audio via Miss Fit loves to share new exciting underground tunes along side some hard to find banging old classics. Every Thursday 6-8pm GMT. To interact with Miss Fit whilst her show is on air just login to PirateRevivals chat room or visit DJ Miss Fit’s Facebook page. To SEE & HEAR DJ Miss Fit whilst she mixes her LIVE! music every week just visit & subscribe to stay notified of all her Live! Shows.

DJ Miss Fit has an insatiable love for Acid Techno & Techno music. She started mixing vinyl in the late 90’s, first playing out in Lation’s, London W1. Her key influences are the masters of the London underground acid techno music, Chris Liberator, Geezer, Sterling Moss, Gizelle (Rebel Yell) Rackitt. Acid Techno & Techno, with strong pounding, relentless bass lines is where Miss Fit found her passion for this style of London underground music- Music that makes you dance & smile before you realise it.

Dec 30th 2016, DJ Miss Fit played at Club 414 Brixton alongside Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss, Geezer & more.

2016 – DJ Miss Fit is rising up fast & making a name for herself with her energetic, powerful Acid Techno vinyl mixes. Keeping it underground starting off in Europe with Freekuency Festivals 10th Anniversary in Portugal 9th April 2016 DJ Miss Fit played on the awesome MANIK sound system in the Show Case Area on the iconic Wango’s (Rileys) traveling stage. Miss Fit rendezvous for more steel wheel spinning with MANIK for the two day London Invaders on 23rd April 2016 with our French friends . October 2016 saw Miss Fit in Bordeaux, France with MANIK for another fantastic opportunity to play on the much loved MANIK sound system. Miss fit played on the Stinky-PINK sound system at Wish Festival 1-3rd July 2016. In 2015 Miss Fit played at the Bassface Weekender on the Stinky-PINK sound system Miss Fit played at her first festival Teknival 22 Frenchtek ’15 on Hackney sound system (K.S.S) .

Miss Fit has regularly entertained the crowds playing out in the UK & abroad. More recently she has been playing at more festivals in the UK & Europe, which is what she really loves doing, along side – Chris Liberator, Geezer, D.D.R, Sterling Moss, Mark EG, Rachel Rackitt, DJ Birinighttttt, Owen Acid, Acid Steve, DJ Redmond, Lisa Pin Up, Mark Poison, Guy Edwins (Exodus) Madam Zu, DJ Scorpio, A.P, DJ Skie, Cally Gage,. Hektek & in France with Fred Frip, Tu Tur, Deiva DYNA, Zaazamissybugs, to name a few. Miss Fit plays regularly with members of the Exodus crew, the venues she plays at are many and varied, from festivals & night clubs to regular boat parties, to warehouses, squat parties, to outside bunkers, barns and fields

More info on DJ Miss Fit. All mixes are free to download

DJ Miss Fits collaboration in 2015 with SUF/Cluster producer TiK ToK saw two singles & the release of the Domestic Engineering EP in August/September 2015 – link –

TiK ToK & Miss Fit -Blaze U p- link –

TiK ToK & Miss Fit – Runnin Shoes – link –

Booking & contact info:-

Currently based in South West UK

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