Live @ Therapy Rhode Island – Profound Sounds 12.28.15

Live @ Therapy Rhode Island – Profound Sounds 12.28.15

Live @ Therapy Rhode Island – Profound Sounds 12.28.15 by Josh Wink (Official) on Mixcloud


Mark EG vs Chris Liberator @ Contact presents The 14th Birthday (02.11.12)

Mark EG vs Chris Liberator @ Contact presents The 14th Birthday (02.11.12)

Mark EG vs Chris Liberator @ Contact presents The 14th Birthday (02.11.12) by Livesets Archive on Mixcloud



Stay Up Forever Acid Xmas

Stay Up Forever Acid Xmas

Acid Xmas… It’s that time of year to dance off those mince pies and turkey, so take a sleigh ride to the 414 in Brixton for some chestnut roasting Acid Techno – it’ll be the best present you get this year!

Providing the hard hitting beats and yuletide treats:


11pm till 7am
£5 b4 12am, £10 after


Dj Joey Beltram – Galactica 1992

Dj Joey Beltram – Galactica 1992

Dj Joey Beltram – Galactica 1992 by David Sams on Mixcloud


Jeff Mills – Live @ La Grotta Pisciotta (Italy) – 05-04-2015

Jeff Mills – Live @ La Grotta Pisciotta (Italy) – 05-04-2015



Jeff Mills – Live @ La Grotta Pisciotta (Italy) – 05-04-2015 by Mixing.Dj Livesets on Mixcloud


*** Analog Experience *** by WCIA

Analoge Experience - We control the transmission

Analoge Experience – We control the transmission

We control the transmission
One only question remains: ARE YOU EXPERIENCED?

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ LINE-UP ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

✯ KLIR (Friday Archives – WCIA)
→ Ecouter :

✯ DJ PUTE ACIER (Café Central – Living on the Edge)
→ Ecouter :

✯ URIEL (Enjoy Apocalypse)
→ Ecouter :

✯ NABOT NATION (live machines) aka LNT Mike – Gomanu

→ Ecouter :
→ Ecouter :
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→ Voir :

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SON & LUMIERE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Sound system puissant et moderne
Projection Video
Projection Laser & Gobos
Scan & Multi Effect
Smoke Machine
Strobe Machine

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ PRATIQUE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

➳ Entrance : 4,5 €
➳ Beer/soft : 1,5 €
➳ start : 22 h
➳ Metro Tomberg – Roodebeek : 10 min
➳ Bus STIB 27-29 : Stop: Verheylewegen
➳ Easy parking
➳ First floor : Shops, T-shirt, Goodies, Vinyls – Chill Area
➳ Main room : Party
➳ No tags, no dogs, no bottles, no drugs

Please : Respect Yourself – Respect the Neighbours


Josh Wink Live @ Jet Lounge (Houston) – Profound Sounds 12.07.15

Josh Wink Live @ Jet Lounge (Houston) – Profound Sounds 12.07.15

Live @ Jet Lounge (Houston) – Profound Sounds 12.07.15 by Josh Wink (Official) on Mixcloud


MAGNETIC AGE Tape 3 with RANDOM XS (Djax-Up-Beats, Shipwrec, NL)

Magnetic Age

Magnetic Age


@ Live Club – Liège – BE

– DJ RANDOM XS (Djax-Up-Beats, Shipwrec, NL)
– Rob(u)rang Live/Mix (Sub Rosa, Ant-zen, Hymen)
– Tunnel One Live (Narcosis rec, Les Disques Cockpit, PuZZling rec)
– Nocid (Escape to Acid, BTC)
– Bioxyd (PuZZling rec, Magnetic Age)
– Offset Zik (PuZZling rec)



EN :
All profits from this event will be used to produce vinyl rec “PUZZLING 018 – 1010303 #03″ in collaboration with Crowd’in (
The following artists will be on PUZZ 018 12” : Neil Landstrumm (UK), Random XS (NL), Freddy Fresh (USA), Tunnel One (BE), Rob(u)rang (BE) and Offset Zik (BE).

FR :
Tous les bénéfices de cet événement seront utilisés pour produire le disque vinyl “PUZZLING 018 – 1010303 #03″ en collaboration avec Crowd’in (
Les artistes suivants seront sur le PUZZ 018 12” : Neil Landstrumm (UK), Random XS (NL), Freddy Fresh (USA), Tunnel One (BE), Rob(u)rang (BE) et Offset Zik (BE).



Dutch underground acid-techno band Random XS released its first 12” single early 1992 on the famous Djax-Up-Beats label, not long after their first live gig. It launched an international career, lasting over 20 years now. Random XS members DJ Zero One (Sander Friedeman) and Frank de Groodt were clearly influenced by the early Chicago acid house and Detroit techno pioneers. But they developed their own unique style: dark and deep, yet very intense and in-your-face.

After 20 years they still perform, when they feel the time is right. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ‘Give your body’ release they play a small series of gigs in 2012

Random XS was founded in 1991, when DJ Zero One (Sander Friedeman) joined forces with school-mate Arno Peeters (a.k.a. TapeTV) to perform live on an underground party in their hometown Utrecht. A tape with tracks from that gig was send to the then new Djax-Up-Beats label. Their first 12″ ’Give your body’, with the 12 minutes long title track, was released. This marked the start of a long international career. The track ’Fading Away’ from their second 12″ was picked up by the legendary DJ Sven Väth, who invited them to perform in his legendary Omen club in Frankfurt. In 1994, Arno Peeters left Random XS to make place for Frank de Groodt. More 12″ releases followed, and in 1997 the full-length album ’Braincloud’ was released, also on Djax-Up-beats.

