MS Sick Beatz Fundraver : DJ Announcement : Ronnie Grafter

Next DJ Announcement for Novembers event is Ronnie Grafter
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The next DJ to announce is the fantastic Ronnie Grafter. Without the tireless hard work from this lovely lady this event would not be anywhere near as fantastic as it is. Absolute honour and joy to work with 🙂
Ronnie Grafter, the Plastic Housewife, the reluctant DJ, the selective selector….so many pseudonyms but guaranteed to be loaded with a collection of eclectic vinyl spanning 29 years of repetitive beats; from Acid House, Electro, Techno and oddities often outside of her comfort zone and limitations. Preferring not to follow what’s populist, playing mostly Techno and what many don’t; she’ll always pay respect to the old and respected tunes in her collection.
Gently bullied to play by her closest of friends, family members and husband much of her adult life; she was forced to make a start approximately 2 years ago. The journey has been both terrifying and amazing but this undeniable Grafter by name and nature loves it.
Her brief journey up until now has had her play with and for DJ’s she’s admired and respected. Taking her out of the UK, meeting fabulous people and seeing places she never would have if not for the invitation. Many nights played have been the icing on the cake; in particular playing twice at her favoured and frequented London night of choice Don’t, and for The Warsaw Torture Boyz at Out of Sync in Poznań at Project Lab.
Paul Elemental deserves a mention for having the foresight and taking the risk of booking the reclusive Grafter for his Elemental parties twice; it paid off and ultimately secured her subsequent bookings at Don’t and beyond.
Stints on radio have also featured, playing for the likes of Report2Dancefloor and RIOT Radio, however due to poor health with which MS has been an inconvenience it’s not always been possible to accommodate requests outstanding but, their time will come.
She’s certainly come a little way and out of her shell somewhat since the daily rinsing of Dr Teeth and the Electrical Mayhem’s Jam, featuring Animal from her treasured the Muppet’s Musical Album circa 1979, and yes, she’s that young!

Ronnie Grafter

Ronnie Grafter

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MS Sick Beatz Fundraver : DJ Announcement : JTek

Next DJ Announcement for Novembers event is JTek
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Todays DJ Introduction is the fantastic JTek who will be B2B with Spliffy B
DJing started for Jason Pollard (JTEK) Back in 1995 when he got given a pair of beltdrive decks. Born in 82 he had a very musical upbringing with his dad
being a drummer and he learnt at a young age how to play them. With musical influences up till then being Punk,Heavy Metal,right through to Reggae and
early HipHop and early Acid House/Rave. With these decks started doing regular ‘discos’ hah,in the local pubs, with the help of his Dads car messing
about and earning a few quid. Late 95 it all changed when he discovered ‘free parties’ in London..that was it!! He became a regular at many parties
and realised his love for Techno, and the underground as a whole. Started spending every penny he had on records, out every week in the record shops
around London. Still using his beltdrives most of the time he would spin tunes with mates and enjoy the music, as you do. After a few years of partying
and making alot of new friends, and watching the great DJs Chris Liberator, Dave the drummer, Lawrie Immersion, Gizelle, to name just a few,he began
playing on the Twisted sound system (thanks to Ripley for that), taking records to parties every week playing along side DJs like Parker, Kris k,
Chris Redmond, Gordie, Aston Martin, to name just a few again on Underground Sound, Twisted, Freebass, Manik, and many more since. Fast forward many
parties and festivals later, still growing his record collection, he began a weekly Techno show in 2010 on Scream London radio
(where the nickname jtek come from) thanks to Coldharbour Ray for that, while also putting parties on most weekends with mates ‘as you do’.
Febuary 2015 he founded with Suzanne o neill and is still growing the station with djs from all over the world, January 2016 he became
a Fnoob radio resident with his ‘Tea ‘n’ Techno Therapy’ show and was a guest on the ‘Butterfly effect’ show.
His recent gigs have been Fusion at roadmender, the Fnoob Futurist party, 2 Elemental partys, and a few free parties along the way, with other gigs lined
up for the near future.
So now, still DJing at parties, and a regular on radio playing anything from all off the above genres, and more, his love has never been stronger…
Peace Love Unity Respect..
Long live the Underground.. Thanks for reading 😉 JTeK



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MS Sick Beatz Fundraver : DJ Announcement : Wott Mess

Next DJ Announcement for Novembers event is Wotta Mess
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Funktastically Pimplicious Wonktastically Spaztastic Wotta Mess…. Also known as The Right Righteous Reverent Goatmaster Bishop…. a.k.a. that cunt who don’t take request’s 😉
He has played at various squat parties around London as part of Sonic Sound System, including multi-riggers and also at various different parties/clubs around Britain and Europe and is a resident for DistractAir. He has also played on many different internet radio stations including, pitchless industries radio, and electro evangelist radio, .
He is now the owner/management/host of Twisted Giblet Radio (TGR) on wonky fm and hosts the internet radio show’s, the “MidWeekWonkFest” , the “Warm Up To DON’T” and the “WeekEndWonkOut”. He has also become a bit of a regular feature on the FeierAbend Kombinat/Bazzmacho friday internet radio link up session.
His aim musically is to wonk your senses, and make you jerk your limbs to the wonktasticlly spaztastic sound which other techno does not offer.
So be prepared to have your senses well and truly wonked!!!!

