ELEMENTAL “The Analogue Acid Takeover”



ELEMENTAL The Analogue Acid Takeover
DDR (Live 2 Hour Set)
Jeff Amadeus
Rachel Rackitt
Sane (Live)
The Rogue Elements (Live)
Stefan TeknoToken Squire

A Night when we let the Acid takeover your mind, body and soul.
Take the Trip……………with the Pioneer of the London Acid Techno sound D.D.R. and the AAAAAcid Techno Queen Rachel Rackitt who will be melting your minds with their own mix of the blistering sounds of the 303!

We will send you over the edge with the experimental techno and unnerving acid of the one & only Sane a.k.a. Russell Burnell who has been carving a name for himself on the scene for quite a while and will be performing live on the back of his immense performance at Jerome Hill’s “Don’t” night.

We welcome back one of our own the always av’in it enigma that is Acidbrew, who’s energy and frenzied approach always get the crowd moving.

The first live performance of unheard Acid Techno will be coming from ‘Rogue Elements’ who will be playing some filthy Acid Techno and debuting their new tracks at ELEMENTAL for the party people at CLUB 414.

Then we have a guy who is rising up the ranks in the squat scene and I have witnessed him smashing it at parties in London, now blowing up in the Lincoln scene, we welcome Stefan TeknoToken Squire to the ELEMENTALS, we look forward to hearing what he has in store for us.

We also have a Top Secret V.I.P. DJ to be announced nearer the time!

ELEMENTAL (Drown in the Sound of the Underground)

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