Australian Acid Techno: Spice Of Life Entertainment

Spice Of Life Entertainment

Spice Of Life Entertainment

A tiny little Australian label/ event group. When they say tiny, they mean RIDICULOUSLY tiny. (Non profit.)
Anyway’s, as a label/event group we host events for all kinds of music however, they’re a little bit older and so have a fondness for Acid Techno and other genre’s from that era. The acid techno scene in Melbourne, Australia is tiny. It always has been and now the Techno scene in general is turning to the 126Bpm, minimal styled sound. It has been for a long time here so, whilst they attempt that market, (and to a level enjoy it) the Acid Techno they are making and releasing just isn’t reaching that specific Acid techno audience that they want it to reach here. Because they are here (Australia) it doesn’t reach anywhere they want it to hit. Acid Tech dance floors. That’s a link to their label but don’t let all the Deep House and EDM and DnB etc scare you! (Though check that out also if you like.) The following links are the specific ones. The 3:03AM (Acid Morning) Ep is one they put out a little while ago which is basically a bunch of songs focussed on the 303 sound from various genres. Mainly rave based. The Plasma Burn Ep is the most recent release by Anti-P.L.U.R (Our main Techno/ Acid producer.) They don’t really think much, (if not any) would qualify as acid, but check out “Melbourne Techno Tampons” and “I left my balls on brunswick St.” They might interest you.

Now, for the up coming release.

2 of our Techno guys teamed up and formed a “Acid duet”. Anti-P.L.U.R and A-Tek combined, made A’n’L PROBE … This song is currently being sent to stores by our distributor so we can only send you a sound cloud link. It LOOKS, Psy Trancey (from the cover art) but give it a listen. It’s the Acid Techno we ALWAYS wanted to make where we finally said “Screw the markets, we’re making it!” The song is called “Extra Terrestrial Knob Tweaker” or as we like to call it. E.T.K.T

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