Wotta Mess

Wotta Mess

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MS Sick Beatz Fundraver : DJ Announcement : Jamie C

Next DJ Announcement for Novembers event is Jamie C
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Jamie has been DJing for 23 years, starting off with happy hardcore, dnb and hard trance, only wanting to start of locally he quickly achieved that and the progressed. He entered the Helter Skelter up and coming competition in 1998 and won a set at the massive Helter Skelter ‘timeless’. In 2003 he found his love for free parties and acid techno and quickly got sets at free parties and technivals all over the uk, he also gained a firm friendship with the tribe of locust sound system and started to play at parties abroad. In 2005 he started also playing for KSS and started to play at the famous Frenchtek. Always lively behind the decks he can often be found dancing more than mixing during his sets which are lively and energetic with an owness on crowd participation. To date Jamie has played in America twice (Los Angeles and New York), France, Portugal, Italy and countless parties from Cornwall to Birmingham and has released some material on stay up forever projects. Whilst Jamie is not as active now as he was back then, he still follows the scene and occasionally puts the headphones back on and he is planning to re-break into it in the near future.

Jamie C

Jamie C

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Fundraver – Sick Beats

Sick Beatz - MS Fundraver

Sick Beatz – Multiple Sclerosis Fundraver. Raising money for the MS Society

A group of DJs are working together to raise money for MS Society in this Fundraver event.

▂▃▅▆ Who are The MS Society? ▆▅▃▂

The MS Society funds research and support for those affected by multiple sclerosis.

▂▃▅▆ What is MS? ▆▅▃▂

MS is a degenerative, neurological condition that affects everyone differently. The Myelin (The coating that covers the nerves) are damaged. The condition can affect both the brain and the spinal cord. As a general doctors will treat the symptoms rather than the illness itself. There are many medical treatments to help control the condition from hebal and alternative therapies to medical drugs.

There are 4 types of MS:

Relapse & Remitting, Secondary Progressive, Primary Progressive & Progressive Relapsing.

Here is a link to the MS Society About MS:

We have not gone into too much detail here, but over the coming weeks we will post interesting articles etc.

▂▃▅▆ Line Up ▆▅▃▂

Jerome Hill
Patrick Hurley
Kenny Mulligan
Ronnie Grafter b2b Altered State
Paul Elemental b2b Wotta Mess
Spliffy B b2b JTek
Medallion Man b2b Brain Rays
Jamie C

▂▃▅▆ Venue and how to get to Venue ▆▅▃▂

Address: Boombox Labs, 66 S Access Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 8AX.

Directions by public transport : Nearest stations are St James Street & Lea Bridge.

From St James Street:

1. Go south to Station Road
2. Head West down Markhouse Avenue. This road will turn into South Access Road
3. There is a sharp corner near Low Hall Sports Ground that swings away from the sports ground. On that sharp corner there is a narrow road and the entrance to the club is down there. Get there early to be able to park.

▂▃▅▆ Entry Cost ▆▅▃▂

£10 OTD

Sick Beatz : Medicated Hard Beatz to raise money and awareness for Mulitple Sclerosis

Sick Beatz : Medicated Hard Beatz to raise money and awareness for Mulitple Sclerosis

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@Spliffy_B Acid Event : PBC Aciiiiiid Assault Squad

Events Page:
Events date : Monday, September 11 at 5 PM – 12am
Events location : Log into the Mushroom Club :

Get ready for another assault of acid through the whole spectrum of acid. Expect everything from Acid House to Acid Techno

Wayne DJC

Accessing the Show

Main page – Desktops/ Laptops

all mobile users -apple and android to use

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London Underground United Announcement: Miss Djax

Miss Djax

Miss Djax

Click here for facebook events page
**NEWSFLASH** We have just had word that MISS DJAX will now be performing a live show at LONDON UNDERGROUND UNITED on November 21st!! As part of a very rare appearance in the UK, it has been years since THE QUEEN OF ACID has performed a solo live P.A. in England, so we are extremely excited about this!! With 4 exclusive live sets + 3 world class DJ’s, this is an event you cannot miss!! Grab your ticket now as this venue is limited capacity so don’t miss out!!


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Announcement: The Geezer Presents Jah Scoop @ London Underground Event

The Geezer Presents Jah Scoop

The Geezer Presents Jah Scoop

Facebook Events Page

LONDON UNDERGROUND UNITED on November 21st is already bursting at the seams with exclusive performances, featuring international appearances from MISS DJAX and ANGY KORE alongside rare P.A. shows from CHRIS LIBERATOR & STERLING MOSS (Live) and D.A.V.E. THE DRUMMER (Live). But there’s more…

Next up is a live set from one man, fusing two special identities that are known and loved throughout the world of Acid & Techno. He is another character that was instrumental in the birth and development of the underground Acid Techno sound that is unique to London, and has produced many anthemic floorfillers that have defined the genre.

He also helped give birth to the Techno / Heavy Dub fusion which was originally found on labels such as Highwire in the early years, and these grooves have now flourished in his style to produce many rocking releases over the years.

He will be fusing this jump up Reggae Techno sound with his trademark heavy rolling beats for an extra special set, that will be sure to help us get fresh at the weekend… Introducing the R.A.W. sounds of: GEEZER PRESENTS JAH SCOOP!

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Announcement: Donut is playing at Braingravy vs Project event

***Braingravy Vs Project 303 Party***

***Braingravy Vs Project 303 Party***

Facebook Eventd page events page

Do-nut is the latest DJ announced to play at Braingravy vs Project event.

Braingravy Vs Project 303 Party Is Back At London’s Legendary Club 414 For A Night Of Rocking Techno & Full On Acid


Steve Mills
Jack Wax – (NL)
James Kinetec
Acid Steve
OB1 – Birthday Set
Junkie Slip

£5 B4 12 £10 There after



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Miss Djax

Miss Djax

Stay Up Forever Crew have announced a new DJ/producer to their lineup. A trailblazer on the worldwide stage, and an important supporter of Techno and Acid for over 25 years, contributing massively by releasing the sounds of Chicago and Detroit into the European market and helping spread their message over the years. Her DJ & live sets are legendary and she is quite simply an icon of Techno & Acid history, standing fast across generations of dance music that has been and gone. One of the innovators who deserves maximum respect, give it up for The Acid Queen: MISS DJAX!!!

Saskia Slegers, better known as Miss Djax, or as many say ‘The Acid Queen’, is living proof that age doesn’t necessarily always brings peace. For 25 years now, she has stomped on the face of techno and acid with hard punishing beats and radioactive sounds. The ferocious releases on her Djax-Up-Beats label helped Chicago and Detroit sounds gain foothold in Europe, as Djax Records was one of the first European labels to put out techno in the early nineties. Now 25 years later Djax can look back at an impressive catalog of over 400 releases!

Miss Djax started her DJ career at the age of sixteen. Her musical roots can be traced back to disco, funk and new wave. Being open minded and always on the hunt for the newest dance music she played a unique blend. Everything in her life was about music and at the age of eighteen she formed the band ‘B-System’, a new wave band in which she played the bass guitar.
Having worked in record shops for many years, Saskia met a large number of promising artists whose music never got released because, according to the Dutch record-companies, it was “not commercial” enough. That triggered her to start her own label and in 1989 Djax Records was founded. The first release was an album by the Eindhoven based hardcore hiphop band 24K (No Enemies, 1989). Only a few months later the first 12″ of Eindhoven producer Stefan Robbers was released on a new division of Djax: Djax-Up-Beats was born……

Miss Djax had her international breakthrough when she played at the notorious MayDay rave in Berlin 1992. With her hard and uncompromising acidtechno set she made a great impression at the promoters on-site. As a consequence she played the mainstage at all big international raves and festivals from that day on. One year later Germany’s leading dance magazine Frontpage declared her ‘DJ of the year’. In the following years her name was always in the international top 10 rankings.

In that same year (1992) Saskia went on a trip to Chicago and Detroit to meet her favourite producers in person and to see with her own eyes were it all had started. In Chicago she visited the famous Warehouse club with Armando, went to Trax Records, DanceMania, DJ International etc. while in Detroit she hang out with Carl Craig and Alan Oldham and visited all relevant clubs and labels there too. It was a great experience and after two weeks she went back home with a bag full of acid and techno tracks from producers like K-Alexi, Felix Da Housecat and Paul Johnson. Djax-Up-Beats became the first European platform for the producers from Chicago: a bunch of new talent like Mike Dearborn and DJ Skull as well as the old skool heroes like Steve Poindexter, DJ Rush and Spank.
Saskia started a cooperation with the legendary Warehouse label from Armando. Some of the most sought after Chicago house classics such as Work That Mutha-Fucker and Circus Bell’s were remixed by top-producers like Hardfloor and became a massive underground hit. Till today these records can be found in the record boxes (or USB stick) of many of the world’s top techno deejays.

