Gizelle 'Rebel Yelle'

Gizelle ‘Rebel Yelle’

DJ Focus: Gizelle ‘Rebel Yelle’

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Celebrating 25 years of DJ-ing as a pioneering female DJ artist on the London underground scene, Gizelle ‘Rebel Yelle’ started playing music in the heady days of Acid House in the late 80’s spinning acid house alongside the likes of Mr C, Evil Eddie Richards and Mickey Finn in London.

From this baptism of fire, her love of all things Acid and Techno drew her to the growing underground DIY squat raves and festival dance scene of the early 90’s in London where she teamed up with Lawrie Immersion and the Liberator DJ’s in 1994, through the Zero Gravity & Farside parties, to play out every weekend in the mid-late 90’s on the legendary ‘Immersion Sound System’ as resident DJ. From this weekly techno extravaganza, the underground sound of London Acid Techno was delivered into the world and has been entertaining ever since.

On the London underground free party scene, the mid-late 90’s were truly revolutionary times and Gizelle became the main female driving force behind the decks pushing the new and exciting sound of London Acid Techno. Passionately driven by the scene and its political causes, she worked hard for the scene travelling and playing around the UK and worldwide every weekend building links with the ever growing acid techno global community and inspiring women to get behind the decks.

During this time, Gizelle also produced music under the guise of ‘Rebel Yelle’ for the Liberators record label ‘Stay Up Forever’ followed by more collaborations with fellow comrades Guy McAffer ‘Geezer’, Dave The Drummer, DDR, DJ Ant and Carl Hendrickse, Lawrie Immersion on labels Stay Up Forever, Cluster, Smitten, Off The Wall and more. At the end of the 90’s Gizelle started to get more involved behind the scenes working in music distribution and for an independent vinyl pressing plant run by an underground collective, building further links worldwide, distributing UK acid/techno and running the label ‘Antidote’ whilst at Infectious Distribution. It was also through these distribution channels that she began exploring new sounds in techno and embraced the more experimental side of wonky techno.

It is all these experiences and knowledge that makes her the legend. But her mission never ends… Gizelle’s passion for music and DJ-ing has kept her interest in the ever evolving life of the underground dance scene and its entirety to this day. Playing a mixture of techno and all things acid, old skool acid house, funky beats and wonky sounds… Gizelle also loves experimental electronica, breaks, jungle, deep house, dub reggae, funk & disco, ska, punk music and much more, which reflects in her musical vibe.

So there you have it… Gizelle ‘Rebel Yelle’ is the real deal, a DJ with the experience and a force that comes from being a true underground legend. To this day she still remains passionate about the music, creative expression, underground parties and the communities it brings together.

And what’s new for 2013? From February 2013, tune into every fortnight on Fridays 9pm-11pm for the ‘Rebel Yelle Show’ and hear for yourself. Gizelle ‘Rebel Yelle’ will be spinning a mixture of old skool, acid house, techno and more, plus inviting guest underground DJ’s from various genres to come and have a spin on the decks too.

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