Coco Cole – 22Oct17

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Woweee, still getting over the heat in this show. DJ Pierre’s new one is a lesson from a master & is making me want to quit bothering to make music all together aha (no, i’m inspired I promise), we have 2 new beauties from Seven Davis JR & the new roller from Italoboyz is going straight in my secret weapons playlist. Enjoy!

(Sorry about the crappy mic levels btw, minor studio error & I couldn’t hear myself in my headphones. Back to normal next week!)


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@Spliffy_B Acid Event : PBC Aciiiiiid Assault Squad

Events Page:
Events date : Monday, September 11 at 5 PM – 12am
Events location : Log into the Mushroom Club :

Get ready for another assault of acid through the whole spectrum of acid. Expect everything from Acid House to Acid Techno

Wayne DJC

Accessing the Show

Main page – Desktops/ Laptops

all mobile users -apple and android to use

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Todd Terry presents House Classics

Todd Terry presents House Classics, a 70 minute mix of top House tracks. House Classics is Todd Terry’s first release on House music label, Static Music.

House Classics Tracklist:
Intro – Todd Terry
Get It Up (Original Mix) – RM Project
Beat Like This (Original Mix) – Todd Terry
Acid (Original Mix)- Electronika
Another Worry (Dub) – Todd Terry
Drop That (Original Mix) – Todd Terry
Get On (Original Mix) – Lexicon Avenue
Put the Fire Out (Murk Main Mix) – Annette Taylor
Fixation (Straight to My Head Mix) – Chocolate Fudge
All Hooked up & Ready to Go – BLM
Samba (Alex Tech Remix) – Todd Terry
Fukk U (Original Mix) – Todd Terry
The Magnificent (Booker T 007 Dub) – Agent 00
Baby Can U Reach (Roog)- Todd Terry
Bring It Back to Love (Den2’s Rubba Soul Dub) – Gerideau
R U Sleepin’ (Todd Edwards Remix) – Indo
Keep on Jumpin’ (Rhythm Masters Mix) – Todd Terry
The Creeps (Hoxton Redub) – Freaks
Whuup (Louie Vega Remix) – Roland Clark
Babarabatiri (Original Mix) – Todd Terry

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PBC Acid Assault

PBC : Acid Assault

PBC : Acid Assault

This show covers an Ecclectic range of Acid from Acid House to Hard Acid


Peter Dutch
Spliffy B
Stuart Hepburn
Tom Edwards (Acid Trance)
Sted Hellvis
Richie Quirk (Birthday Set)
Lee S

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Acid Classics – Robin Ball live at Memory Box 3rd Birthday (MB artists Acid classics)

All tracks in the mix are produced, remixed or edited by artists who have played at Memory Box parties.

Here’s a half hour mix recorded live at the Memory Box 3rd Birthday with Robin Ball, Nightmares On Wax & Farley Jackmaster Funk at Bussey Building, 23 Jan 2016.

Hardfloor will be playing a ‪‎LIVE‬ ‪‎History Of Acid‬ set at the next Memory Box party, 15 April at Bussey Building, Peckham. Info here:

Other mixes from the 3rd Birthday coming soon.

Acid Classics – Robin Ball live at Memory Box 3rd Birthday (MB artists Acid classics) by Memory Box on Mixcloud

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Josh Wink – Live @ Motor Bucarest – Profound Sounds 02.01.16

Josh Wink – Live @ Motor Bucarest – Profound Sounds 02.01.16

Live @ Motor Bucarest – Profound Sounds 02.01.16 by Josh Wink (Official) on Mixcloud

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Richie Hawtin – Power96 Detroit Radio – 24-11-1989

Richie Hawtin playing acid house back in the day!…

Richie Hawtin – Power96 Detroit Radio – 24-11-1989 by R_Co on Mixcloud

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RA.158 Levon Vincent

New York house man Levon Vincent does his thing on this week’s RA podcast.

