Deep Down Dirty Harder Faster

deep down dirty

deep down dirty


If you like it HARD and FAST then you need to come and party with us on 7th November! It’ll all be a bit Scorpios reunited on this night as we celebrate a few birthdays falling under this most charismatic of star-signs… 😉 Join us if you dare…

And remember, we don’t do warm-up DJs.

So here’s the line-up:

DJ D-Vox
#HardTrance 90’s-00’s (#vinyl set with live #vocals)

Dan Pulse
#HardHouse (#vinyl set)

DJ Richie Hodges
#Oldskool #HardHouse #Shiva, #MinistryofSound, #Turnmills, #Pacha

The Badger
#AcidTechno releases on #ChaseYerTail #Corrosive #StayUpForever #StereoChaos #AcidTechno

Dynamic Intervention
#HardHouse #AcidTechno #Techno

If you can’t be there in person at this event #StudioSounds #Radio will be helping us stream it live! All you have to do is go to at 20:00 on Saturday 7 November to hear all the great music we’ll have for you!

Remember you can also find me (and lots of music) in these places:


Music Unites at #DeepDownDirty


DJ Focus: Alan Badger

Alan Badger

Alan Badger

Alan first found his love for techno at the Complex in Islington in 1997, but his interest in electronica stems back to as far as 1983 when he first heard Jean Michel Jarres “Oxygen” at a local fireworks and lighting display. Since then, Alan has developed his sound and production style into the harder end of the techno spectrum. Taking influences from a vast array of artists, from R&S, React, Underground Resistance, Prolekult, SUF and many others; his DJ style has become hard and energetic with relentless rhythm and sub bass laden grooves that have become synonymous within the hard techno fraternity. His production skills stem from studio sessions D.a.v.e The Drummer at the Punishment Farm, where a concept of mono-synthesis to create all of the track parts using only a kick drum was realized. Now his production is fusing many styles together to bring a fast paced, high energy platform with the sounds of techno, acid and drum and base. In events, his education in “Music and Events” and “Creating Music Through Technology” has brought his skills a long way, with a vast amount of integration with the Antiworld indoor festivals and various other smaller parties, this extensive experience includes working with some of the undergrounds highly respected professionals in event and stage production, promotion, performing arts, distribution, room management, décor’ installation & administration. Now Alan is an integral part of Killawatts Records and is involved in as much of the organization as he was with Antiworld; and also holds residencies with the Vorteks Sound-system where various bookings are springing up at festivals in the Uk and his schedule is filling up. Alan has a history of promotional and performance jobs with the Stay Up Forever Collective, including Guy “Geezer” McGaffer’s “Ave Some Of That You W*nkers” album launch party and the long running Nuclear Free Zone & Smash Techno parties at the 414, with various showcases with the NRGized party crew, playing every Thursday at Tekno @ the George and making his debut festival performance at the Rebound Collective festival on the Orpheus & Friends stage; as well as recent unscheduled showcases on the Hub, Every1Sounds, StinkyPink, Ardcore, Underkonstruktion, Hackney Sounds and various other rigs that have all become synonymous in the underground rave movement. For more information and bookings, please email me or message me privately via my social networking pages. Contact Alan Badger at: