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With almost 20 years DJ experience behind him, and the experience of playing to crowds all over the world – including gigs in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech, Finland, Holland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Spain & Venezuela – ThermoBee is guaranteed to bring his own mix of funkiness to the party.

Jethro has had tunes released on record labels as varied as Stay Up Forever, Bedrock, Nukleuz, C.O.S.H.H., Strata, Hazchem, Superconductor and Duty Free, as well as on his own labels Bang On & K-Tec, and plenty of naughty white label bootlegs!

Having spent years flogging vinyl at Kinetec Records Jethro now flogs mp3s through the website which he owns and runs along with Chris & Aaron Liberator.

You can catch ThermoBee hosting his long running TECHNO.FM show on the 3rd & 5th Friday of every month.



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Stay Up Forever:


Get ready for the return of London’s original Techno Dons as they take over Jamm in Brixton, South London on Friday 17th January 2014 for a fiery night of fierce machine beats and throbbing Acid lines. The core members of legendary record label Stay Up Forever are represented by birthday girl Rackitt alongside Chris & Aaron Liberator and Sterling Moss. All four dj’s will be playing over both rooms and if you were with us this time last year you will know that it will be an absolute roadblock! If this isn’t enough it’s free before 12am!

Chris Liberator
Aaron Liberator
Sterling Moss

Friday 17th January 2014
10pm – 6am

261 Brixton Road
London SW9 6LH
5 minute walk from Brixton Tube Station
Buses: 133, 159, 59, 33

Free entry before 12, £3 after all night



DJ Focus: Chris Liberator

Chris Liberator

Chris Liberator

Text is quoted from where you can book the most influential and most respected UK Acid techno DJ.

It is fair to say that Chris has probably played more squat parties, underground raves, technivals, festivals, club nights, and parties worldwide in his 18 years as a D.J. than any other person alive, and is still completely dedicated to the music and the scene he got involved with when he started doing parties with the other two Liberators, Julian and Aaron back in 1991.

STYLE : plays ACID TECHNO. Also plays occasional Punk sets, and party sets of old 80’s dance, Hip-Hop and Reggae.

HAS PLAYED : all over U.K. and Ireland, Europe, Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, South Africa, Colombia and many other places. Chris was the first Acid Techno D.J. to play in Brazil, Venezuela and Poland and was instrumental in starting the movement in these countries which he still visits regularly..

PRODUCTION HIGHLIGHTS : “ONE NIGHT IN HACKNEY” (with D.A.V.E. The Drummer as Dynamo City), “LONDON ACID CITY” (as Lochi with Lawrie Immersion), “Soul Mantra”, “System Test”, “I’m Bored” (with Sterling Moss), “3 Day Illegal Rave Party From Hell” (with Punk Floyd) and many more…His album “Set Fire” was the first electronic music album to be released in Brazil.


“Set Fire”, “Punk Floyd have Landed” (with Punk Floyd), “Welcome to the fluorescent era” and “The house that Ha-Lo built” (with D.A.V.E. The Drummer as Ha-Lo).


London Underground United

London Underground United
Saturday 23rd November 2013
100-108 Markfield Road
London N15 4QF
Nearest Tubes: Seven Sisters/Tottenham Hale

Fatima Hajji (Spain)
Patrick DSP – 3 Deck & 303 Set – (Berlin)
Punk Floyd (Chris Liberator, DDR & The Geezer) – Live
Pounding Grooves AKA Lawrie Immersion
D.A.V.E. The Drummer
Chris Liberator
Aaron Liberator
Sterling Moss
Marcello Perri
Tom Laws

March 30th saw one of the most earth shaking parties London had witnessed for many years, and now London Underground United returns on Saturday 23rd November 2013 to provide another monumental evening of pure undiluted rocking sounds like never seen before.

In our continuing quest to bring you the most cutting edge ideas, we have found an amazing warehouse space that brings the true spirit of subversive party culture into focus, where we can direct all our energy and production into one massive area for a 10 hour journey through Techno, Acid and beyond for an intoxicating trip across sonic landscapes, shaking the capital’s foundations with annihilating rhythms.

By dedicating ourselves to one gigantic room for this particular event, we have programmed the party to guide you from the backbone of slamming grooves, onwards and upwards through brain melting dj sets that will propel you into orbit, in one carefully crafted voyage of musical discovery.

With all our production focussed in one space, we can guarantee a mind blowing display that will be out of this world, with storming Funktion One stacks, led screens and lasers all adding to the mayhem that will be pounding your senses throughout this experience.

We can promise exclusive guests who will be representing in London for the first time ever, and we are positive carnage will ensue as we push things to the next level.

Prepare yourselves London, we’re coming for you and we’re taking no prisoners…



Tickets can also be purchased from Access All Areas:

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All LWE events are 18+ unless explicitly specified. Everyone who attends must provide a valid form of ID to verify this (Passport or Driving License accepted).


