Retroflex announcement 3

Retroflex: Lawrie Immersion

Retroflex: Lawrie Immersion

RETROFLEX can now reveal the third artist joining BILLY NASTY & Holland’s DJ MISJAH for our massive warehouse event on Saturday 16th July!! This man was integral to London’s techno revolution in the 90’s – responsible for the legendary IMMERSION soundsystem that passed into folklore. The tales of living and making tunes on his ROUTEMASTER bus (that inspired the label of the same name) are well known, and today he runs one of the finest mastering rooms in the land at CURVE PUSHER, connected daily to the furthering of the vinyl industry.

This icon’s history in the music business spans 30 years, starting out in punk bands at the age of 14. He played across a multitude of genres and some time later learned his trade as a front of house sound engineer while building up his 1st soundsystem. Eventually he started running underground parties through London and Europe and then set up two of the era’s most groundbreaking record labels: ROUTEMASTER followed by POUNDING GROOVES.

As a recording artist, he has released hundreds of records under different aliases, most notably: ‘TECHNO SLUT’, ‘PURGE’, ‘STAY HARD – STAY UP FOREVER’, ‘FUK IT, I’M A DRUG BUCKET’, ‘MY NAME IS ACID’ and many more. In collaboration with some of London’s finest he teamed up to form acts such as: LOCHI, KEKTEX, SARCOBLAST and PIG SNORTER, producing warehouse blasting hits including: ‘LONDON ACID CITY’, ‘NEW WAVE OF ACID TECHNO’, ‘VOTE TECHNO PARTY’, ‘INNER CITY JUNKIES’ and ‘MY 909’S GOT A PICTURE OF CHRIS LIBERATOR ON IT’ amongst other classics. Plus his POUNDING GROOVES alias became a worldwide phenomenon within the techno fraternity, releasing records with labels such as: CLR, HYDRAULIX and BILLY NASTY’S TORTURED.

Presently this artist runs one of the most highly respected cutting rooms in the UK, and his mastering techniques are world-renowned. CURVE PUSHER sets the standard and helps to keep the vinyl industry alive today, and alongside DJ MISJAH who runs 24 MASTERING in Holland, we have two of the most talented mastering engineers in Europe, both under one roof on July 16th, showcasing their skills with pure vinyl sets of classic 90’s acid & techno.

Party people make some noise for a super rare performance from: LAWRIE IMMERSION!!!