ON-SET 15 Years!

15 Years Of On-Set

15 Years Of On-Set

✪ Chris Liberator (Stay Up Forever – UK)

✪ John Warwick (Primate – UK)

✪ Maxx (Polymeric – UK)

✪ Makarov (Kombination Research – CZ)

✪ AC i DC (ACidDC) (Acid Wars – BE)

✪ Zentral (Underground Attack – PL)

✪ A-Tension (Side Efex – IT)

Yes! We are back in London for ON-SET special 15 years anniversary! And what best way to celebrate it then come back in the same neighbourhood where ON-SET was born in 2001?
The line up is huge and will be unveiled soon!
Come and celebrate with us! 🙂


SIDE EFEX #2 Maxx & Chicago Loop

Chicago Loop, Maxx, A-tension, Alvaro Ponce

Chicago Loop, Maxx, A-tension, Alvaro Ponce

This is going to be a really special Bank Holiday weekend at Side Efex. Our resident A-Tension is celebrating his birthday and we have decided to count on two really special artists as headliners.

Maxx is an Italian DJ & Producer based in London. He has a bright future ahead running his own label Polymeric Records and the list of cities where he has played just keeps increasing every year.

Our second guest is a well-known artist in the acid techno scene. Ant Wilson, who has performed as DJ Ant for more than 20 years, is now focused on his new project as Chicago Loop. He is delivering a really fresh sound and his productions are supported by many top artists at the moment.

Alvaro Ponce and A-tension will be adding the Side Efex touch on this occasion.

11 pm – 7 am

Line Up

Chicago Loop






Alvaro Ponce



ON-SET w/ DAVE The Drummer, Maxx, Bad Boy Pete, Hard Bart, ACidDC, Cromlab

ON-SET w/ DAVE The Drummer, Maxx, Bad Boy Pete, Hard Bart, ACidDC, Cromlab

ON-SET w/ DAVE The Drummer, Maxx, Bad Boy Pete, Hard Bart, ACidDC, Cromlab

Limited 100 advance tickets available on RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?743756

We are back at Bar A Bar for another banging night! Advance tickets are limited to 100 only. Last time around they sold out pretty quick. Get your one now! 😉

Line up:
DAVE THE DRUMMER (Polymeric, Hydraulix, Stay Up Forever)
MAXX (Polymeric, Primate, Cluster)
BAD BOY PETE (Getafix, Routemaster, Stay Up Forever)
HARD BART (Polymeric, Astral Tech, ON-SET)
ACidDC (Acid Wars, Bossmoss, Belgium)
CROMLAB (Undelivered Records, Astral Tech)


MAXX – Sounds Of Wasps (Vinyl DJ Set) March 2014

Set recorded for Sounds Of Wasps show in March 2014

MAXX – Sounds Of Wasps (Vinyl DJ Set) March 2014 by Maxx on Mixcloud


MAXX – Tear Your Clothes Off on Techno.fm (Vinyl DJ Set) 2007

Set recorded live on Stay Up Forever radio show “TEAR YOUR CLOTHES OFF”, presented by John Bromage AKA Product 19, from Kinetec old record shop in central London. June 2007.

MAXX – Tear Your Clothes Off on Techno.fm (Vinyl DJ Set) 2007 by Maxx on Mixcloud


