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November 15, 2014 @ 11:00 pm - November 16, 2014 @ 6:00 am

£7 – £10


Braingravy Records & Project 303 Present:


This party will be held @ one of Londons most loved venues Club 414

This is a Benefit Party proceeds will go towards Cancer Research
At some point this terrible disease will effect us all……………

Line Up to be announced in stages:

  • The Geezer
  • Aaron Liberator
  • Junkie Slip

    £7 Reserved Tickets (braingravyrecords.info@gmail.com)
    £10 on the door



    ▂▃▅▆ The Geezer ▆▅▃▂

    Guy “Geezer” McAffer has been writing and producing his own brand of avin’ it dance music for the past 15 years, and alongside Chris Liberator, DDR, Ant, Rackitt, D.A.V.E. The Drummer and the rest of the SUF crew, has been instrumental in the birth and development of the underground Acid Techno sound that is unique to London.
    Geezer singles ( and his many collaborations with a huge range of artists under various pseudonyms) have appeared on labels as diverse as Stay Up Forever, Tortured, Smitten, Eukatech, Routemaster, Intensiv, Cluster, Infected, Boscaland and Bionic Orange, and he is the mastermind behind the R.A.W.(Ripe Analogue Waveforms) label, as well as running the acid label WAH WAH with Chris and Aaron Liberator, and SHARK with Lawrie Immersion . His awesome live sets have been ecstatically received across the world from Japan to Venezuela.

    Guy has featured on every single one of his own R.A.W. releases which have been championed by a host of dj’s including Carl Cox. As Geezer he has appeared on numerous labels including Infected, Smitten, Stay Up Forever, Wah Wah, Bionic Orange Skankadelic and Routemaster, and as the mighty Shredder for Cluster. His many collaborations with D.D.R., Aaron Liberator, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Lawrie Immersion, Carl Hendrickse, Chris Liberator, Gizelle, Gav Skankadelic, Ant and many others have seen his prolific output turn up on many of techno’s leading labels including Tortured, Solid, and Pounding Grooves, as well as just about every label associated with the London Acid Techno sound. He has also been instrumental as JAH SCOOP in creating the Techno/heavy dub fusion found on labels like the massively influential Highwire.

    ▂▃▅▆ Aaron Liberator ▆▅▃▂

    Aaron cut his teeth as a DJ alongside his techno brothers Julian and Chris Liberator. Starting out in 1992 The Liberators were the infamous DJ outfit that came out of the North London squat seen and onto the free festival circuit teaming up with Spiral Tribe, Bedlam and Circus Normal for some legendary parties. As their reputation grew, the demand for their DJ sets meant that the Liberators were playing around the UK every weekend at parties, clubs and festivals. Things really took off in 1994 and Aaron’s apprenticeship was earned by playing weekly at Squat parties in London for sound systems such as the mighty Immersion and gaining monthly residencies at the legendary Megadog in London, Plant Alpha in Prague and La Real in Oviedo in the north west of Spain.

    The interest in the Stay Up Forever label he owns with Chris and Julian Liberator was also taking off at the time, and was creating a global scene with its unique style of London Acid Techno and a roster of amazing artists. In 1996 Aaron made his first trip of many to South America, where his tough techno sounds struck a chord with Latin people, especially in Brazil and Venezuela. Nearly 2 decades later you will still regularly find Aaron on the decks in a Latin country or some other far flung place across the globe. For all the many countries he has visited and all the squat parties, festivals and club nights, Aaron has never lost sight of what it means to have come from the real underground, always humble, always representing Acid Techno and the Stay Up Forever collective sound and always a vibe DJ.

    Aaron does the day to day running of the Stay Up Forever record collective and finds time also to put his hand to music production, being responsible alongside long standing partner The Geezer for some of the great and good of Acid Techno such as “Santa Pod” on SUF, “Lick It” on Highwire and the “Man Bites Belgium” E.P. on Smitten. Aaron has also been working on techno projects with Ganez The Terrible and Sterling Moss and as The Wipeouts, a DJ and production team with Sterling and Chris Liberator.

    HAS PLAYED : all over U.K. and Ireland, all over Europe, Japan, U.S.A., Russia, Brazil, Venezuela and many other places and was one of the the first Acid Techno D.J’s to play in Russia and Czech Republic.

    ▂▃▅▆ STERLING MOSS ▆▅▃▂

    With dynamic musical taste and timing sharper than a razor, Sterling Moss is renowned for his technically explosive DJ style that never fails to electrify crowds the world over.

    Having toured extensively in over 30 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Sterling regularly rocks dancefloors around the globe in an exotic list of locations, playing at clubs and festivals to hundreds of thousands every year alongside the world’s DJ elite.

    Once resident with Dancevalley & HQ in Holland and Tribal in London, Sterling now serves a residency with Harley Davidson as tour DJ on their Bike Festivals, having played for 10 years with them at destinations all round Europe, culminating every September with the 100,000 attended European Bike Week in Austria.

