Sound Barriers Presents The Charity Rave

Sound Barriers Presents The Charity Rave

Sound Barriers Presents The Charity Rave

Even though this is an Acid Techno site we do support charity events where we can. In this case its not an acid techno event, but we see fit to support.

Entry £5 OTD

This event for in aid of combat stress and all proceeds will be donated to them

The night will consist of
UK hardcore/old skool/powerstomp/gabber

Combat Stress is the UK’s leading veterans’ mental health charity. They treat a range of mental health conditions including PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Mental health issues can affect ex-servicemen and women of all ages. Right now, they have more than 6,000 veterans registered with them for support. They’re a vital lifeline for these veterans, and their families.

Their treatment and support services are always free of charge for veterans. They are Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered and the NHS England PTSD specialist treatment provider for veterans.

The Charity no.206002

On the night there will be a raffle with some goodies up for grabs

25k sound system

Cheap drinks

Train station 5 mins walk

If you want to book hotels there are some close to the venue

You could go through ww.

Druid & mc ode
Miss Special k & mc 3man
Dj Legcey
Dj Gee
Patt-e & Chemikalz b2b outburst
Bassline animals
Violate b2b Ben manic
Daniel b2b Skindogg


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Tribal Pilot – Rave Groove

This mix begins by climbing relentlessly into the night sky, the lights on the ground growing farther and farther away, until it reaches cruising velocity. Once above the clouds, it hurtles through patches of flickering moonbeams, starlight, and cosmic rays, adjusting altitude to atmospheric conditions. Clouds dissipate while it zooms out over open water, before disappearing over the horizon just as the glow of the first hint of sunrise becomes visible.

Rave Groove by Tribal Pilot on Mixcloud

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REBEL YELLE SHOW with special guest DJ TROOPER

Gizelle Rebelle Show With Special Guest Trooper

Gizelle Rebelle Show With Special Guest Trooper


Kicking off the Yuletide party season GIZELLE REBEL YELLE presents to you the THE REBEL YELLE SHOW on OPTICAL RADIO with special guest DJ TROOPER, together playing a mixture of underground Old Skool Acid House & Rave to Acid Techno corkers to get your glitter balls spinning!! Well that’s the gist of it… it could go anywhere as soon as the wheels of steel get moving. So come join the ride! Cheers 🙂 x

10pm-11pm : JUSTIN TROOPER


*** TROOPER ***

DJ Trooper is an electric force to be reckoned with. His broad musical expertise spanning three decades comes alive in his mixes, bringing the party vibes alive. Never failing to smash the techno and old skool, it’s rave time when Trooper’s in the house.
Trooper has contributed to the legacy of the London party circuit, playing at club nights such as Smash Techno, Stay Up Forever 100, Stay Up Forever after parties, Philanthropy, Braingravy and Lucid, and alongside DJs such Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator, DDR, Geezer, Gizelle Rebel Yelle, Rachel Rackitt, Sterling Moss, Birinight, DJ Ant, Jerome Hill, Thermobee, Tassid, A.P, OB1, Austin Corrosive and many more.

On to top all of this, Trooper has recently returned to the studio, writing tracks with DDR, Steve Mills and The Geezer. His tracks have been released on the legendary ‘Hazchem’ label, Abusive 303, Project 303 and Project 909 with more tracks ready to go. Keep your ear to the dance floor and listen out for Trooper’s unique energy and sounds.

Over the past 10 years, Trooper has gone from raver on the dance floor to playing on many sound systems including Freebase, E1S, Malfaiteurs, Manik, Storm, Hackney Sounds and plays regularly on the Stinky Pink, Hub and Krysis rigs as resident DJ storming the dance floor with his own take on Acid Techno, also enjoying pushing the speakers to the limits on various rigs at Frenchtek dropping the beats that captured his heart all those years ago. But with Trooper’s personal history of dance music and broad musical knowledge, you can also hear him playing a broad spectrum of sounds such as Old Skool 91/92 Rave, Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Progressive House, Acid House, Breakbeat and Electro.

But Trooper’s journey with dance music began in 1991 when he was just 16 years of age and was taken out by some older mates to legendary raves such as Elevation, Dance 91, Raindance, Fantazia, Yikes and Interdance, as well as Spiral Tribal and Bedlam sound system parties on the underground free party scene.

The next year, he was introduced to mixing vinyl on the 1210’s by DJ SDR, owner of Shoebox Records. From that point, there was no turning back.

