DJ Focus: Lee S

Lee Swain

Lee Swain

Started djing in 1994, playing Dutch hardcore techno till 1997. Went to a local event called Jibblefish and discovered the Acid Techno sound in 2000 and has been djing for fun since.

Decided in 2015 that he wanted to get more involved and got into Internet radio securing a 4 weekly show on Fnoob techno radio – LAC (Lincoln Acid City) , which he plays a monthly set and has had guest mixes from plenty of up and coming as well as established acid techno djs and producers including Al Mac, Owen Acid, Fil Devious, Jack Majic and Benji 303, Kelly 303, Mobile Dogwash, Sted Hellvis, Squatt Rock, OB1, Chris Liberator and Geezer.

Has also played for other online radio shows Hard force United radio, PBC Event Horizon, PBC Acid Assault and Pounding Tekkno Podcast #41

Has a vinyl release “Hippies and Ravers” with Benji 303 – 303 Alliance 3 – December 2016.

Digital release “the daily routine” with Benji 303 – 303 Alliance Digital 4.

Unreleased “funky ket nose” with Benji 303

Unreleased “Acid Party’s from the north” with Benji 303

Live dj dates 2017

27th January – Psyborg sounds Leicester

19th May – Psyborg Sounds Leicester

Online sets


Listen to Lee S. – Lincoln Acid City #001 by Lincoln Acid City #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to LAC#006 Lee S. by Lincoln Acid City #np on #SoundCloud

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