Spliffy B BPM Sounds show 4: Acid Techno

DJ Spliffy B

DJ Spliffy B

Events Page: Facebook events page
Location: BPM Sounds
Time & Date: Wednesday, December 17 at 10:00pm – 12:00am
Cost: FREE!!!!

Spliffy drops a whole loada Acid all over yer yard! Turn the speakers up. put on your skankin boots. Lets get the party started 😉

▂▃▅▆ SPLIFFY B ▆▅▃▂

(BPM Sounds, Soundscape Radio, Acid909, Liquid Filth, Yes Yes Y’all, Urban Chill, DNA)

To book email info@acid909.co.uk

Website: www.spliffyb.com

DJ Spliffy B started DJing at squat parties in 2000 around Dorset and Hampshire, such as Hursley Fields. He then started playing in clubs in 2002. Between 2002 and 2008 Spliffy was playing in various places mainly in squat parties around UK. In that time he did play a few sets in Germany, and Belgium supporting international names such as Chris Liebing, Joey Beltram, Nicky Blackmarket & Mampi Swift

In 2004 Spliffy B amongst other events he was promoting he promoted DNA with DJ Slimz. DNA was a hard house and drum n bass event based in the Firestation in Dorchester, Dorset.

Between 2008 and 2011 due to personal reasons he only played a few sets, one of which was on Weymouth Beach.

In 2011 he played a set in Netherlands. Since then Spliffy B has started promoting and DJing again. Spliffy B is currently a resident of:

★Yes yes y’all (Hip Hop Event)
★Liquid Filth (Liquid – filthy Drum n bass and borders on Breakcore)
★Urban Chill (Live acoustic event with a blues\jazz\folk influence)

He has also been ‘Special guest’ at the highly regarded Smash Techno (November 2013), Club 414, Brixton. and has recently played in Homegrown, in Bar Iguana & Facebar

He promoted and played at Liquid Filth at Bar Iguana, Reading with:

★DJ Fiber
★MiNoR cOnFuSiOn

Spliffy B has supported several International DJs\MCs, most recently:

★Sterling Moss
★Rachel Rackitt
★Steve Mills
★Gizelle Rebel Yelle
★Joe Peng

and highly regarded DJs on the UK underground scene like:

★Darc Marc
★Acid Steve
★Artur aka R2
★The Drop

Spliffy B also was actively playing at the open Decks night at Bar Iguana where they had such names as:

★Seriel Killaz
★Dutty Moonshine
★Deadly P

Spliffy B has played many clubs around Reading and these include:

★Bar Iguana
★Brasserie La Passerelle\Bridges
★Global Cafe\RISC
★Up The Junction

Spliffy B is now on BPM Sounds Internet Radio Station, every Wednesday from 10PM – Midnight You can tune in at BPM Sounds (Techno and other styles)

Watch out for Spliffy B’s show on Soundscape Radio in the new Year. Spliffy B has done regular and guest shows on:

★UK Dance FM
★Real Music Radio
★Southern Hardcore Vibes
★Happy Ravers
★BPM Sounds
★Blast Radio

Spliffy B has workeed played n such soundsystems as:

★ HardParty
★ Big Tunes
★ FTP Sounds
★ Resonant Frequencies

Spliffy B Plays many genres including:

★Acid Techno
★Filthy drum n bass\Breakcore
★Blues, Rhythem & Blues

Spliffy B is no stranger to the charts either. His radio shows regularly get into the mixcloud charts. His highest position to date is #2 on the Detroit Techno charts

To book Spliffy B contact Andy on info@acid909.co.uk



Transformer Sounds Presents CHRIS LIBERATOR

Transformer Sounds

Transformer Sounds

What can I say that hasn`t been said already, You lot don’t need any introduction! But still, for those new faces I seen in the crowed last week, Chris is and always will be the MAN behind the infamous UK sound, Acid Techno, One of the pioneers of the genre of music we all love to rock out to.

