Acid Techno event: Birinight joins Gizelle in the lineup for Acid909


Acid909, Readings premier monthly Acid techno event

Acid909 have announced that Birinight from UFO recordings will be joining their lineup for the 2nd of November. The event will host a lineup of Gizell Rebel Yelle from Stay up forever, Birinight from UFO Recordings, Spliffy B from Liquid Filth, Acid909 resident, Judda from Dirty Rotten Therapy, and Leon Immense recently signed by 909London and also from Dirty Rotten Therapy.

Drinks deals:
Carlsberg bottles 1.50
K2’s alco pops 1.50,
Single spirits with mixers £2 DBLs £3.50
Jager bombs £2.50
shots £2
Cocktails £3.50

£6 entry on the door.

The published set times are:

Set Times (subject to change):
10pm – Leon Immense
11pm – Judda
Midnight! – Biri-biri Biri
1am – Gizelle Rebel Yelle
2am – Judda
3am – Spliffy B (92 – 05 Gabba set)
4am END!

However it is rumoured that Judda will be going b2b with Leon at 2am, if we hear of a change to the published set times we will be first to post here!

The events page for this event is here
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