Ucture – Texture Machine Review

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Texture Machine is a a bleepy techno track. It is fairly minimalistic in styling.

I have to say I do like both minimal music as well as bleepy techno so this may shade my view on the track!

The track builds well with a very good groove to it. The flow of the track is extremely good.

One thing we do like is the jump feel to it. We don’t normally like the bouncy sound, but the feel is a slightly quirky bounciness, its not overstated, but is there.

As the track builds there are details introduced and removed. Very good detail on the track.

The track is well mastered as well.

We especially like the build at 2:33 and the good use of the distorted sample.

One critisism we did have is right at the end where it ends on just a beat. We can see this would help with potentially putting into mixes, but we felt the outro was a little too plain

Overall We felt this was a really good track and highly recommend it. The outro criticism isn’t an issue if your mixing the track to be honest so Its not really much of a criticism.

For a video of the track see below or click here

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