With Guest DJ Marlo, who likes to be referred to as “boi” and myself, resident DJ No Comment!

So, the usual story- Early bird tickets €10, More on the door! FREE cocktail shot with every early bird ticket purchased 🙂

ID required.


Transformer Sounds Presents CHRIS LIBERATOR

Transformer Sounds

Transformer Sounds

November 21 @ 9:00 pm – November 22 @ 6:00 am
Cost: €10
Location: Ryan’s Bar & Restaurant, Market Square, Clare, Clare Ireland
Events Page:https://www.facebook.com/events/1499890030286997

What can I say that hasn`t been said already, You lot don’t need any introduction! But still, for those new faces I seen in the crowed last week, Chris is and always will be the MAN behind the infamous UK sound, Acid Techno, One of the pioneers of the genre of music we all love to rock out to.

With Guest DJ Marlo, who likes to be referred to as “boi” and myself, resident DJ No Comment!

So, the usual story- Early bird tickets €10, More on the door! FREE cocktail shot with every early bird ticket purchased 🙂

ID required.


DJ Focus: Maxx



MAXX has headlined and played at parties in most of the major cities around Europe and beyond, including London, Bristol, Nottingham, Berlin, Salzburg, Madrid, Malaga, Rome, Milan, Naples, Moscow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Szczecin, Rijeka, Rovinj, Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Galati, sharing the stage with artists like Chris Liberator, Jeff Amadeus, Marco Lenzi, Mark Williams, Ignition Technician, Sven Wittekind, Boris S, DDR, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Jerome Hill, and Boy George, to name just a few.
He runs his own label Polymeric Records, and he has recently started to work as Label Manager for Molecular Recordings, owned by Marco Lenzi. He is also doing A & R work for Techno Sessions label, owned by Ludgero Costa, and he worked for 6 years as Label Manager for Austrian label Carbon Audio, which he started in collaboration with Rene Reiter. He recently quit this position to concentrate on the work for Molecular Recordings. All of these labels are available on vinyl, as MAXX is still making a point of supporting the media. As a matter of fatcs, he is still playing vinyl only.
Not many people know that in 1996 MAXX produced and engineered a vinyl release for a project called SKY BOY on Italian label DROHM, part of big independent Flying Records, label where also huge names like Moby, Snap, Reel To Real and Todd Terry released their music. The record was a commercial success, selling in the thousands of copies, but it was not what MAXX wanted to do musically, so he went back to start it all over again few years later producing Techno.
After moving to London from Italy, where he was born, MAXX has released over 100 tracks in just over 8 years, including vinyl releases on Polymeric, Cluster, Carbon Audio, Teknic, Guild, Generator UK, Killawatts, Open Source, Techno Sessions, Interstate One, and Reborn UK, collaborating along the way with many great artists like Chris Liberator (Cluster), Sterling Moss (Cluster and Carbon Audio), Pounding Grooves (Polymeric), 3Phazegenerator (too many to mention), Hard Bart (Polymeric), Pino Lopez and Rene Reiter (Carbon Audio), Xerofill (Astral Tech) and numerous remixes for various well known artists on labels such as Martyn Hare’s Tremors Recordings (for Ian Void), Phantom Records, Tekx Records, Generator UK, Meld…
MAXX productions are played by many great DJs around the World, most noticeably by superstar DJ Richie Hawtin, who has been playing his ‘No Need For Needle’ (Carmarage Records, made in collaboration with 3Phazegenerator) extensively at parties in Amnesia (Ibiza), Cocorico’ (Riccione, Italy), Minus Showcase (Poznan, Poland), and Berlin Beach Break.
He is currently very busy working on new releases, for both vinyl and digital labels, with 2014 looking to be the best yet for his output, having already around 8 vinyl releases out, or about to be released on Polymeric, Teknic, Interstate One, Trust In Records, Interstate Colour, ADSR, and Killawatts, plus numerous digital releases on labels like Blackout Audio, Sub Cult, Dolma Records, Naughty Pills, Viral Outbreak, Aktivists, and Below Ground.