Four years in a row, from 1995 to 1998 she took part in one of the major techno happenings: The Love Parade in Berlin. In 1998 Djax even had the privilege to start at pole position! Many people will remember the 20-metres long red/silver Djax-Up-Beats rocket with 20.000 watt of acidtechno terror on board! Miss Djax also played two times, in 1996 and 1998, at the Love Parade end manifestation at the Victory Tower in front of millions of people.

Besides the worldwide respected releases on Djax-Up-Beats, Djax Records is also known for being the first company to release Dutch spoken rap-music, later called Nederhop. In 1991 Saskia discovered The Osdorp Posse that soon became the most popular rap-band of the Netherlands! In 1995 they won the Dutch Popprijs for being the most innovative Dutch band! Also ABN and Spookrijders were two of Djax’s successful nederhop bands.
Being open minded toward various styles of music Saskia founded two new divisions in 1997: Djax-X-Beatz and Djax-Break-Beatz. Both divisions gained success with Grumpyhead and Head First who both performed at the famous SWSX music convention in Texas in 1998. Dance (bigbeat, drums ‘n bass, triphop) combined with pop and rock. With these two new divisions Djax lifted up its position at the Dutch music market and both in 1997 and 1998 Djax Records received the Dutch Award for being Best Record Label.

Not only the music but also the looks of Djax Records have always been important to Saskia. Since 1991 she is working with Alan Oldham, the famous illustrator from Detroit. Till today Alan made hundreds of beautiful illustrations and five Miss Djax comics for Djax-Up-Beats. Saskia also worked with Zender and the famous American illustrator Ed Repka, who is well known for his Megadeth album covers.

In January 1999 Saskia received the Dutch Award ‘De Veer’ for her effort and work for the Dutch music industry. Later that year Saskia published her 10th Anniversary book ‘Djax Records The Power of The Underground’.
In 2004 Miss Djax celebrated the 15th anniversary of Djax Records by releasing her first mix album with 24 of her favourite Djax-Up-Beats tracks and 2005 saw the release of Miss Djax first artist album ‘RAW’ that included floorfillers such as ‘Sick of U’ with vocal support by DJ Rush. The album contained a new Miss Djax comic, again by the hand of Alan Oldham. Miss Djax promoted her RAW album with a European live tour.
The 20th Anniversary of Djax Records (2009) was celebrated with the release of the DVD ‘Underground Nation’. Compiled by Saskia, it contains 90 minutes of exclusive footage and is a true testimony to club culture. In conjunction Miss Djax proudly recieved a Gold Record for 1.3 million records sold in 20 years of Djax Records and a Gold Record for 40.000 albums sold of Afslag Osdorp.

Miss Djax’s second artist album ‘Inferno’ got released in 2008. Both singles of the album, ‘Hell’s Bells’ and ‘Headbangin’, became Record of The Month in Raveline Magazine. ‘Still Dominating’, together with Human Resource and ‘Stereo Destroyer’ in co-operation with Marshall Masters became international hardtechno anthems and rocked the dancefloors all over the world. Furthermore she mixed and released the hardtechno album ‘Kick Down Volume 1’. In the same busy year Saskia was asked to take place in the jury of the famous TV show the X Factor but she decided that a tv career was not her ambition (yet).

In the nineties Saskia toured with her Djax it Up events around the world. In 2009 she decided to bring this event back to life and hosted Djax it Up stages at Ground Zero, Q-Base and Free Your Mind.

Early 2011 Miss Djax formed a cooperation with the Brazilian Pet Duo under the name Pet Trio. Their single ‘Dance or Die’ set fire to many dancefloors. In 2012 Miss Djax recorded the album ‘Techno Crusaders’ together with the Canadian Patrick DSP and in 2013 they released the album again with remixes by Mark Archer, Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss, Pacou and many others.

2014 – 25th ANNIVERSARY
Last year Miss Djax celebrated the 25th anniversary of Djax Records with a European Djax it Up Tour. She released an old school acid vinyl (From Within) as a tribute to her loyal fanbase and made a remix for Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss. In that same year she also recorded some new tracks at the famous RichMusik studio. She released ‘Overdrive’ and ‘Forbidden Dance’ both accompanied by an amazing video. With these two releases she announced her new sound to the world and both got great reviews in Clublife and Fuzz Magazine.

2015 – NEW ALBUM
In October Miss Djax will release her new album (vinyl and digital) with a new Miss Djax comic by Alan Oldham. The album is a journey through Miss Djax favourite sounds and ranges from old school techno and fat acid to modern EDM influences. A unique blend between the past and the future by a true originator.

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