Label Focus: Analog Experience Records Belgium

AEXP: Analog Experience

AEXP: Analog Experience

Independant label founded in 2016. Based in Brussels(Belgium), AEXP will propose some music made with analog machines.

AXEP 001

We control the transmission

Limited pressing copies are available in Marbled Green, or Marbled Blue Azul. Limited edition Vinyl EP


Lnt Mike

A01-Muscle Tear

A02-The Bonebreaker

A03-Dark Materia



B01-Another Life



You can order your copy via private message or via our website. We ship worldwide or you can pick up the vinyl in Brussels (Appointment required). We will also bring some copies in any event we attend for your convenience. ### It’s the best deal you’ll find online and it means more support for the artists and less profit for the majors ##

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