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This year STAY UP FOREVER RECORDS will release the first part of their 100th release, and celebrate 18 years of being at the forefront of the U.K. Acid Techno scene. It will also be 20 years since the Liberator DJ’s(Chris, Julian and Aaron) the squat party pioneers and creators of Stay Up Forever and the Acid Techno sound began their mission to bring the hard and dirty sound of the London techno underground to the world.

And what a history…

Growing into a worldwide movement from Sao Paulo to Tokyo, Warsaw to Melbourne, Caracas to Johannesburg, with soundsystems, parties and clubnights dedicated to the sound and ethos appearing like viruses, inspired by the dirty,energetic music, and the punkish, “Fuck-You” context of the London squat scene, the scene erupted with little fanfare and virtually no hype. Non-fashionable, overtly political and anti-establishment, and truly D.I.Y. in attitude, the sound was reflected in these urban parties that thrived in London every weekend, a place to try out new tracks and see the music’s influence on the dancefloor directly. Producers and musicians like D.D.R., D.A.V.E.the Drummer, Lawrie Immersion, Geezer, Gizelle and Ant (to name but a few) joined the fold, and in the late nineties with more labels and input the Stay Up Forever Collective was born to reflect what was now a vibrant musical force across the whole Techno spectrum. Championed by such luminaries as John Peel and Kriss Needs, their D.I.Y. counter-culture ethic appealed to those who saw beyond the glitzy Mixmag coated media circus that the U.K. dance scene became, but also outlawed them from both the traditional dance media, and the po-faced “proper” techno scene which often gravitated heavily towards whatever was fashionable or intellectually appropriate. STAY UP FOREVER refused to play the game and continued with the music they loved, but developed it heavily through various channels, never following the mainstream penchants for Progressive, Hard House, Electro, Minimal or whatever other sound dominated. Totally dedicated to what they believe in, they have outlived most, forging an almost legendary status in the techno scene, without having virtually any media coverage in the mainstream.

Now, with stalwarts Chris Liberator and Aaron Liberator still at the helm, the Stay Up Forever Collective continues to pump out vinyl with a catalogue of new releases from Stay Up Forever, Hydraulix, R.A.W., Cluster, WahWah, Maximum Minimum, Hive, Yolk, Scythe Squadron and 99.9, as well as digital releases through the new website. With original producers like D.D.R., Lawrie Immersion, Chris Liberator and Ant back and on fire, and newer, younger producers like A.P., Sterling Moss, and Osmo kicking up a storm, there is a definite new wave of Acid Techno happening, with new free party rigs championing the sound across the U.K., bored of the establishment and disillusioned with the status quo of a tired music scene.


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