    Music production has remained the in-demand creative mainstay of Sterling’s abilities, including UK chart success and his own label catalogue of Raceway, Racetrax and 99.9 supporting his musical output onto more than 50 other international imprints including: Stay Up Forever, RAW, Hydraulix, Cluster, Hardasfunk, Wah Wah, Subcult, Neuroshocked, Powertools, DJAX Upbeats, Yolk, Scythe Squadron, Polymeric, Apex, Hellhouse, Nukleuz, Yin Yang, One Inch, Rotters Golf Club, Sweet Peaks, Offical, No Entry, Strata, BR-909, Carbon Audio, TMM, Keep On Techno, Corrupted, Corrosive, Teknic, Braingravy, Bordelik, Flatlife, Maximum Minimum, Aktivists, Abusive 303, Acid Corp, Bodyshock, Beetroot, London Underground United, Many Birds, Project 303, Interstate One, Celtek, Skyride, AK, Hive & Torque.

    New label ‘Rebeltek’ is due to launch soon under the guidance of Mr Moss, showcasing fresh new sounds from London town that have already been destroying dancefloors around the globe on test pressing. The first release will feature a limited edition gold vinyl, which will cement its place in the racks of vinyl diggers for years to come as a must-have first edition on this new imprint.

    Sterling has worked alongside the mighty Stay Up Forever crew for the last few years, tirelessly stoking a 303 & 909 driven rebellion in the studio alongside Chris Liberator to create a huge body of work that has ripped dancefloors apart across the world with devastating effect. They have sold out events in countries including Australia, Japan and Brazil with their live show, their remixes of Sicknote, Tribazik, The Dice, Miss Djax & Patrick DSP and Dynamo City’s ‘One Night In Hackney’ are universally acclaimed, and their genre defining hits including: ‘Scum Like Us’, ‘Croydon Girl’, ‘Punk Attitude’, ‘I’m Bored’, ‘Acid Techno Wah Wah’ and ‘Massive Line’ will be making waves for years to come. In conjunction with SUF, Hydraulix & LWE, Sterling was also part of the team who promoted the groundbreaking ‘London Underground United’ events which send shockwaves through the capital’s party scene, rocking the city to its core.

    ‘E.S.C.’ is another alias Sterling has recorded under as part of ‘The Boardroom’ collective with Steve Boardman. Their work saw its way onto two highly acclaimed collaborative albums with Andrew Weatherall, which gained rave reviews universally from the music press. The collective has also played live at some of the world’s most prestigious venues including London’s ‘Fabric’ & Berlin’s ‘Panorama Bar’.

    The ‘Sound Lab’ studio is the nerve centre for Sterling’s production work, but he also worked extensively alongside Roland Synthesisers Japan as an official programmer on their MC-909 Groovebox, after they were impressed with his use of their vintage TR-909 drum machine. He has also released two sample packs with Chris Liberator through New York’s Industrial Strength Records, which contain a wide-ranging palette of sonic tools for up and coming producers to utilise.

    While constantly striving to innovate with his productions and DJ’ing, Sterling Moss always looks to explore new musical territories and ideas, while relentlessly touring his compelling sound around the globe.

    ▂▃▅▆ Steve Mills ▆▅▃▂

    Steve started DJ’ing back in 1996 and was soon banging out tunes on infamous, though sadly now defunct, UK pirate radio station Force FM. After being spotted playing by a local sound system, Steve then became part of the crew R.P.M, and after many years on the squat party scene, earning his stripes, he became a resident for the HUB Sound System. Steve still rocks it for HUB whenever possible.
    Steve Mills was the only DJ to play Acid Techno on the FM dial for over a decade, and has been lucky enough to represent Stay Up Forever Records on air (Stay Up Forever Broadcast Party) as well as in the clubs. He has played alongside Chris Aaron, and Julian Liberator, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Sterling Moss, Ant, Geezer, D.D.R, Rackitt, K.N, amongst many other well respected DJs. Recently, Steve has had great success with his own productions and record labels, working with London legends D.A.V.E The Drummer, Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss, Geezer & Darc Marc as well as his many solo releases which appear on Labels like Wah Wah, Scythe Squadron, Extreme Forces,Flatlife Records, Stay Up Forever Projects, Stay Up Forever, Braingravy Records, Project 303 & Interstate One. Steve Mills is also part of the Monster trio “303 Pirates” with partners Chris Liberator & D.A.V.E The Drummer He has had Great international success in countries like Brazil ,Poland Germany, Netherlands, Ireland & Prague playing at events like Acid Techno Pioneers, Hardrace Underground 5 & the Amazing SoundFeer music Festival in Czech, plus more to come in the UK & Abroad.

