Label Focus: Tekno Mulisha Records

Tekno Mulisha

Tekno Mulisha

Tekno Mulisha Records pioneered by Melbourne’s own DVS & Syndrome as a platform for local producers to showcase our very own brand of tekno for punks… Alongside our local crew will be an arsenal of the best international producers from across the globe..

Tekno Mulisha are synonymous with capturing the essence and pure party vibe of the Techno / Acid Techno sound…

As committed techno enthusiasts they have stayed true to the punk attitude of the squat techno movement and have flown the flag for old-school techno followers, while paving the way for a whole new generation of Melbourne techno fiends..

This dedication has kept them prominent in the Melbourne electronic music scene and earned them respect, not just in the Techno world, but the electronic music community as a whole. A result of throwing some of the best squat / warehouse parties Melbourne has seen in many years.

Stay posted for details of the first release due out early 2015..

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