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Welcome to Acidtechno.co.uk the Acid Techno site for a new generation of ravers.

This is a website that covers all areas of acid techno. We will have news, reviews, DJ profiles, Events, new releases and more! If we miss anything then inform us and we will add it to the page. If you want to be able to blog about acid techno events, news etc then contact us at info@acidtechno.co.uk and I will give you a login for the site. 🙂

Watch out for DJ focuses, or events in your area. If you are a promotor and you want your event on here please send us the details and we will give you FREE promotion. Maybe you work on a radio station and want to give your program or the station promotion.

If you have reviews you want up then send us your reviews with name, link to a site if you have one and email.

We are also looking for people to post to us soundcloud, mixcloud and youtube pages/posts so we can embed it into the site giving you added promotion.  If your an acid techno DJ how about doing a DJ Focus of yourself for us with an audio sample?

Do you have photos of a recent event?  please send them to us and we will upload and we will link to the promotors site if we are supplied the link.

If you own your own acid techno record label how about sending us a label focus with a link, logo and/or pictures of some of the artists on your label?

As this site is still very new please keep an eye open for more pages and the blog to get up speed with news, reviews, record label focus, DJ focus and more!

Lets keep the acid pumping through our veins 😉


To have content put up on the page email it to info@acidtechno.co.uk





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