DJ & Producer Focus : Fil Devious

Fil Devious

Fil Devious

Fil Devious is a DJ & Producer of Acid Techno! Hailing from North Wales you can find him regularly playing free
parties with The Welsh Connektion Crew who also run a radio show ‘Tek Connektion’ on the mighty Fnoob channel.

Fil Devious loves the Acid Techno sound & has had a number of releases on Chase Yer Tail, Hypnotek 909, Total Loss
Recordings, Acid Mountains & Alliance Digital. Over the last year Fil’s productions have found their way onto
vinyl labels such as 303 Alliance & Raveyard Records. Releases available from &

If you want to keep up to date with Fil Devious’s tracks & mixes check out or to book
Fil for an event you can e mail or you can contact him through his facebook page


DJ/Producer Focus : 0010×0010



Early years

In his early years, being inspired by underground techno, he released a series of vinyl records under various pseudonyms (only one using his real name). He performed live acid techno sets at underground parties such as Acid Rain at Amsterdam Graansilo. During the recording sessions for one of the tracks he produced for ex Soul II Soul and The Shamen singer Victoria Wilson James’s album on Sony Music, it was suggested that he audition for the “De Bende van Venlo” a theatre piece based on a true crime story. He was cast in one of the lead roles and performed over thirty European shows.

Los Angeles

After the theatre experience, Universal / Island Records won the label-bidding and signed him as an artist and producer. He released one single and one video before he left the label due to creative differences and moved from London to Los Angeles to work on his art, film, photography and editing career. He took a break from that to release the track LA Mellow (as D’ray), a collaboration with Dutch Dj, producer Gregor Salto. Ultimate Miami 2, the album with LA Mellow and music by artists like Wiwek, Chocolate Puma and Sidney Samson reached #6 at Beatport’s House top 100.[10] In late 2015, he finished working as the visual supervisor of a documentary about Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky based on his diaries Time within Time, starring Tonino Guerra. In 2016, he released two EPs (as 0010×0010 and T3TSUO 303) on his Generation Acid label which both landed in the Beatport Techno Top 100 charts.



Producer Focus: Juliane Wolf formally known as Ayana Blume

Ayana Blume

Ayana Blume

Website & Booking Julian Wolf dot com
Facebook Julian Wolf Music

Whenever she can Ayana Blume helps electronic music to unfold. As varied as her preferences in musical styles – no matter if house, techno or ambient – are the forms that electronic music takes in her hands.

She has been making clubs and festivals blossom with her DJ sets where she also gained experience in playing live. As a producer she already released own tracks and remixes such as a remix for Robert Babicz on his label Babiczstyle and an EP on NoRobot Music which is the label of MnCve who is also a part of Babiczstyle.

She also loves the feeling of playing with analogue machines like the TB 303 or 808. This musical variety will surely show up in her upcoming releases and gigs.


Producer/DJ Focus: Raskal & Bri

Raskal & Bri

Raskal & Bri

Booking Email:

Raskal & Bri play electronic music of all hues and colors, bringing it to rooms large and small across Atlanta and beyond. Always featuring the thick drums, big baselines, grooved out dirty synths, beautiful and dark landscapes, and know how to put it all together. Forget sticking to just one genre – as DJs, they are known for their diversity and knack for playing off each other. Although heavily influenced by Techno and House their sets are always a trip across a huge musical spectrum. Whether taking the crowd on a twisted late night excursion, or pushing the level during peak mayhem Raskal & Bri never fail to turn take the dance floor on a journey.

From their home base in Atlanta, Raskal & Bri are becoming preeminent players in creating a more dynamic ATL underground music scene. This is the time to start really pouring into the Atlanta Scene and Raskal & Bri are up for the challenge. Raskal & Bri began deejaying on Technic 1200s and vinyl in the late 90’s. Their love and respect for music has only grown over the years. Although they have adapted well to the new digital age, their organic and natural style of mixing has stayed the same.
Raskal & Bri are signed to the esteemed Afro Acid label headed by the legendary DJ Pierre. They can be found at their residency at EQ Nightclub and are touring as well. They are also resident DJs for Afro Acid Allstars on in Amsterdam.


DJ Focus: Lethal One

Lethal One

Lethal One

An acid techno producer/dj from Los Angeles California USA… Owner of L.A.’s “Sub Sektor Studios” and the acid techno vinyl label “OFFICIAL” and digital label “CIRCUIT PROTOCOL”. He’s L.A.’s first acid techno producer and one of the few die hard acid techno purist in the USA’s west coast and he represents it to the fullest…. He started going out to raves in the very early 90’s and began djing in 1996. After djing for 5 years LETHAL ONE had to put music to a halt due to very serious health problems. During his time off recovering he then started to learn how to master the art of producing. 5 years had gone by and his health had improved and the itch to get back into djing was still there so one day out the blue LETHAL ONE popped back in to the scene in 2006 and kablamo!!! LETHAL ONE is now running stronger than ever with many new followers. You can catch him playing Live P.A.’s with his two trusty 303’s or you can catch him playing his wax on 1200’s at all the events worth giving a fuck about….