Acid Techno Event: Andromeda and Nightsneak present: Sleepy Hollow

Acid Techno Event: Andromeda and Nightsneak present: Sleepy Hollow

American Acid techno event

Woody McBride & Rachel Rackitt grace The Works
1846 Michigan Ave Detroit, MI 48216



Other DJs include Detroit based Cozmic Spore, Placebo Effect, Jesse James B2B The Machinist, Wataru, Syren, Golf Clap, Stone Owl, Dru & Gabi, Terrancek & DINK, Enjoi & Wiggle, Harbou, Vending by
Techno Snob,

Entry is:

$10 with costume
$15 without

The event is at The Works
1846 Michigan Ave Detroit, MI 48216

You can access the respective DJs soundclouds, mixclouds and homepages at their facebook page (click on this sentence to go through)


Acid Techno Event: Acid909 Feat Rackitt from Stay Up Forever


Acid909 September Event

Acid Techno event in Reading featuring Rachel Rackitt from Stay Up Forever

In the 3rd Acid909 we will be playing the best in Techno with Rachel Rackitt, DJ Spliffy B, Judda and Jacky D

Drinks deals:
Carlsberg bottles 1.50
K2’s alco pops 1.50,
Single spirits with mixers £2 DBLs £3.50
Jager bombs £2.50
shots £2
Cocktails £3.50

Rachel Rackitt has been DJ’ing since 1996, and alongside Chris Liberator, DDR, Ant, Gizelle, Guy McAffer, D.A.V.E. The Drummer and the rest of the SUF crew, she has been instrumental in the birth and development of the underground Acid Techno sound that is unique to London.

As the SUF artist bookings agent as well as an ex-employee of Kinetec Records, Rachel knows everything there is to know about acid and techno and has played events all around the world, be it underground or over-ground.

In 2004 she collaborated with US DJ, Sarah FAB to create The Vinyl Vixens. Originally an all-female DJ agency, the Vixens transformed into the pair just using the name, but keeping the ethos. Flying the flag for quality female DJ’s.

She has had numerous records released with fellow SUF artists including Ant and Guy McAffer.

Spliffy B started DJing at squat parties in 2000 around Dorset and Hampshire. He then started playing in clubs in 2002. Between 2002 and 2008 Andy was playing in various places mainly in squat parties around UK. In that time he did play a few sets in Germany, and Belgium. In 2004 Spliffy B amongst other events he was promoting he promoted DNA with DJ Slimz. Between 2008 and 2011 due to personal reasons he only played a few sets, one of which was on Weymouth Beach. In 2011 he played a set in Holland. Since then Spliffy B has started promoting and DJing again. Spliffy B is currently a resident of yes yes y’all which is Readings premier UK hip hop event. He also promoted and played at liquid filth in august 2012 with Slimz, DJ Fiber and MiNoR cOnFuSiOn. Spliffy B has supported several big name DJs.

Judda started dj’ing 1998@Free parties,Squat parties,house parties all over the South of England.Guest appearances on Rigs STORM,BRAINFUEL,TRIBE OF LOCUST,MALFAITEURS,PANIC,MDMF enjoyed MULTI-RIG parties EGGTEK(London)SCUMTEK(Bristol/Birmingham),and clubs 414 Brixton,London,MEDUSA-London,FLAVELA-Plymouth,LAKOTA-BRISTOL,BANUS-Weymouth.Opened ATMOSHERE’S 2nd birthday@The Grove,Seaton-Devon,and dj’d EXOTIC hosted by Meri Chunes, Weymouth,CYBERNETIC-Plymouth, ETULOSBA-Plymouth. JUDDA jointly runs DIRTY ROTTEN THERAPY with DJ LEON IMMENSE! D.R.T host nights (mainly in Dorset)of Filthy,Banging Techno! Guest HEADLINE DJ,s for our nights have included CHRIS LIBERATOR(four appearances to date),RACHEL RACKITT(three appearances to date),ANT,MR BURNS(skankadelic),BCR BOYS, MERI, JIM BONG(Country club residents). Our nights have outnumbered,through attendance PENDULUM who played the same club the week before DRT and we had a “lock in”@The Old George, Dorchester with 155 Ravers Avin it till 5 am witnessing a 4hour set by Chris Liberator! Judda has dj’d The Official After Parties for STAY UP FOREVER, @no sleep till Brixton 3, No Sleep Till Brixton 4, and the Acid Techno Wedding Thrashers Ball,@the 414 Brixton (my Favorite club!) Judda is a guest dj for Londons HARD DANCE PRODUCTIONS(Run by MIRO) who have brilliant dj’s n engineers and an awesome sounding Rig! Judda is also the lead vocalist in Anarchist Punk band VIRUS (cd/Lp Unacceptable Noise Levels on Active Distribution label No 16-VIRULENCE-Active No 27,and 7″vinyl single due for release on ALL THE MADMEN label soon!:D