Roland TB-303 Bassline | The sound of Acid House & Acid Techno

If your wondering what gives Acid Techno and Acid House its unique sound then its this monophonic synthesizer: The Roland TB-303

The TB-303 was released by Roland in 1982.  It is an analogue oscillator that has 2 waveforms.   The TB-303 is used by programming a sequence of notes and timing.  It was originally produced for keyboardists, drummers etc but was later picked up by DJs and producers because of its distinctive sound.

The TB-303 was originally used with the 606.  Later it was used in line with 808 and 909.

The 2 waveforms the 303 produced was sawthorn wave (simple, single-transister waveshapeing circuit) or square wave .

It uses a simple envelope generator which has a decay control on it.  The lowpass filter on it has a -24db octave attenuation and controls cut off frequency & resonance.

The acid sound was created by producers by making the TB303 overdriven to create a harsher liquid sound.