Resident Advisor

Labels Links:
Polymeric Records
Molecular Recordings
Techno Sessions

Global Bookings: maxxpolymeric@hotmail.co.uk
Bookings UK
Exclusive Bookings Poland: przemek.puzewicz@gmail.com
Exclusive Bookings Romania: droopydaf@yahoo.com


-Vinyl Releases-

Drohm 77 (1996)
Open Source 3 – (2005)
Polymeric 1 – (2006)
Polymeric 2 – (2007)
Polymeric 3 – (2007)
Generator UK 2 – (2007)
Polymeric 4 – (2008)
Polymeric 5 – (2008)
Carbon Audio 1 – (2009)
Polymeric 6 – (2009)
Carbon Audio 2 – (2010)
Generator UK 4 – (2010)
Cluster 90 – (2010)
Carbon Audio 3 (2011)
Guild 606 (2011)
Polymeric 7 (2012)
Polymeric 8 (2012)
Reborn UK 1 (2012)
Carbon Audio 4 (2012)
Techno Sessions 1 (2012)
Cluster 92 (2013)
Carbon Audio 5 (2013)
Killawatts 1 (2014)
Intestate One 5 (2014)
Poymeric 9 (2014)

-Digital Releases-

Soundattack 7 – (2008)
Generator UK 4d – (2009)
Sketcha Traxx UK 8 – (2009)
Tremors 12 – (2010)
Astral Tech 10 – (2010)
Second Year Of Carmarage Part 2 – (2010)
Generator UK 13d – (2010)
Audioworx 11 – (2010)
Hardist 7 – (2010)
Sketcha Traxx UK 10 – (2010)
Generator UK 15d – (2010)
Funk You 3 (2011)
Reactif 3 (2011)
Turning Wheel 52 (2011)
Reactif 4 (2011)
Heaven To Hell Sp1 (2011)
Corrupt Systems 19 (2011)
Meld 1 (2011)
Phäntom 5 (2012)
Central Music Remixs 3 (2012)
Multikore 6 (2012)
Phäntom 31 (2012)
Hypnohouse Trax 6 (2012)
Astral Tech 15 (2012)
Astral Tech 23 (2013)
Phäntom 69 (2013)
Aktivists Winter Sampler Vol. 4 (2014)
Naughty Pills 107 (2014)
Aktivists 99 (2014)
Filth Infatuated 23 (2014)
Sub Cult 70 (2014)
Aktivists 100 (2014)
Viral Outbreak 67 (2014)
Dolma Rec 13 (2014)
Below Ground 9 (2014)

-Tracks Appear On-

Techno Uuup Vol. 2 – (Carmarage – 2010)
Underground Vol.01 – The Hardtechno Series, Vol.02 (U-Ground Milano – 2010)
Best Of Turning Wheel Rec Vol 3 (Turning Wheel – 2011)
100 Hardtechno Traxx (Hardstyle Germany – 2011)
100 Techno (Munchen Germany – 2011)
Ganez The Terrible – Promo Mix (Astrofoink – 2012)
Ultimate Techno Vol 10 (LW Recordings – 2012)


DJ Focus: DJ Nebula

DJ Nebula started playing vinyl in 2002 – at first focussing on Drum & Bass and Jungle – and quickly gained a strong reputation for rocking the dancefloors with his tight mixing skills and upfront selection. In 2004
him and several friends banded together to form the infamous Groove Bagasch Soundsystem. They started to throw some serious raves with their own huge rig in very different and often unusual locations, as well as club sessions and open air free parties,
…and till this day, there’s no intention to stop.