Random XS performed in clubs in cities like Paris, Cologne, Basel, Glasgow, Brussels, Munich, Vienna & Chicago. They featured on major raves and festivals like the Berlin Love Parade, Mayday, Nature One & Mystery Land. However, they always tried to remain ’underground’ and didn’t sell out. Despite their commercial success, they kept playing on illegal parties and squatter raves, too.

In the late nineties, Zero One decided to focus more on his DJ career. He played on the major Dutch techno raves like ’Awakenings’ and ’5 Days Off’ and did his own techno parties in Utrecht with guests DJs like Richie Hawtin, Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Suburban Knight and James Ruskin.
Source :



Alias : Gabriel Séverin, Professor Dr. Goodseed.
In Groups : Silk Saw, Babils, Dead Hollywood Stars, Gamial Trio, Jardin D’usure, Logatomistes, Moonsanto, Rob(u)Nent, The Joint Between, The Joint Between Ultraphonist, Tremolo Dual, Tricot Trio, Ultraphonist, Uncotones.



Tunnel One, also known as Stijn Jacobs, is a Belgian Producer from Brussels who has been actively producing since 1998

The Tunnel One Studio has been responsible for projects like: PG213, Don Pappy, Anyman, Angels Of Deaf, Some Guy,…

Mostly inspired by Electro, Acid and Ambient, Stijn is not shy to use other elements from various styles in both alternative and popular music. Even while his research varies greatly in style, from Hard, fast, core inspired to calm, soft, moody ambient and everything in between; the sound of Tunnel One studio remains recognizable throughout his entire repertoire.

Stijn himself has been known to participate in other projects throughout his duty as Sonic warfare engineer, and amongst several he joined up with Free jazz trio Free’sic wtih whom he did several improvisational concerts, including a free improvisation concert under lead of André Goudbeek, a freejazz assault on live stream from the Tour De France and a concert on top of a Parking lot 58 in the heart of Brussels.

Another significant project is the Angels of Deaf band, where Don Pappy joined up with his partner in crime Jim Nastick, to spread the philosophy of No-Gressive New beat Assit Mioo sick. An old school nostalgic concept, because they love the old school 80’s sound.

During the peak of the Tracktor movement in Leuven, he was also known to perform as Anyman from the Manymen Crew, bringing a Tunnel One take on Drum’n’Bass/Jungle/Breakcore music.

Nowadays Tunnel One sits at home in the Substructures of 19303, tinkering in the studio, cooking new recipes and exploring the soundwaves While most work never leaves the confines of the SWFD HeadQuarters Don is not so shy on sharing the things that are somewhat acceptable.

Besides producing Tunnel One is also active in the organization of parties and events, together with the SWFD/TRACKTOR collective.



Nocid has always been attracted by music.
Techno was his first style, especially oldschool american stuffs from Jeff Mills, Underground.Resistance, Joey Beltram … and european sounds like Djax-up-beats, Tresor, Re-Load…
But his main love is certainly the tb-303 acid sound, with artists such as Woody Mc Bride, dj Hyperactive, Mike Dred, Adam X …
He likes old acid techno stuffs as well as acid-core sounds from Choose, Zekt, Drop bass Network, …
He began mixing strongly in Always Underground parties, after he started organising the Escape to Acid parties and spinning records everywhere in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Holland, Germany …

He’s also been resident at Techmaticore parties, Komando kru and played for the Full Dawa soundsystem and lots of others concept..
In 2009 he started producing music and a few time later released his first trax on vinyl under the name Acid Hunter on Transelucid rec 03. After he released traxes on Pandead rec and Deathrave rec.
His last release is on BTC rec 002 and he’s still spinning records in parties as well as organising events like Escape to Acid, Acid/Rave stage at Tribes Gathering, parties at Inside Out Liège and other places…



DJ since 97, mix only on vinyls.
In group : Urban Toonz
Events organizer, booker, responsible of PuZZling rec & PuZZling Distro.

Styles : Acid, Electro, Minimal, Techno, IDM, Breakcore, Hardcore, Ambient, Drill n’ beat, Electronica, Trip-hop, Grime, Dubstep, 4*4, Wonky techno, New-beat, Indus, New-wave, EBM, Noise, Abstract Hip-hop, Krautrock,…
For this party he will mix 303% Acid :-).



Always been interested various soundscapes. For him music is an expression without limits or labels. The first compositions on various trackers since early 90 ‘and the vinyl passion have opened several doors : Lives, DJing on vinyl, mix for organizations that are in the styles : Acid, IDM, Indus (with Offset Zik) and Experimental -Noise (with the alias Weeping Glass).


FB :

The FB group “Magnetic Age” :


M.A.N.D.Y. presents Get Physical Radio #151 mixed by DJ Hell (Radio City Helsinki, May 1994)

M.A.N.D.Y. presents Get Physical Radio #151 mixed by DJ Hell (Radio City Helsinki, May 1994)

This is a mix from DJ Hell that was recorded 20 years ago (May 1994) for Radio City Helsinki. DJ Hell will be playing at our 12 Years Get Physical Music Party at Watergate Berlin this Saturday (7th June 2014) !

Join us:
FB Event:
RA Event:

Hell also did one of our latest Body Language compilations (Vol. 9) which you can purchase here:

M.A.N.D.Y. presents Get Physical Radio #151 mixed by DJ Hell (Radio City Helsinki, May 1994) by Get Physical Music on Mixcloud



Gizelle Rebel Yelle

Gizelle Rebel Yelle


REBEL YELLE SHOW 07-08-2015 by Optical Radio on Mixcloud