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Jamie Taylor aka TiK ToK started out using mod plug tracking software whilst in his early teens on what was then low end PC’s and when more flexible DAW’s hit the market he switched after working and saving up for more & better studio equipment. At 17 he signed his first record deal with 2CB which was a crossover / tech hard dance label, he was then picked up by Nukleuz Records DJ Ed Real who mentored him up for a few years, Ed eventually left Nukleuz to start his own Label Riot! Recordings and Jamie managed to pump out two 3 track EP’s ‘Jamie Taylor EP1’ & ‘Jamie Taylor’ EP2. While in the Hard Dance club circuit doing the gigs he bumped into Chris Liberator who really liked the set and mentioned it was his own material and because of its techy crossover sound Chris took a load of demos off Jamie and signed his first release with Cluster and later on Super Conductor.

Over time Jamie has had many releases on Stay Up Forevers sub labels and other European Techno labels with lots of successful chart releases in Top 10’s globally. Other than his techno sound he produces a variety of other genres in various scenes with chart toppers under different alias’s but his passion for the underground scene remains strong while enjoying the energy of the ravey techy sound he manages to produce in the studio. Playing many European gigs and upcoming gigs in North & South America. Passed support for his productions DJ’s have been John Peel, Marco Bailey, Carl Cox, Dave the Drummer, Mark EG, Aaron Liberator to name a few as well as featuring on commercial radio stations such as Radio1 with his music.

Labels sign to:

Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Super Conductor, Riot!, 2CB, Abusive 303, Interstate Records, Ape Recordings, MP303 / CDJ303, Coaxial, Scythe Squadron, Corrupted Data, RPRdigital, Keep on Techno

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