For a few years he was working at his favourite record store in Vienna (Bounce Records – RIP!), where he explored all kinds of electronic dance music. In 2006 Nebula fell into the amazing world of Nu Skool Breaks, but in 2009 the straigtness of the simple 4 to the floor bassdrum did it’s magic – and it was Techno, where he found new levels of madness, seriousness and quality.
His latest and quite heavy addiction is the driving sound of UK Acid Techno.
With his b2b partners in crime – Riot Paul, Many Mammut and Miss Katinka – DJ Nebula is well known for playing crazy up to 12 hours live mixes.
Over the years he was playing tons of clubgigs and at many different parties and festivals across central Europe.

For Booking Enquiries
mail to: nebula23@gmx.at or send a private message via soundcloud, hearthis or facebook


DJ Banana Acid Techno Mix 2014

DJ Banana Acid Techno Mix 2014

The only good system is the sound system

DJ Banana Acid Techno Mix 2014 by Dj Banana on Mixcloud


DJ Focus: Kenny Mulligan

DJ /PROMOTER – For contact & bookings send me a message here
or inbox me on my personal page https://www.facebook.com/KennethOfRutherglen
Kenny Mulligan is a true champion for the original Acid sound and earlier European Techno. He loves to play the more deeper and raw side of Techno and Acid, and is currently into the new wave of Acid music coming out of the UK and Europe right now.
He then got his first set of Technics turntables and spent days in record shops buying the latest Acid, New Beat and Techno vinyl releases. Around 1989 he returned back to Glasgow with his new collection of vinyl and at the age of 16 was given his first DJ gig at the legendary Bat Cave (first acid house venue in Glasgow) playing at an under 18’s rave. The promoters could not believe it when they heard this young kid playing such quality music.
Following this, Kenny went on to play the harder and deeper sounds of acid & techno from Europe and Detroit. He started promoting parties for young adults and became the local link between Glasgow and London, exposing the latest dance tunes bought on his visits to London.
In 1993, he came back to live in London and instantly connected with the free party scene, hitting various squat parties and witnessing the birth of UK/London Acid Techno, following sound systems such as Virus, Jiba, Vox Populi, Insanity, Large Salad Discoteque , Spiral Tribe, Exodus Collective, Immersion and the Liberators DJ’s.Around this time, he also formed the ‘Acid Army’ crew with fellow DJ’s and artists who made it their mission to promote the more underground and heavier side of Techno.
At the end of the 90’s, Kenny took a few years out to concentrate on family life, but returned some years later to follow his passion for music and reconnected with the underground party scene. Since then he has been developing his own sound and played some storming sets at parties such as Deep Acid, Retro Traxx Festival, Pirate Club, Aurora Festival, Virus Sound System and many other warehouse raves in and around London and UK.
Kenny is Currently involved in promoting different artists and partys such as LUCID in London , VORTEKS Sound System Techno nights l in Wales and Bristol, and is a member of other collectives and helps promote party’s and plays on radios in London & around the UK.
He also runs the ‘Philanthropy’ party benefit nights, which aim to raise money for a London homeless project, bringing together like-minded DJ’s and electronic artists for this worthy cause. Further to this, he has built strong connections in Belgium and Holland, coordinating radio shows for Stationsonparticulier (Belgium) and his current monthly radio show ‘Elemental’ for Pure Radio (Holland), which has showcased some quality DJ’s and producers who play Acid and Techno , and also on the Sundays playing eclectic Chill out sets where Kenny delves into his rich knowledge of ambient and avant garde , eclectic taste in sounds far from the harbour walls of the usual electronic music he is usually known to play . Recently on pure radio Kenny Reached a personal achievement , by warming up for his life long idols KRAFTWERK . Further more now in 2014 Kenny is focusing on his own productions under the guise of Dark Art Masquerade. A Record label is also planned for 2014 and a new radio show beginning in march 2014 on the community based OPTICAL RADIO in London where he will interview guest DJ’s and Bands about their career’s & their past and present projects .
If you think you want any help in promotion of fancy yourself playing on one of his radio shows or need help with promotion, then send an email or inbox Kenny on his facebook page
Acid Army – The beat goes on .


