Recommended Vinyl Record Dealers

At we are heavily into our vinyl. We have decided to mention in a very short blog who we recommend to get vinyl from. Let us know our recommendations by email us on, and you never know it may get onto the blog page 😉

Birinight is the first vinyl seller we would like to mention. What Biri doesn’t know about techno really isn’t worth knowing. His knowledge is second to none. His discogs page really reflects this with the wide range of music he sells, and the DJ sets he plays his discogs page is here

Stay Up Forever Records

Stay Up Forever has been at the forfront of the UK Acid techno scene since 1994. Stay Up forever have had some of the biggest UK Techno pioneers in the scene from Geezer to Chris Liberator!

SUF have a fantastic record store which covers a vast area of the techno scene. To access their store click here


Stayup Forever Vinyl Store

Stay Up Forever as you can tell from our label Focus several weeks back is one of the most innovative, forward pushing UK Acid Techno labels and has been at the forefront of the genre since early on. You can easily

If you like your Acid Techno it is very much worthwhile checking out their Vinyl store. Their releases is like a back catalogue of a whose who of the most innovative names on the UK acid scene.

Vinyl is far from dead. As the music industry is currently in decline as people are downloading more through free downloads Vinyl is actually bucking the trend. Vinyl sales are currently up year on year

Brush off your Technics 1210s and get in your vinyl and play some of the best acid around!

Stayup Forever Website
Read our label focus here