The Dj Producers Last 8 Hour Birthday Showdown

The Dj Producers Last 8 Hour Birthday Showdown

The Dj Producers Last 8 Hour Birthday Showdown

Finally!!! All systems are in place and now we can all get excited together 🙂 🙂

Blue Mountain, Bristol.

Room 1 – The Dj Producer 8 Hours Solo – The Final Throwdown
26 years of Hardcore Techno history condensed into 8 hours.
Expect an extra 25% more hardcore than previous editions.
We want this as memorable as possible 🙂

Room 2 – Bristols “The Acid House” collective combine with many friends of mine from literally the dawn of rave, representing 30 years since the Acid House explosion & the sole reason ALL of us got into all this —- Featuring :-

Vinyl Junkie (Ghetto Dub)
Cridge (The Acid House)
Rachael EC (Ghetto Dub)
Ned Kelly (Duvet Vous)
Kickback (Ghetto Dub)
Doc Maxey (Ghetto Dub, Rebelscum)
Rob Vega (Universe Mash Up Pioneer)

Main Room:

Hosted by the absolute king of hosts, the man, the undisputed —


F**K OFF great new sound system.
Lazers by The Bearded Piper Swan.
Possible Mosh Pits.
Rave or die attitude only.

Getting Here.

Its in Bristol, at the Blue mountain, stokes croft…..all you need know…..Just get on a plane, bike , car, boat, unicycle – FUCKING WHATEVER — JUST GET THERE – THIS WILL >NEVER< BE REPEATED. TICKETS: As always from those lovely people at 1ST EARLY BIRDS START SEPTEMBER 1ST 2018. Page will be updated as ticket tiers roll out


Don’t: The Halloween Slam

Don't: The Halloween Slam

Don’t: The Halloween Slam

Tickets are live now, and you’re urged to get one in advance:

Jerome Hill B2B Trevor Wilkes all night + Very special guest Live set

I’m super excited to be joined by one of our absolute favourite selectors, Trevor Wilkes, flying in all the way from Canada.. but that’s not all, as this time, together, we’ll be taking charge of the decks all night and playing back to back from 10-4am, with an hours live set by a VERY special guest who shall be announced in October .

Trevor has been pushing and playing the good stuff since the heady days of Cristian Vogel’s now Defunkt No Future forum . The last time he played Don’t was in April 2017 and he absolutely brought the house down with his set ! So this time expect a prolonged attack . May I refer you to the biog I wrote up last time:

If there’s one man who’s constantly flown the flag for everything Don’t stands for as a label, it’s Canada’s TREVOR WILKES. Constantly championing and supporting the lesser known, the weirder and the more wonderful Techno and Electro music via his long running (14 years) Bleep Radio show Via, there’s probably not a week gone by in those 14 years where Trevor hasn’t streamed a mix or added some beneficial and eye opening content to the website (Pay attention to his regular tune recommendation spots). A true soldier who’s tirelessly and passionately given his energy and free time to our beloved Techno music and we can’t wait to hear what’s in his bag of records on the night !


SoundProof Techno-Culture

SoundProof Techno-Culture

SoundProof Techno-Culture

Soundproof-Techno Culture, has arrived to Brístol once a month we will bring you one of the best selection of Underground Techno Djs, from UK and abroad.

For the launch party we are going to have chosen a line up that every lover of quality music should not miss:

Line Up:
Julez Wŷl (Jaded Afterhours)
Roho (Castle Nights – Techno Culture)
Emma Jayne Smith (Brap FM)
Huan Oc (Rattle Records)

Tickets List

Grab your tickets in advance:
Early Bird from Now till 31/08/18 –> 7£+BF
First Release from 01/09/18 till 21/09/18 –> 10£+BF
OTD 13£

Support your music, support your culture!

Soundproof-Techno Culture



Prekend Chapter 2

Prekend Chapter 2

This weeks special guest is Charlie Hall (Drum club). Charlie will be joining Uncle Al for this weeks shenanigans! We will be starting a little bit later due to the football! Come and join us!


The DJ Bri : T is for Techno Vol. 14

Techno, Techno and more Techno!!
Broke – Shigh The Empfanger Band
Rem – Regal ( ES)
Forced to Move – Amelie Lens
Naos – Christian Gerlach
Medusa – Skream, Billy Turner
Trevoga – TEUTON
Miami 2018 – Seeds
When the Going Gets Rough – Avgusto
Search – Remco Beekwilder
Battery (Ben Sims Remix) – Vohkinne
King (Gary Beck Remix) – Mark Broom
Stellar Acid – Charles Fenckler
Never-ending Story ( Remastered) – Visco Space
Interstellar Auditions – Flug
Midi Sans Frontieres – Muon
Stella – Thomas Schumacher
Cretaceous – 747
Gender ( Ellen Allien Remix) – Skinnerbox
Six Track – Phil Kieran

Share is now in the top 30 Techno music blogs : Feedspot

Anuj Agarwal on Feedspot has posted the top 30 Techno Music blogs on the Internet. We are at number 24.

To see the list see here : Feedspot website

Techno Music Blogs


TanTrum – Old School Hard Techno Acid….Track List and free download

Old school Techno mix from the early 90’s.
Track list
Dyewitness – Observing The Earth
Ramirez – Terapia (Hocus Terapiocus)
Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus
Meng Syndicate – Sonar System (Aw, Aw) (Full-length version)
Technohead – The Passion
Genlog – Mockmoon (Remix)
Morlock – Der Energy
Bald Terror – Rotterdam Terror
Cj Bolland – Thrust
Unknown Structure – Helixcoid
Sabotage – Kayht
DJ Bountyhunter – Whoops!
Norman – The big deal
Jones and Stephenson – The First Rebirth


FREAK RADIO SHOW BROADCAST #14 – Jack Wax DJ Mix: Acid Techno

This is the 14th Broadcast of the Weekly Radio Show Hosted by Jack Wax !
This broadcast: DJ Mix recorded in the Freak Radio Studio by Jack Wax with Acid Techno and promo’s from Flatlife !!
This show is dedicated to Patrycja Siva

FREAK RADIO SHOW BROADCAST #14 – Jack Wax DJ Mix: Acid Techno by Jack Wax on Mixcloud


Mixmaster Morris @ Bristol Sutra 1994

Follow Mixmaster Morris here:

This show was the same week that Global Chillage was released in the UK. It’s a main room set, so no chillout or ambient on this one.


Coco Cole – 22Oct17

Follow mixcloud profile here:

Woweee, still getting over the heat in this show. DJ Pierre’s new one is a lesson from a master & is making me want to quit bothering to make music all together aha (no, i’m inspired I promise), we have 2 new beauties from Seven Davis JR & the new roller from Italoboyz is going straight in my secret weapons playlist. Enjoy!

(Sorry about the crappy mic levels btw, minor studio error & I couldn’t hear myself in my headphones. Back to normal next week!)


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