    Steve Mills runs two Acid Techno Labels “BRAINGRAVY RECORDS” & “PROJECT 303″ and he is a dedicated user of vinyl records & has also been described as one of the most Killer Acid Techno dj’s out there

    ▂▃▅▆ Darc Marc ▆▅▃▂

    Darc Marc is a DJ/Producer based in London who has carved an indelible name for himself releasing some of the finest techno in the UK over the last 20 years.
    From starting his own club night Impact in Devon and playing at free parties all over the South West of England he relocated to London where exploded onto the underground party scene playing in clubs and sound systems such as Underground Sound, Manic, Malfaiteurs, Sonic & Everyone Sound to name a few. This led him onto playing gigs all over the globe.
    Labels released on include his own Purenoise, Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Maximum Minimum, Working Vinyl, Carnage, Technik, Gazole, Havok, Lifeform Recordings, Subvert, R.A.W., Flat Life, Scythe Squadron, Acid Corps, Wemoodswing and Beetroot Records among others.
    Colaborations with artists include Lenny Dee, Chris Liberator, Ant, Sterling Moss, Steve Mills & Tiddles, and under the pseudonyms Nu Fast Agents, Rebel Shaker Gang, Nexus Twins and X-dB.
    In 2014 he played NYE in Melbourne Australia for Tekno Mulisha and performed with a set for Akmikal Sonic in Lille, France where he Dj’d using a TR-909 & TB-303 as a third deck. In the studio there has been remixes Acid Trax & Malificent with Chris Liberator and a release on SUF Special 1 with the acid ska track with vocalist Tiddles, some acid house and working on a new album for Smash The Box.
    Returning to the Braingravy vs Project 303 benefit party to drop some bad ass techno and acid beats for your enjoyment.

    ▂▃▅▆ Jack Wax ▆▅▃▂

    Jack Wax is an international artist whose group of record labels has been receiving strong support throughout Europe in the Techno and Acid dance music scenes. His vision for uniting strong teams of artists on releases hasn’t gone unnoticed and his own productions and DJ skills are firmly established well beyond his homeland of the Netherlands, as his records pick up attention all over the world.
    Born in 1976 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, as a child Jack Wax was always consumed with music. Tape-decks, record-players and radio’s were never safe as Jack was always tinkering, fascinated by sound… He started making music when he was 12 on old computers including the MSX & Amiga, and after that on a PC. After honing his skills as a DJ, Jack Wax entered the Dutch Techno scene in 2007. After a long period of illness (Hodgkin) in 2008 he decided to start his own record label: FLATLIFE RECORDS, and this propelled him forward in the dance scene.
    Jack started his label to get his own music released onto 12″ and to license work from his favourite producers for digital & vinyl output. To date, Jack and the Flatlife collective of labels have worked with: Stay Up Forever Crew, Steve Mills, Geezer, Oliver Lieb, Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Sterling Moss, Patrick DSP, Mark Archer, DJ Misjah, Ant, Darc Marc, Drumcomplex, Hackler & Kuch, Mike Drama, Rene Reiter, Woody McBride (DJ ESP) and many more…
    He was also the founder of the well-known Dutch Pro Techno parties in the Netherlands together with LXD-TV visuals, and received a nomination in 2013 for having the BEST UNDERGROUND PARTY in the Netherlands.
    His style as a DJ has always been based on melodic Acid Techno and even today his sets can range from pumping Acid Hard Techno/Acid Tekno to deep funky Acid Techno. Marked and well rounded with his beastly mixing techniques on 2 Technics decks and 2 CD players, Jack’s sound is instantly recognisable, featuring many of his own melodies and compositions within his DJ sets. In 2011 he became an official Techno Buddha DJ until the organisation closed in 2013. That same year Jack started the famous Freak Radio Shows every Friday with In Progress Radio. These shows continue to be a platform for Jack’s old school orientated sets.
    Still evolving and growing as a DJ & Producer, Jack Wax continues to bring the old school vibes back into his productions and DJ sets, which gain attention wherever he goes.
    Releases so far on different labels include:
    Braingravy Records, Interstate One, Scythe Squadron, Stay Up Forever Digital, Yin Yang Records, Hypnohouse Purple, Astraltech, Flatlife Records, Twidl Records, Ton Tek Records, Hypnohouse Trax, Underground Noise Records and much more to come!!!

    Cloudcasts by Jack Wax on Mixcloud

    ▂▃▅▆ Junkie Slip ▆▅▃▂

    For the last 15 years, Pat has been mixing up Acid, Hard,Funky and Groovy Techno. From the underground squat party scene in London to the clubs of Sao Paulo alongside the Stay Up Forever Crew and many other sound systems and party organisers He has stayed loyal to keeping the Techno scene alive, playing the resident monthly slot for 3 years on Force FM with Steve Mills and spending 15 months touring the clubs and parties of Brasil. If there’s anything to know about the underground scene this man knows it well, He is a favourite & key figure for many a party goer
    We welcome Mr Junkie Slip to the Party !!!!

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    November 15, 2014 @ 11:00 pm
    November 16, 2014 @ 6:00 am
    £7 – £10
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    Club 414
    414 Coldharbour Lane,
    London,, SW9 8LF United Kingdom
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