RA.158 Levon Vincent by Resident Advisor on Mixcloud

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REBEL YELLE SHOW with special guest DJ TROOPER

Gizelle Rebelle Show With Special Guest Trooper

Gizelle Rebelle Show With Special Guest Trooper


Kicking off the Yuletide party season GIZELLE REBEL YELLE presents to you the THE REBEL YELLE SHOW on OPTICAL RADIO with special guest DJ TROOPER, together playing a mixture of underground Old Skool Acid House & Rave to Acid Techno corkers to get your glitter balls spinning!! Well that’s the gist of it… it could go anywhere as soon as the wheels of steel get moving. So come join the ride! Cheers 🙂 x

10pm-11pm : JUSTIN TROOPER


*** TROOPER ***

DJ Trooper is an electric force to be reckoned with. His broad musical expertise spanning three decades comes alive in his mixes, bringing the party vibes alive. Never failing to smash the techno and old skool, it’s rave time when Trooper’s in the house.
Trooper has contributed to the legacy of the London party circuit, playing at club nights such as Smash Techno, Stay Up Forever 100, Stay Up Forever after parties, Philanthropy, Braingravy and Lucid, and alongside DJs such Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator, DDR, Geezer, Gizelle Rebel Yelle, Rachel Rackitt, Sterling Moss, Birinight, DJ Ant, Jerome Hill, Thermobee, Tassid, A.P, OB1, Austin Corrosive and many more.

On to top all of this, Trooper has recently returned to the studio, writing tracks with DDR, Steve Mills and The Geezer. His tracks have been released on the legendary ‘Hazchem’ label, Abusive 303, Project 303 and Project 909 with more tracks ready to go. Keep your ear to the dance floor and listen out for Trooper’s unique energy and sounds.

Over the past 10 years, Trooper has gone from raver on the dance floor to playing on many sound systems including Freebase, E1S, Malfaiteurs, Manik, Storm, Hackney Sounds and plays regularly on the Stinky Pink, Hub and Krysis rigs as resident DJ storming the dance floor with his own take on Acid Techno, also enjoying pushing the speakers to the limits on various rigs at Frenchtek dropping the beats that captured his heart all those years ago. But with Trooper’s personal history of dance music and broad musical knowledge, you can also hear him playing a broad spectrum of sounds such as Old Skool 91/92 Rave, Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Progressive House, Acid House, Breakbeat and Electro.

But Trooper’s journey with dance music began in 1991 when he was just 16 years of age and was taken out by some older mates to legendary raves such as Elevation, Dance 91, Raindance, Fantazia, Yikes and Interdance, as well as Spiral Tribal and Bedlam sound system parties on the underground free party scene.

The next year, he was introduced to mixing vinyl on the 1210’s by DJ SDR, owner of Shoebox Records. From that point, there was no turning back.

In 1994, Trooper started getting involved with the local music scene and began working at Ruffhouse Records in Slough, who ran Menace sound system.

Always up for a party, he was given the title nickname ‘Trooper’. He was always the last man standing, shortly establishing his turntable skills as ‘DJ Trooper’ on the underground party circuit, playing Jungle and Drum & Bass at parties in London and the South East.

Music House in Holloway Road, London, played a big part in Trooper’s life. Top Drum & Bass DJ’s went there regularly to cut their latest tracks onto dub plate fresh for the weekend raves. Trooper got involved distributing the ‘Ravescene’ magazine and writing party reviews for raves such as Telepathy, AWOL, Roast, Innersense and Jungle Fever.

Trooper and fellow music comrade, DJ SDR, started the record label ‘Freestyle Flava’ in 1996, experimenting with different styles and beats in the studio under the guise ‘Point 2’. They produced some rockers including ‘Wait 1 Minute’, which was featured on Tony de Vit’s ‘Live in Tokyo’ album. In the studio, they wrote Trip Hop and Broken Beats inspired by Ninja Tune club nights at the legendary Blue Note in Hoxton, London.

After taking a few years out at the end of the 90’s, Trooper returned to the dance floor in the new millennium and got involved with the Hard House scene. The hard beats and vibes reignited the fire in his rave heart, but something was definitely missing until he discovered the underground London squat party Techno scene and from that point it was full steam ahead.

So keep your ear to the dance floor and listen out for Trooper’s unique energy and sounds.


The Rebel Yelle show is recorded live on the first Friday of the month 9pm-11pm and then repeated every Friday same time during the rest of the month and on Wednesdays 5pm-7pm. Enjoy!

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Mark Archer @ Moog – Barcelona 05.01.11

Dj set recorded live at the Moog club in Barcelona 05.01.11 of house, techno and a healthy dose of acid.

Contact/dj bookings:

Mark Archer @ Moog – Barcelona 05.01.11 by Mark_Archer on Mixcloud

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