ON-SET 15 Years!

15 Years Of On-Set

15 Years Of On-Set

✪ Chris Liberator (Stay Up Forever – UK)

✪ John Warwick (Primate – UK)

✪ Maxx (Polymeric – UK)

✪ Makarov (Kombination Research – CZ)

✪ AC i DC (ACidDC) (Acid Wars – BE)

✪ Zentral (Underground Attack – PL)

✪ A-Tension (Side Efex – IT)

Yes! We are back in London for ON-SET special 15 years anniversary! And what best way to celebrate it then come back in the same neighbourhood where ON-SET was born in 2001?
The line up is huge and will be unveiled soon!
Come and celebrate with us! 🙂