@youtube video of Acid Techno DJ Spliffy B at Acid909

Here is Spliffy B playing at Acid909. This was a charity event raising money for Unite Against Fascism. Also at this event were Sterling Moss, Darc Marc & Mass_Ive. To book Spliffy B email info@acid909.co.uk


DJ Focus: Future Analogue

Future Analogue

Future Analogue

Future Analogue is a Techno/Acid DJ + Producer based in Glasgow. Over the years he has ran several Club Nights and Free Parties under the name The Drum Clinic Sound System.

He got his first taste of the Rave scene in 1991 after attending many of the first big Raves in Scotland like Technodrome, Awesome 101 and Holocaust. He also got his first experience of the Free Party scene a year later when he went to several Spiral Tribe events including the Lechlade Free Festival and Torpedo Town.

This is what really inspired him to become a DJ and to organise his own events and free parties. It was around this time he started teaching himself how to mix on a friends set of Technics. A year later he got his first gig with a crew called Section 23 at Strathclyde Uni and a few months later he started his first club night called Vortex.

In 1997 he made the natural progression into producing his own music. He now performs a full Live Analogue Hardware Set blasting out his own brand of Acid Techno.

In 1999 he began promoting himself on the internet and this led to some amazing bookings including a Special guest DJ gig in Liege, Belgium in 2000. In 2003 he performed at a 5 day festival on an island in Croatia called 320 x 240. This then led onto two great bookings in Germany.

The year 2002 seen the birth of The Drum Clinic Sound System at a massive multi-rigger in Edinburgh. This was the beginning of many free parties and festivals including The Palgowan Festival with Special Guests Ege BamYasi Live and IxinDaMix(Spiral Tribe/Audiotrix). 2005 also seen him play along side Chris Liberator at The Party For Peace event in The Soundhaus, Glasgow and DJ Assault at the QMU.

The next few years where spent organising many free Parties all over Scotland including Midge Death Free Festival in The Highlands, The M8 Underpass party and the legendary New Year Warehouse Rave in Glasgow 2007.

In 2010 Future Analogue started up a new Drum Clinic club night in the Soundhaus with various special guests including Aaron, Julian and Chris Liberator and Rowland the Bastard.

2013 seen him join forces with fellow Drum Clinic DJ Dm Tpot to launch there own Record Label called A.S.B.O. Records (Acid Social Behaviour Order). Expect a vinyl release from him very soon.

Recently Future Analogue’s career has gone from strength to strength with many great bookings including backing up Crystal Distortion in Glasgow, a Liveset at The Virus/Souldrop Barn Party near London, Reconstruct at The Lakota, Bristol and The Alchemy Festival in Lincolnshire.

His Influences have included Dave Clarke, Plastikman, Orbital, Speedy J, The Prodigy, The Orb, Chemical Brothers, Dave The Drummer, Spiral Tribe, Eat-Static, Hardfloor, Djax-Up-Beats, Liberators/Stay Up Forever, Ege BamYasi, The Advent, Marco Bailey, Umek, SL2, Altern8, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

“He’s been playing Techno since Techno became Techno! way back when! A true free party pioneer, and the chief member of the DRUMCLINIC SOUNSYSTEM! expect nothing less from him than true underground Hard Acid TECHNO!

Website: http://futureanalogue.comli.com/

Live Tracks:


Cloudcasts by Future Analogue on Mixcloud


Plastik Summer Party

Plastik returns once again for the summer party to celebrate the birthday of daztronik.
once again we take over Paddys bar with a yard party and BBQ

this is one event you do not want to miss!

Daztronik (Wirelessfm)
The Pimp
Mass_Ive (IVe Records London)
Mikey Flipside (Flipside soundsystem London)
G Pushfloor (IVe Records London)
Tony D (D-Fuse Dublin)
DJ No Comment (Transformer Sounds)
Ninja Tips
Incredible Professor Zovek (Budapest)
Slick Normal
Si Tom