DJ Focus: The Pimp

The Pimp

The Pimp

The Pimp came through the ranks playing the Clare free party scene of 2001, later that year he had his first gig at the Gpo Nightclub, Galway, Ireland. After that he setup a night called Outpost 23 in his hometown which led him to play various gigs around the country and also a support slot the next year for Agnelli and Nelson at Ireland’s biggest nightclub of the time called Enigma! In 2003 he began 2 sway towards the acid techno sound which was no stranger to him having first heard it on the free party scene of the mid 90’s, a massive SP23 party also springs to mind around 97/98 in East Clare!! Anyway he has not looked back since, he still plays and produces acid techno today and also many other forms of techno, house, drum and bass and hardtek. He’s been responsible for bringing artists such as Chris Liberator, Dj Ant, D.A.V.E The Drummer, Dj Tek, Dj Clodagh, Guy McAffer, John Rundell, Jonno Brien, Rhythm Technologies, Sarah Fab, Dj Rackitt and Black Sun Empire to Galway, Ireland through a clubnight called Recipe and his own night Discotek from 2005 to 2010. Over the years he’s played for many different clubs nights, charities, festivals, free parties and soundsystems all over Ireland, the UK and Europe including Kommunity, Technoland, Shockabuku, Freekuency Festival, Tir Na Gcasta, Subhuman, Stinkypink, Breakology @ Life Festival, Acii Disco @ Life Festival, Plastik, Seismic, Shnare and Mindscape to name but a few!

Highlights, dj’s, people, things, places that have helped and influenced him are as follows…

Acid Techno
His first overseas gig at The Fridge, London 2004
Neil Landstrumm and Woody McBride gigs @ Recipe 2005
Finally getting to meet and play with Chris Liberator in Galway 2006 and all Chris’ gigs The Pimp has been to since!!
Black Sun Empire @ Discotek 2008
Playing acid techno at life festival (predominantly a psytrance gig!! :P) 2008
Playing acid techno on the massive funktion 1 rig @ freekuency festival in Portugal 2009
West Cork Subhuman free parties 2011/2012
Freekuency Festival 2012
Vandal gig or lack of it Galway 2013!!
Dream Gathering 2014
Bodyshop @ Boomtown 2014
Any free party he’s been to over the years (respect for keeping it FREE)
All the savage, kind people and ravers whom he’s met and got to know over the years!!
Acid the 303 kind of course and all the magic that comes with it 😉
All his family, close friends and people who have supported him over the years 🙂
All the modern day profits including Richard Hall, Russell Brand & Tony Kilvert
Chris Liberator
Format C:\
Egypt & the Pyramids 2014
Inversion tables for keeping his back intact!!!
Not owning a tv for over 10 years

So that’s it there or thereabout, he’ll always be a free party dj at heart and always willing and happy to come rock a party wherever needs be!!! He will be Seeing you on the dancefloor somewhere! 🙂



DJ Focus: Billy Nasty

From the man who mixed the inaugural volume of the seminal ‘Journeys By DJs’ series, gaining him entry into the Guinness book of records for being the first DJ to produce a commercially available mix CD, we still find Mr. Nasty at the helm, box of records at his feet, doing what he has done best for the last quarter of a century.

But Billy Nasty has never been just a DJ, he has enjoyed an extensive recording career and runs two record labels highly-regarded by a broad range of DJs and record buyers alike. With a career spanning 25 years, Billy continues to travel the world as one of the most in-demand DJs, lighting up dancefloors at some of the most prestigious events and infamous clubs across the globe.

From early beginnings playing rare groove and funk to his first forays into acid house during his residency at London’s The Brain Club, to regular slots at seminal London clubs such as Final Frontier, Open All Hours, The Drum Club and Strutt, to having played pretty much every Festival and club worth mentioning ever since, Billy continues to DJ the world over whilst also maintaining a residency with esteemed electronic pioneers BLOC.

On top of his DJing, Billy Nasty has also maintained a strong production presence over the years. Earlier more progressive outings included Shi-Take (with Dave Wesson) or Vinyl Blair (with Chemical Brothers engineer Steve Dub) to his studio collaborations with Gregor Tresher and Anthony Rother on Datapunk, culminating in his current partnership with Keith Tenniswood (aka Radioactive) man as RadioNasty.

In 2013 Billy relaunched his legendary techno and electro imprints, Tortured and Electrix, to critical acclaim. The debut release on Tortured was the RadioNasty ‘Breakin Bad EP’, featuring two stunning Ben Sims remixes as well as two original tracks.

As RadioNasty the pair have unleashed several tracks over the last two years for labels such as Craig Richard’s The Nothing Special and EPM including the (relaunched) Tortured debut release ‘Breakin Bad’ EP and the ‘Clave to the Rhythm’ EP on Electrix. The guys were last seen disappearing into the studio bunker, planning the next slew of releases and collaborations, set to emerge over the coming year.


DJ Focus: Filthy Fill

Filthy Fill

Filthy Fill

Dj Filthy Fill AkA Phil Crooks has been mixin vinyl for 16 years now and has played at lots of gigs all over the uk lots of free partys and club night he is well known for his Filthy Acid techno mixing with all the best london stay up forever djs look him up if u love your acid techno / techno / funky techno / hard techno

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DJ Focus: Tik Tok

To book

Jamie Taylor aka TiK ToK started out using mod plug tracking software whilst in his early teens on what was then low end PC’s and when more flexible DAW’s hit the market he switched after working and saving up for more & better studio equipment. At 17 he signed his first record deal with 2CB which was a crossover / tech hard dance label, he was then picked up by Nukleuz Records DJ Ed Real who mentored him up for a few years, Ed eventually left Nukleuz to start his own Label Riot! Recordings and Jamie managed to pump out two 3 track EP’s ‘Jamie Taylor EP1’ & ‘Jamie Taylor’ EP2. While in the Hard Dance club circuit doing the gigs he bumped into Chris Liberator who really liked the set and mentioned it was his own material and because of its techy crossover sound Chris took a load of demos off Jamie and signed his first release with Cluster and later on Super Conductor.

Over time Jamie has had many releases on Stay Up Forevers sub labels and other European Techno labels with lots of successful chart releases in Top 10’s globally. Other than his techno sound he produces a variety of other genres in various scenes with chart toppers under different alias’s but his passion for the underground scene remains strong while enjoying the energy of the ravey techy sound he manages to produce in the studio. Playing many European gigs and upcoming gigs in North & South America. Passed support for his productions DJ’s have been John Peel, Marco Bailey, Carl Cox, Dave the Drummer, Mark EG, Aaron Liberator to name a few as well as featuring on commercial radio stations such as Radio1 with his music.

Labels sign to:

Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Super Conductor, Riot!, 2CB, Abusive 303, Interstate Records, Ape Recordings, MP303 / CDJ303, Coaxial, Scythe Squadron, Corrupted Data, RPRdigital, Keep on Techno