In 1994, Trooper started getting involved with the local music scene and began working at Ruffhouse Records in Slough, who ran Menace sound system.

Always up for a party, he was given the title nickname ‘Trooper’. He was always the last man standing, shortly establishing his turntable skills as ‘DJ Trooper’ on the underground party circuit, playing Jungle and Drum & Bass at parties in London and the South East.

Music House in Holloway Road, London, played a big part in Trooper’s life. Top Drum & Bass DJ’s went there regularly to cut their latest tracks onto dub plate fresh for the weekend raves. Trooper got involved distributing the ‘Ravescene’ magazine and writing party reviews for raves such as Telepathy, AWOL, Roast, Innersense and Jungle Fever.

Trooper and fellow music comrade, DJ SDR, started the record label ‘Freestyle Flava’ in 1996, experimenting with different styles and beats in the studio under the guise ‘Point 2’. They produced some rockers including ‘Wait 1 Minute’, which was featured on Tony de Vit’s ‘Live in Tokyo’ album. In the studio, they wrote Trip Hop and Broken Beats inspired by Ninja Tune club nights at the legendary Blue Note in Hoxton, London.

After taking a few years out at the end of the 90’s, Trooper returned to the dance floor in the new millennium and got involved with the Hard House scene. The hard beats and vibes reignited the fire in his rave heart, but something was definitely missing until he discovered the underground London squat party Techno scene and from that point it was full steam ahead.

So keep your ear to the dance floor and listen out for Trooper’s unique energy and sounds.


The Rebel Yelle show is recorded live on the first Friday of the month 9pm-11pm and then repeated every Friday same time during the rest of the month and on Wednesdays 5pm-7pm. Enjoy!

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The Rave Yard, Boomtown 2015

Boomtown Rave Yard

Boomtown Rave Yard

Set right on the outskirts of the Old Town, on a track way passing the eerie woods, sits a rickety church surrounded by a large run-down grave yard. If you dare to visit, it will be here that you could discover the spirits of miners, gold merchants and rebels all partying hard amongst the flickering lights, banging sounds and reverberations. If you’re unlucky enough you might even catch a glimpse of the spirit of Nicholas Boom, the founder of BoomTown who was discovered dead at the bottom of the gold mine many years ago.

Beware this is a dark place; you do not want to get lost just follow the techno beats until you locate lots of strange misshapen silhouettes dancing in the moonlight. If you’re looking for a place of rest and quiet reflection, then don’t bother coming to this church as in these woods you will find the gates to another world! The under-world…

For the festival goers who are just getting started when the clock strikes twelve, look no further than The Rave Yard. With a massive line up and some of the best of British underground DJ’s offering bass lovers everywhere a huge variety of banging beats and foot stomping tunes. This year the Rave Yard boasts a carefully honed sound system that will wake the Dead!!!

Don’t ever forget the ‘The Rave Yard’ is where TECHNO is definitely not DEAD! It’s just gone under-ground!!! An abundance of wicked base lines layered with sinful synths and immoral ear splitting 303 noises which all jump out of the speakers!” Welcome to ‘The Rave Yard’

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DJ Spliffy B Show 3 originally broadcast on Real Music Radio on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May

DJ Spliffy B Show 3 originally broadcast on Real Music Radio on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May. This show covers both Oldskool rave & Acid.

If the below media doesn’t play please click here

DJ Spliffy B Show 3 originally broadcast on Real Music Radio on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2014 by Dj Spliffy B on Mixcloud

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SURPLUS-TEK (Surplus Fest Fundraver)

A.M. CLUB CARDIFF!! 75 St. Mary Street
CF10 2FG

Loads of styles catered for . . .
Some of the best techno, psy n hard-caw in the UK
10 til 6
£5 entry
Proceeds go towards funding Surplus Fest:

.:THE INCUBATOR:. (Down in the basement)


Mr Ben
Luke Winds
Alan Badger
Toxic earwig
Carl Toothdust
SUSS Twins + Rage N Tekhead (f.o.o.f.o)

Extra Terrestrial Techno
Outer Dimensional Decor

LEVITATION (Ground floor)
Dark psy, full power, Goa trance, acidic beats
::8 Hours of Perverted Psychedelic Sickness::


::Meskalin…………(Underground Psychedelic Goa)
::HY-DRA………….(Dark Psychedelic Goa)
::Radiostorm………(Underground Psychedelic Goa)
::Psychodelicassy…(Twisted Funky DarkPsy)
::Basically…………(Dark Twilight Full On Psy)
::Mr Stripey……….(Dark Psychedelic)

.:Lineup subject to change:.