DJ\Producer Focus: Benji303
Benji303 is a DJ & Producer from Manchester UK, he has played all over at various club nights, festivals and free parties,
he has releases out on vinyl and digital on labels such as FLATLIFE, INTERSTATE ONE, VCF, ACID TEST, CHASE YER TAIL AND MANY MORE…
early 2014 he formed his own vinyl label “303 ALLIANCE” first release is due out spring/summer 2014.


DJ\Producer Focus: Woody McBride

Woody McBride aka DJ ESP

Woody McBride aka DJ ESP

For Bookings click this sentence. Just be aware Woody McBride rarely does Acid Techno these days

Woody McBride (1967 in Bismarck , North Dakota) is an American musician , producer and DJ from the techno – and Acid Techno area. He published under his real name and numerous pseudonyms such as 4D , Bird Man , DJ ESP , Earthworm , Pleasure or Voltage 9 .

McBride came in 1988 to study at Minneapolis , where he was first in the House scene took hold and Kevin Cole , the founder of the label House Nation , won as a mentor. McBride then worked in the opening act as a DJ and also designed its Flyer . After a short time, however, he turned to Cole and established club scene and from the nascent techno scene, which was then going on even outside the commercial clubs. He was also active as early promoter and organizer. As a DJ he called himself DJ ESP , inspired by the 1990 published track ESP of the House project Deee-Lite , soon joined but also under his real name in appearance to express his goes beyond pure DJing range of activities. [2] From the early 1990s years published their own publications. In 1993 he founded the label Communique Music , based in Lindstrom , Maine , on which he originally had first published his own music, but later also pieces of other artists. Especially his later repeatedly reissued Maxi-publication basketball Heroes of 1996 established the considerable reputation of the label, which soon split into several sub-labels.

2003 operating McBride eleven labels together with over 160 publications. [3] His own publications have appeared inter alia on the label White Noise (by Dave Clarke ), Ovum (by Josh Wink ), Bush (by Eric Powell ), Synewave (by Damon wild ) and Skint (from Fatboy Slim ). His oeuvre included stand 2013 50 maxi singles and EPs as well as his 2005 debut album published. Title of Woody McBride found a total of approximately 50 compilations, also several dozen of his remixes of tracks by other artists have been published. He has been on virtually every major techno festivals like Mayday or Nature One launched. In the years after 2008, he has largely withdrawn from public life to devote himself to his family with two sons, since 2011 he gets worse again in evidence.


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PRAGUE – ČKD Kolbenova, Metro B Kolbenova
3 stage!! start: 20.00

Hardtek / Hardfloor / Hardcore

DEFEKT + SWAMP + DWC + FDM sound systems

THE DJ PRODUCER / Deathchant, Rebelscum (UK)

GOETIA / NRTX, Audiogenic (FR)

HESED – live / Analog Tecne Model (DE)

TMH – live / Tranzit sound system (CZ)

HAGEN – live / Swamp sound (CZ)

Tekno / Tribe / Acid


+ many livesets and guests !!!

Drum and bass / electro

T2B sound crew (Pixie, Suki, Wash!, Technical, Driver)

COOH / Position Chrome, PRSPCT, Freak (BG)

TEMPER D / Viper (UK)

MIKKIM / Big Bong Records (CZ)

ARK / Steppin’, Swamp sound (CZ)

VSTUP: 300kč do 22:00, 350kč poté
ENTRY: 300CZK till 10pm, 350CZK then


DJs & Producers to watch for 2014

Here at Acid909 we have decided to compile a list of who to watch in 2014 in the very active Acid Techno scene.  We have compiled this from emails from you our visitors and friends around the web 😉  If you haven’t contacted us yet please do so and we can update the list.  we are going by what people have told us, so to make it more accurate please email us who you think will be the movers and shakers in 2014 at

A lot of Stay up people have come up in your emails, 1 has got into the list.  SUF are still after being at the forefront of the industry since the early days are still doing Fantastic stuff, we have bundled them together on the list, have named 1 of them as he has recently joined SUF.

  1. Steve Mills – now on Stay Up Forever & also owner of Braingravy, brought out some of the biggest releases last year. As he’s new on SUF he is listed seperately
  2. Birinight & The Geezer
  3. The Stay Up Forever Collective (We have bundled as a whole everyone there rather than making the list over long!)
  4. Trooper
  5. Mobile Dogwash
  6. OB1
  7. Batman
  8. Benji303
  9. DJ Bacid
  10. Acid Corp
  11. Miro
  12. Spliffy B
  13. MK303
  14. Tassid
  15. Jack Wax
  16. Pzylo
  17. Austin Corrosive

As said above we have gone by what we have been told by people.  If there’s anyone who you don’t see up there but think should be let us know.  There are a few producer\DJs we are a little surprised not to see up there, but we want a reflection on what you guys think 😉

We highly encourage people who haven’t contacted us to do so 🙂