DJ Focus: Maxx



MAXX has headlined and played at parties in most of the major cities around Europe and beyond, including London, Bristol, Nottingham, Berlin, Salzburg, Madrid, Malaga, Rome, Milan, Naples, Moscow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Szczecin, Rijeka, Rovinj, Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Galati, sharing the stage with artists like Chris Liberator, Jeff Amadeus, Marco Lenzi, Mark Williams, Ignition Technician, Sven Wittekind, Boris S, DDR, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Jerome Hill, and Boy George, to name just a few.
He runs his own label Polymeric Records, and he has recently started to work as Label Manager for Molecular Recordings, owned by Marco Lenzi. He is also doing A & R work for Techno Sessions label, owned by Ludgero Costa, and he worked for 6 years as Label Manager for Austrian label Carbon Audio, which he started in collaboration with Rene Reiter. He recently quit this position to concentrate on the work for Molecular Recordings. All of these labels are available on vinyl, as MAXX is still making a point of supporting the media. As a matter of fatcs, he is still playing vinyl only.
Not many people know that in 1996 MAXX produced and engineered a vinyl release for a project called SKY BOY on Italian label DROHM, part of big independent Flying Records, label where also huge names like Moby, Snap, Reel To Real and Todd Terry released their music. The record was a commercial success, selling in the thousands of copies, but it was not what MAXX wanted to do musically, so he went back to start it all over again few years later producing Techno.
After moving to London from Italy, where he was born, MAXX has released over 100 tracks in just over 8 years, including vinyl releases on Polymeric, Cluster, Carbon Audio, Teknic, Guild, Generator UK, Killawatts, Open Source, Techno Sessions, Interstate One, and Reborn UK, collaborating along the way with many great artists like Chris Liberator (Cluster), Sterling Moss (Cluster and Carbon Audio), Pounding Grooves (Polymeric), 3Phazegenerator (too many to mention), Hard Bart (Polymeric), Pino Lopez and Rene Reiter (Carbon Audio), Xerofill (Astral Tech) and numerous remixes for various well known artists on labels such as Martyn Hare’s Tremors Recordings (for Ian Void), Phantom Records, Tekx Records, Generator UK, Meld…
MAXX productions are played by many great DJs around the World, most noticeably by superstar DJ Richie Hawtin, who has been playing his ‘No Need For Needle’ (Carmarage Records, made in collaboration with 3Phazegenerator) extensively at parties in Amnesia (Ibiza), Cocorico’ (Riccione, Italy), Minus Showcase (Poznan, Poland), and Berlin Beach Break.
He is currently very busy working on new releases, for both vinyl and digital labels, with 2014 looking to be the best yet for his output, having already around 8 vinyl releases out, or about to be released on Polymeric, Teknic, Interstate One, Trust In Records, Interstate Colour, ADSR, and Killawatts, plus numerous digital releases on labels like Blackout Audio, Sub Cult, Dolma Records, Naughty Pills, Viral Outbreak, Aktivists, and Below Ground.


Resident Advisor

Labels Links:
Polymeric Records
Molecular Recordings
Techno Sessions

Global Bookings: maxxpolymeric@hotmail.co.uk
Bookings UK
Exclusive Bookings Poland: przemek.puzewicz@gmail.com
Exclusive Bookings Romania: droopydaf@yahoo.com


-Vinyl Releases-

Drohm 77 (1996)
Open Source 3 – (2005)
Polymeric 1 – (2006)
Polymeric 2 – (2007)
Polymeric 3 – (2007)
Generator UK 2 – (2007)
Polymeric 4 – (2008)
Polymeric 5 – (2008)
Carbon Audio 1 – (2009)
Polymeric 6 – (2009)
Carbon Audio 2 – (2010)
Generator UK 4 – (2010)
Cluster 90 – (2010)
Carbon Audio 3 (2011)
Guild 606 (2011)
Polymeric 7 (2012)
Polymeric 8 (2012)
Reborn UK 1 (2012)
Carbon Audio 4 (2012)
Techno Sessions 1 (2012)
Cluster 92 (2013)
Carbon Audio 5 (2013)
Killawatts 1 (2014)
Intestate One 5 (2014)
Poymeric 9 (2014)

-Digital Releases-

Soundattack 7 – (2008)
Generator UK 4d – (2009)
Sketcha Traxx UK 8 – (2009)
Tremors 12 – (2010)
Astral Tech 10 – (2010)
Second Year Of Carmarage Part 2 – (2010)
Generator UK 13d – (2010)
Audioworx 11 – (2010)
Hardist 7 – (2010)
Sketcha Traxx UK 10 – (2010)
Generator UK 15d – (2010)
Funk You 3 (2011)
Reactif 3 (2011)
Turning Wheel 52 (2011)
Reactif 4 (2011)
Heaven To Hell Sp1 (2011)
Corrupt Systems 19 (2011)
Meld 1 (2011)
Phäntom 5 (2012)
Central Music Remixs 3 (2012)
Multikore 6 (2012)
Phäntom 31 (2012)
Hypnohouse Trax 6 (2012)
Astral Tech 15 (2012)
Astral Tech 23 (2013)
Phäntom 69 (2013)
Aktivists Winter Sampler Vol. 4 (2014)
Naughty Pills 107 (2014)
Aktivists 99 (2014)
Filth Infatuated 23 (2014)
Sub Cult 70 (2014)
Aktivists 100 (2014)
Viral Outbreak 67 (2014)
Dolma Rec 13 (2014)
Below Ground 9 (2014)

-Tracks Appear On-

Techno Uuup Vol. 2 – (Carmarage – 2010)
Underground Vol.01 – The Hardtechno Series, Vol.02 (U-Ground Milano – 2010)
Best Of Turning Wheel Rec Vol 3 (Turning Wheel – 2011)
100 Hardtechno Traxx (Hardstyle Germany – 2011)
100 Techno (Munchen Germany – 2011)
Ganez The Terrible – Promo Mix (Astrofoink – 2012)
Ultimate Techno Vol 10 (LW Recordings – 2012)