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Punk Floyd

Punk Floyd

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PUNK FLOYD, Not to be confused with the lesser known UK outfit Pink Floyd are London’s one and only ACID TECHNO SUPERGROUP featuring GUY “GEEZER” MCAFFER, D.D.R., and DJ CHRIS LIBERATOR, formed with the idea of making some very tongue-in cheek Acid Techno based loosely on the “supergroups” of the 70’s, bands like E.L.P, and whatever. They play LIVE, using a unique formula of two interconnected laptop live set ups (Geezer and D.D.R.) DJ mixed by a DJ’s DJ (DJ Chris Liberator) the DJ who also DJ mixes in records and DJ’s live 303.

They have recorded some pretty bad singles for various labels, and a semi-iconic semi conceived concept album for Smitten whose name we forget, as well as playing live shows on numerous occasions and in various states of inebriation. Now they have returned with a vengeance! since D.D.R. came back to the U.K. and pissed off back to the states again so watch out… or watch in, depending on how you like your bread buttered, or toast…but we digress! Punk floyd play a humorous blend of banging Acid Techno and warped-out London style techno in a not very popular and slightly drunken way.

PF HAVE TOURED : across the U.S.A., and played numerous shows in the U.K., as well as one off shows in NEW YORK, and TORONTO, Canada. They have a short tour of Brazil coming soon.

PRODUCTIONS : “Punk Floyd Have Landed” L.P./CD on Smitten, and classic singles for Smitten, Eukatech, WahWah and Stay Up Forever amongst others.

PRODUCTION HIGHLIGHTS : “3 DAY ILLEGAL RAVE PARTY FROM HELL”, “Comfortably Dumb”, “THE ECSTACY IS WORKING”, “Stella Artois Overdrive”, “Floyd as Fuck for the Y2k”. Have a new L.P. released digitally this year via

CAN BE BOOKED ( if you really want to ruin your party ) : As a Live/D.J. set.As a full package featuring Punk Floyd live, D.D.R. live, Geezer live, and Chris Liberator DJ set.