::Sound system by Unisonal Sounds::

U.V. Decor
Alien Lighting
Twisted Visuals

HARD-CAW (Up in the attic)
Gabba, hard-tek, hard techno, ragga-tek, jungle and more

Prawno (Drum & Bass)
JMD (Ragga-tek/hard-tek)
AP Bolan (Neuro D&B)

Also featuring A.M. resident DJs from 2pm til 6am in the attic . . .

More stuff to be confirmed . .



LETS GO!!!!!!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Acid Techno DJ Focus: DJ Spliffy B

Spliffy B Tweaking a Roland TB303

Spliffy B Tweaking a Roland TB303

DJ Focus: DJ Spliffy B (Bass Generator Records, Southern Hardcore Vibes, Soundscape, Acid909, Liquid Filth, Yes Yes Y’all, Urban Chill, DNA, Lost In The Jungle)

To book email


30th September 2015 sees Spliffy B’s 15th year since he promoted & played his first event.

DJ Spliffy B started DJing at squat parties in 2000 around Dorset and Hampshire, such as Hursley Fields. He then started playing in clubs in 2002. Between 2002 and 2008 Spliffy was playing in various places mainly in squat parties around UK. In that time he did play a few sets in Germany, and Belgium supporting international names such as Chris Liebing, & Joey Beltram

In 2004 Spliffy B amongst other events he was promoting he promoted DNA with DJ Slimz. DNA was a hard house and drum n bass event based in the Firestation in Dorchester, Dorset.

Between 2008 and 2011 due to personal reasons he only played a few sets, one of which was on Weymouth Beach.

In 2011 he played a set in Netherlands. Since then Spliffy B has started promoting and DJing again. Spliffy B is currently a resident of:

★Yes yes y’all (Hip Hop Event)
★Liquid Filth (Liquid – filthy Drum n bass and borders on Breakcore)
★Urban Chill (Live acoustic event with a blues\jazz\folk influence)

He has also been ‘Special guest’ at the highly regarded Smash Techno (November 2013), Club 414, Brixton. and has recently played in Homegrown, in Bar Iguana & Facebar

He promoted and played at Liquid Filth at Bar Iguana, Reading with:

★DJ Fiber
★MiNoR cOnFuSiOn

Spliffy B has supported several International DJs\MCs, most recently:

★Sterling Moss
★Rachel Rackitt
★Steve Mills
★Gizelle Rebel Yelle
★Joe Peng

and highly regarded DJs on the UK underground scene like:

★Darc Marc
★Acid Steve
★Artur aka R2
★The Drop

Spliffy B also was actively playing at the open Decks night at Bar Iguana where they had such names as:

★Seriel Killaz
★Dutty Moonshine
★Deadly P

Spliffy B has played many clubs around Reading and these include:

★Bar Iguana
★Brasserie La Passerelle\Bridges
★Global Cafe\RISC
★Up The Junction

Spliffy B plays regular weekly shoes on Southern Hardcore Vibes Saturdays 7:30pm – 8:30pm and Bass Generator Records 10pm – 11pm

Spliffy B has done regular shows and guest shows on:

★Bass Generator Records
★UK Dance FM
★Southern Hardcore Vibes
★Real Music Radio
★Happy Ravers
★BPM Sounds
★Blast Radio

Spliffy B has workeed with and played on such soundsystems as:

★ HardParty
★ Big Tunes
★ FTP Sounds
★ Resonant Frequencies

Spliffy B Plays many genres including:

★Acid Techno
★Filthy drum n bass\Breakcore
★Blues, Rhythem & Blues

Spliffy B is no stranger to the charts either. His radio shows regularly get into the mixcloud charts. His highest position to date is #2 on the Detroit Techno charts

To book Spliffy B contact Andy on

Acid Techno Podcast

Podcast 1: Acid Techno by Dj Spliffy B on Mixcloud

Spliffy B Real Music Radio Show 1 – Broadcast 7pm – 8pm Monday 12/05/2014 by Dj Spliffy B on Mixcloud

Jungle show

Spliffy B Boy Jungle Show. 1st broadcast on weds 20th August by Dj Spliffy B on Mixcloud

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